Date: 12 Jan 2010


THANK YOU. I saw the video ("Islam in Europe") and have this to say-///////////////// One would be impressed if those buildings in Spain were made on the soil of ARABIA. ////////////// It was LABOUR, GENIUS & ARCHITECTURE of the NATIVE SLAVES but "sword & whip" of the ALIEN MOORS. Same like all the grand mosques in India that were built after demolishing the colourful temples of the natives that were even more grand and magnificent than the monotonous mosques.////////////// When they established the universities in Oxford and Cambridge the Arabs in THEIR country did not have single primary school for girls, nor do they like to see one even today in Waziristan and Swat. What book in Arabic was contemporary of Gita and Vedas? ////////////////// When the Hindus constructed grand temples at Somnath, Mathura, Varanasi and AYODHYA and when the Christians raised St Paul's Cathedral in London, the Arabs had nothing more than a tent made of camel skin in the Land of Rasul Allah whose two passions are said to be WIVES and WARS. His descendants did well to flatten original civilisations from Morocco to Indonesia, inflicting crushing and cruel UNIFORMITY.////////////////// The foundation stone of the ILL-FATED Pakistan was the "blood of those massacred, the CURSES of those who were forced out of their ancestral homes and the cries and pleas of the women and girls being FORCIBLY ABDUCTED and (gang) RAPED". ////////////// Please observe Pakistan closely with an ear to the earth. The toll of the Muslims in Pakistan KILLED, ABDUCTED AND RAPED by MUSLIMS will exceed that of the innocent HINDUS and SIKHS who perished in 1947. Do include the great MUJAHIDEEN and GHAZIS killed, and the Muslim females forcibly RAPED and MADE PREGNANT, by Muslims in East Pakistan in 1971, and the murdered Muslims in KASHMIR (both North and South) from October 1947 TO DATE.///////////////// Pakistani MILITARY, with (Infidel) AMERICAN help, is bringing peace to NWFP and WAZIRISTAN. May they succeed in Karachi and Peshawar today and in Lahore and Quetta TOMORROW. /////////////////// Qaid-i-Azam must be turning in his grave so fast that all his flesh would have detached from the body and flown off due to centrifugal forces. /////////////////// Seeing ISLAM in true colours in Arabia, Afghanistan and PAKISTAN, the Europeans will be TURNED OFF sooner than expected. ///////////////////// Please read ANWAR SHAIKH'S "ISLAM, THE ARAB IMPERIALISM", in which we see that the non Arab SLAVES are more indoctrinated and brainwashed than even those who speak Arabic as their MOTHER TONGUE. /////////////////// =======xxxxxxxxxxx=============== //////////////////// In a message dated 11/01/2010 17:08:24 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes: watch this video which was not made by any pakistani ,arab,bangladeshi or any musalamn but the english media and see what they have to is going to be very tough on your biased mind any how!//////////////// 000000000