Date: 11 Jan 2010

Comment BAVEST OF ALL MEN, (He was only 31) but full of courage given by Guru Gobind Singh, a true warrior saint. He went to DEFEND a woman being robbed by criminals and sacrificed his own life. The whole world has seen the courage of this man and at the same time the rotten character of criminals, encouraged by weak law enforcement, who target vulnerable girls and women in streets. Sikhs DEFEND with utmost courage their country, Faith, Family and the VICTIMS (the PERSECUTED). One can see how different communities act and perform. England's brave CHRISTIAN boys are fighting the ISLAMIC CORRUPTION, CRIMINALS & DRUGS in Afghanistan while the Muslim youth here target innocent non Muslim girls for grooming and sex. Nearly every day a body of a smart and promising YOUNG MAN is brought home in coffin from the war zone while the Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Turks "hunt" their Christian sisters and cousins here in England for sex and rapid reproduction. ("Suspect marriages increase by 54% in a year", The Daily Telegraph, Jan 8, 2010, p. 2) Some MUSLIM young men have gone from England to war zone and joined Al Qaida to fight our troops. ======================================================== 000000000