Date: 04 Jan 2010


1.////////////// PROVOCATIVE & DANGEROUS AUDACITY ///////////////// The brave fallen heroes are taken through the town of Wootton Bassett with ceremonial honour. The people of the town turn out in their hundreds showing to the world that they care for the dead heroes. ////////////////// So one was astonished to hear that the MUSLIMS, too, would provoke and confront the natives by holding their own parade through the same town with coffins making a point of the foreign Muslim dead. The difference is obvious that while the killed soldiers are the “sons of soil”, these Muslims are going to parade on behalf of FOREIGN Islamic “savages” who have nothing to do with the life and civilised society of the United Kingdom. It is further noteworthy that NONE of these so-called Sons of Islam is prepared to go back to the Land of their own Rasul Allah to live under SHARIA Law. /////////////// This anti national and treacherous step would be as preposterous as any GERMANS living here wishing to do a similar march to show the German casualties during World War 2. Even more atrocious is the fact that the MUSLIMS do not feel part of this nation that gave them shelter, housing, children's allowance and jobs or dole money. They would rather relate to our ENEMIES who are KILLING the British soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. //////////////// Muslims who are quick to relate to fellow Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq do not ask themselves, What will happen if the HINDUS from PARTITIONED Kashmir, the descendants of the massacred Armenians, the Greeks from PARTITIONED Cyprus and the Sikhs from PARTITIONED PUNJAB also took out similar processions to protest at the atrocities committed by the Muslims across the globe from Yemen and Somalia to Waziristan and Indonesia. //////////////// We hope that the brave sons and daughters of this country will not only bud their mischievous and provocative DEMONSTRATION in the bud but also make sure that the organisers and marchers are rounded up and sent back to the Islamic republics from where they came for better life in this CHRISTIAN country./////////////////// ------------------------ 2. /////////////////// WINNING GLORY FOR ENGLAND, THE PAKISTANI WAY.///////////////////// Some get famous by winning a gold medal at Olympics. Some get famous by committing INFAMOUS acts. /////////////////////// AKMAL SHAIKH falls in second category. He served his land of adoption (ENGLAND) well./////////////// Being a PAKISTANI by birth and a MUSLIM by Belief he did what comes naturally. He divorced his British (Christian wife who gave him three children. Then he left his Polish (Catholic) wife who gave him two more "mohammeds", and went on to become a millionaire. /////////////////// He carried 4 kg of heroin right into China, IGNORING all the warnings against doing so. He would have been still alive and even celebrated had he gone into "soft victim" India where Muslim appeasement, awe and adoration are at top level. No punishment has yet been announced for the Mumbai Killer over a year ago. /////////////////// But Chinese ideological "Rock" is different from the soft Gandhian "Mud" of Appeasement, Concessions and Reprieves of India. He has left FIVE children who will, no doubt, become 500 in due course of time. //////////////////// Despite frantic appeals by the (British) Foreign Office for clemency, Shaikh was executed at 10.30 a.m. local time (2.30 am British time) on December 29, 2009, in Urumqi. Campaigners believe he is the first European (sic) since 1951 put to death in China. //////////////////// Robert Fisk writes in "INDEPENDENT", London: /////////////// (Quote) Why did no imams plead for Akmal Shaikh's life to be spared? ///////////////// But then again, how many Muslim clerics condemned the execution of Chinese Uighur Muslims or the killing of Muslim demonstrators in Iran – killed with the permission of the very clerics who ought to show compassion towards them – or the torture of Muslim prisoners in Egypt or, for that matter, the mass fratricidal slaughter of a million and a half Muslims in the Iran-Iraq war? /////////////////// Last June, I recalled for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad how a young Iranian woman had been led weeping to the scaffold as she pleaded with her mother on her mobile phone to be spared the gallows for a murder she did not commit. "I do not like the death of even a fly," the Iranian President replied to me, and went on to explain the independence of the Iranian judiciary, with whom he promised to discuss the death penalty – when, Mahmoud, when? – but he spoke not a word about the hanged woman. //////////////////// We rage against the cruelty of Israel, and against the Americans and the British for their outrages in Iraq and Afghanistan. So do Muslims, and rightly so. But it would be nice to hear a little vocal humanitarianism in the "umma" of Islam. Akmal Shaikh, needless to say, is not a name that will be uttered in the mosques this week. (unquote)///////////////// ------------------- 4 jan 10 000000000