Date: 31 Dec 2009


1. ///////////// COMMONWEALTH GAMES 2010 IN DELHI. //////////////// “Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium” is getting ready for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Due to serious security concerns England has put her decision to participate on hold. ////////////// ISN’T IT A SHASME that a country, claiming to be super power and boasting of ancient civilisation, is unable to defend her parliament, hotels, railways stations, shopping malls and even a prestigious international sports venue from ISLAMIC terrorists? ////////////// The second question is, “Why “Jawaharlal Nehru” Stadium? What sports did Nehru play except leisurely, easy, slow and romantic strolls in the company of Edwina Mountbatten in President’s House (now Rashtrapatni Bhawan) gardens in New Delhi? //////////////// Doesn’t India have any gold medalist in sports or athletics in her entire history? Unfortunately we cannot think of any other name, except invariably of one or the other “bogus” GANDHI, to inflict on this new Stadium. ////////////// What about the one who was a legend in running, known as the “FLYING SIKH”? ////////////// Has the nation thrown him out of mind and memory like the 15 million refugees from West & East Pakistan in 1947 or the Hindu refugees from South Kashmir in 1989? ///////////// Who will propose the name of the new Stadium in Delhi as “MILKHA SINGH STADIUM” to honour himself and the nation in the eyes of the whole world? /////////////// PS: HINDUSTHAN’S 2010 WILL BE LIKE HER 2009 AND HER 2009 WAS LIKE HER 1947. //////////////// ----------------------------------- 2.////////////// WHO WILL SORT OUT THE CORRUPT IN PARTITIONED INDIA?///////////// There is a long way to get deliverance from CORRUPT Congress CLUTCHES and there is also a short one. //////////////// The long one is to prepare the masses for a revolution. But at the same time CORRUPT RULERS will hinder and thwart every effort to wake up the sleeping masses. That will take centuries. ////////////// The other way is a MILITARY take-over, arrest of corrupt "basta*ds" overnight and recover the money from FOREIGN (notably SWISS) banks and put it into public circulation or invest in public domain and then write up a New Constitution that has a "bite" like the one in CHINA where yesterday a Pakistani smuggler (with UK passport) was EXECUTED for possessing four kilos of heroin. /////////////// Indian ruling and legal system is not only useless but corrupt, and cannot even arrest one thug with 40 kilograms of heroin. How much wealth did the BOFORS CHOR alone take from commissions? And he was supposed to set an example in "clean" administration. /////////////////// ---------------------------------------------------- December 31, 2009.////////////// 000000000