Date: 08 Jan 2010


Fri, 8 Jan 2010////////////////// SHAH RUKH KHAN, A MUSLIM DECLARED OFF HAND, "TERRORISTS HAVE NO RELIGION."////////////// O YES, THEY HAVE RELIGION WHEN THEY KILL THE NON MUSLIMS BUT THEY DO NOT HAVE RELIGION WHEN THEY KILL FELLOW MUSLIMS OR WHEN THEY ARE CAUGHT AND PUT IN THE DOCK.///////////// Terrorists have no religion, says Shah Rukh Khan. BUT HE IS NOT TELLING THE TRUTH. //////////////// LET US ASK HIM, If you are for freedom of speech, then why are you still in Islam. There is no freedom of speech in Islam. Islam is the Islam of Quran, a Brutal Gospel Of Hate ( Hatred Of Kafirs/Non-Moslem Infidels ). There neither is nor can there ever, be a freedom of speech in Quran. ///////////// By pledging freedom of speech, you will lose your identity as a Moslem. Worse yet, you may earn a Fatwa against you. Mullahs & Maulvies ( M & Ms ) will never recognize your right to substitute a Man-Made concept ( such as freedom of speech ), for Allah-Commanded book of Quran. ///////////// Quran does permit Taqiyya to a Moslem. Quran is against believers ( Moslems ) deceiving ( lying to ) other believers ( Moslems ), but deception ( lying ) directed at Non-Moslems ( Kafirs ), known as Taqiyya, is O.K. and has Quranic support. //////////////// Other than Quran-commanded Taqiyya, Moslems have no freedom of speech. Their lie to Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), is Diligent-Jehad in the name of Allah.///////////// Total-collapse of freedom of speech in Islam, is obligatory on a Moslem. //////////////// 000000000