Date: 04 Jan 2010


The problem with Islam is that its founder (Mohammed bin Abdallah) was a 7th century warlord, an enhanced version of the Taliban warlords roaming the Afghan landscape today./////////////// Such a prophet being the "ideal man" in Islam, every Muslim is expected to emulate Mohammed's example as closely as possible in real life.///////////// Unfortunately for the rest of the (non-Muslim) world, Mohammed personally engaged in acts of pedophilia, slavery, loot, kidnapping, robbery, prostitution, beheading, and genocide.///////////// The history of Islam and Muslims; their present and future continue to be shaped by this dark shadow of Mohammed, whose actions cannot be questioned within the religion.////////////// Deceit is the very face of Mohammed. Instead of accepting the over whelming truth that stares at you world wide, you pathetically try to label others as hate mongers. ///////////////// Here is an open challenge. If the founders of any other religion on this earth (Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Jain, Zoroastrian, Jew, you name it) were living their life today -- would they be answerable for war crimes in a court of law anywhere?/////////////// NO, but Mohammed would./////////////// This should tell you very clearly why Muslims cannot integrate into non-Muslim lands and live in peace and honor -- because their own prophet would've been convicted and put on death row, therefore they can never come to terms with it and keep demanding Sharia instead. ///////////////// And when presented with the bloody evidence of Islam's genocide unleashed on this earth since 14 centuries, they do what you are doing now -- call the other guy a liar.///////////////// 000000000////////////