Date: 04 Jan 2010


Lot of people, especially Muslims and Christians start comparing religions. IT IS WRONG.//////////// Mostly those who do so wish to prove in the end that THEIR religion is superior. I have never seen a Christian compare Christianity with Hinduism and then conclude that the latter is superior. ///////////////// I can also not imagine that a Mohammedan, while comparing his Mohammed with Sri Krishna or Sri Rama, will end by saying the HINDU deities are superior. ///////////////// There we have many LAMPOONS like Dr Zakir Naik, Chair of Islamic Research Centre somewhere in PARTITIONED INDIA. He has learnt by rote many sanskrit shlokas and goes on showing off his ORATORY for hours but always directly or indirectly concluding that there is nothing like ISLAM, there is no animal nobler than Mohammed's camel and there is no more wretched and cursed animal than a pig. But why doesn't he move to ISLAMIC Paradise called PAKISTAN where some Taliban will make PICKLES of him and serve at wedding feast? What better way for him to SERVE his Islam? ///////////////////// He has TWO advantages:////////////////// He lives in an OVER TOLERANT Hindu country. Living in safety he has TAKEN THE TIME to go through our Scriptures with fine comb and then he INFLICTS THESE IN PUBLIC upon the Hindus. /////////////////// Which Hindu would stand up on platform LIKE HIM in Pakistan and then start putting Gita above Koran? How long will he LIVE?//////////////// Other advantage he has are the resources to run a TV CHANNEL free of cost to viewers. ////////////////////// But here is the tragedy: India was once the richest country in the world. That is why the starving Arabs, the Turks, the Persians, the Afghans and the impoverished Europeans came for LOOT & PLUNDER and in the case of MUSLIMS, for endless supply of VIRGINS. No wonder the KHANS and DALIP KUMARS of Bollywood did not move to film studios in LAHORE at Partition when Prithvi Raj and Raj Kapoor FLED Peshawar./////////////////// So, there are two things for us now. One is THOUGHT, the other is ACTION. /////////////////// One has his own mother just as an Arab has his own Mother. Does one compare mothers? ////////////////// Whoever is YOUR mother, O Hindu, worship her. Consider HER to be the best mother in the world. ///////////////// When we say "MOTHER" India, the word "mother" is an integral concept of several aspects combined. First and foremost concept is of TERRITORY or LAND called India. Connected to that is our HISTORY, our CULTURE, our DIET & DRESS, our MUSIC & CULTURE, our languages, and our RELIGION. Putting all these together makes "MOTHER" India. ////////////////// So, it is bad enough to compare ANY aspect of one's mother with the others. Thus we cannot compare Hindi with Urdu of Pakistan or Arabic of Mecca or English of London. Hindi is ours and that's it. //////////////// For us INDIANS Mother INDIA is far more beautiful, bountiful, merciful, powerful and graceful than their MOTHER ENGLAND, OR MOTHER ARABIA OR MOTHER ITALY OR EVEN MOTHER GERMANY. We must put our OWN MOTHER AT NO. 1 position.//////////////// That was THOUGHT. Now to ACTION. ///////////////// If we cannot PACK all those missionaries and mullahs who compare theirs with OUR mother to their own lands, then the next best thing is to ask them to move their TV and Radio stations to their own countries. Leave ours for the full glory and celebration of Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Mahatma Buddha and Guru Nanak and so on./////////////// And if we can't do that then the last thing is to have TWO FREE 'ROUND THE CLOCK' TV STATIONS, preaching and COMMENDING Hindu religion day and night. ////////////////// Only then can we be proud of our BHARAT MATA (MOTHER INDIA), HER SOIL, AND HER DIVINE AVATARS that were born here.////////////// So what, if we are poor? Do the poor have NO dignity, pride or self esteem?ON OUR OWN PATCH let us consider ourselves to be the best and the richest. /////////////// Let us put an end to this brainwashing that is being done by missionaries and mullahs all over Bharat. Their agents like SONIA Maino need to be expelled. THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF TALENT OR BEAUTY IN NATIVE HINDU FEMALES. ///////////////// But our own HINDUS are comparing her with all the other NATIVE Hindu ladies and then seat her on the throne. /////////////// The tasks mentioned above are for the GOVERNMENT, ORGANISATIONS and INSTITUTIONS to take up. But Indians have NO hope in Hell if the rulers and their ruling & FOOLING ESTABLISHMENT is in the hands of Hindu bashing Italians and Muslims. /////////////////// ==================== 000000000