Date: 08 Jan 2010


MURDER OF ALL MANKIND SIX TIMES OVER///////////// (MASSACRE OF COPTIC CHRISTIANS IN CHURCH)/////////////// The Greek Orthodox Christians were celebrating Christmas on 7th. December 2010 according to their tradition. After midnight mass gunmen appeared outside their church and fired indiscriminately shouting Allah Hu Akbar. Seven worshipper s lay dead and many were were injured. There was panic and terror at God’ House thus defiled desecrated./////////////// Let us now proceed beyond the KILLING. The assailants believe, “This is an ISLAMIC land and we cannot allow any other religion. We don’t care if their Christianity preceded Mohammed by a thousand years. We did not spare Buddhism in Afghanistan that had come even before the birth of Christ. All we want is 100% ISLAM in Egypt and then in the whole world." /////////////////// Let us now proceed to interview some Imams, university professors, great scholars and cabinet ministers in Cairo and ask about this heinous deed. Without exceptio9n they will say, “Islam is a religion of peace. These terrorists are not real Muslims. It says clearly in Koran that killing ONE innocent person in the name of religion is like killing the entire mankind.” /////////////// So going by their own Mohammedan BELIEF these guys have killed the entire mankind SEVEN TIMES OVER. /////////////// It did take the CIVILISED world to start a World War to oust the barbarian Ideology of NAZIS in Germany. What are we to do with the Muslim terrorists and their friends, scholars, Imams, sympathises and apologists at home AND ABROAD? /////////////////// 000000000