Date: 16 Jan 2010


JAWAHARLAL NEHRUíS ANCESTORS/////////////// Father of Moti Lal Nehru; The Story of Gangadhar/////////////// This is the true story of Ganga Dhar (not Ganga Dhar Nehru), father of Moti Lal Nehru. The adjunct 'Nehru' derived from the Persian word 'Nahr' meaning a canal or nullah, was adopted by Moti Lal, who, like all members of his family, had a fascination for alien Mohammedan names mostly in Arabic or Persian. The adjunct 'Nehru' added a Persian flavor to his otherwise Hindu name. That was very desirable for the family, as will be explained later. Otherwise, under normal circumstances, his name would have been Moti Lal Dhar.//////////////// The adjoining picture of Ganga Dhar was obtained from Robert Hardy Andrews' book titled A LAMP FOR INDIA - The Story of Madame Pandit (meaning Jawahar's first sister Vijay Lakshmi, alias Nan.) That book was first published by Prentice-Hall in 1967, a long time after the division of the country. But the fact on the scion of the dynasty, namely Ganga Dhar, had been kept a secret from the Indian public, primarily, the Hindus.//////////////// It is now quite clear, as you will soon see, that Ganga Dhar was an assumed name. The man we now know as the paternal grandfather of Jawahar Lal (son of Moti Lal) was in reality a sunni Mohammedan; in fact he was a Mogul nobleman. The important question is why did he then adopt a Hindu kafir's name? In this case a Kashmiri Brahmin's name?//////////////// The reason has been explained in our previous article titled More on the Nehru Dynasty on our web-site http://www.swordoftruth.com not too long ago. The accompanying picture featured was the same one that Jawahar Lal had referred to when he wrote in his autobigraphy that he had seen a picture of his grandfather Ganga Dhar which protrayed him as a Mogul nobleman. Krishna Hutheesing (Jawahar's second sister) had also mentioned in her memoirs, that their grandfather Ganga Dhar was the city Kotwal of Delhi (an important post) prior to 1857's uprising. Bahadur Shah Zafar was still the sultan of Delhi. It was extremely unlikely that he would hire a Hindu for that very important post. ///////////////// Apparently, some investigations had been made on this count (please see Mahdi Husain's Bahadur Shah II and the war of 1857 in Delhi - 1987 edition) but no one could discover Ganga Dhar's name as the Kotwal of Delhi. Well, how could they? Ganga Dhar's real name then was Ghiyasuddin Ghazi (or something like that) which had been quietly changed to his new Hindu name, just before the English forces entered the city. The sultan had replaced the earlier Kotwal as well as the City Governor Mirza Maniruddin. The latter had been dismissed by Bahadur Shah Zafar on charges of spying for the English. The Naib Kotwal, a subordinate officer, was a Hindu; his name was Bhao Singh. And another Hindu, one Sri Kashinath was the thanedar of the Lahori Gate area of Delhi. Their names were found in the records but Ganga Dhar was missing. Be that as it may, the fact remains that Ganga Dhar indeed was the grandfather of Jawahar and Krishna Hutheesingh. //////////////// And how did he look like? Ganga Dhar had a thick beard which would put even Pakistani president Tarar's beard to shame! Ganga Dhar's thick moustache extended beyond his ears. He used to wear a Mogul cap and had in his both hands a long sword. Does that look like a Kashmiri Brahmin? No, not at all!/////////////////// The Muslim Grandfather of Jawaharlal Nehru /////////////////// Ghiyasuddin Ghazi (the word means 'kafir-killer') looked exactly like a sunni Mogul. Don't they say: 'If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, well, then it IS a duck.' The same was the case with Ganga Dhar, the Kashmiri Brahmin alias Ghiyasuddin Ghazi the sunni Mogul. Only this vital information had been kept a secret from the Hindus of India, like so many other secrets of the family! /////////////////// Our readers! If you can, please read up all references made in the memoirs of Jawahar Lal and Krishna Hutheesingh on Ganga Dhar. True to the last whisker, the picture portrayed on our web-site, does represent a Mogul nobleman, so proudly mentioned by both the brother and the sister. The element of secrecy crept in when it became clear that the Nehrus' Mogul ancestry, if made known to India's Hindu public, might spell trouble for the forthcoming 'reign'. The 'Hindu by accident' got wise to the fact and acted as if he was indeed, son of a Kshmiri Brahmin, Moti Lal Nehru by name. ///////////////// Now, why was it at all necessary for Ghiyasuddin Ghazi to change his name to Ganga Dhar? Dhar is a well-known Kashmiri Hindu surname. Many of these 'Dhars' were forced converted into Islam; their names were then changed to 'Dar' just to distance themselves from the Hindu 'Dhar'. The smart Moti Lal added the Persian epithet 'Nehru' thus making the name sound even more 'un-Hindu'. //////////////// The English army, quite unlike the Hindu army, was made of a different material. While Hindus let the defeated enemy go free (like Prithviraj Chauhan had done and then regretted), the English were after each and every Mogul. They were shooting down all Mohammedans for fear of facing another claimant to the Delhi throne. Panic and fear ran like wildfire among the Moguls. There was nowhere to flee. The city had been surrounded by the 'firangi' forces and their allies, the Sikhs and the Gurkhas. It was then that the wily Mohammedans came up with the brilliant idea of name-changing. Ghiyasuddin became Ganga Dhar, almost like Yusuf Khan who had become Dilip Kumar, many years later. /////////////// Delhi was ransacked. All residents (both Hindus and Mohammedans) had to leave and take shelter under tents set up by the 'firangis' outside city ramparts. For full two months they remained there in the tents (like the Kashmiri Hindu refugees do today). During this time, the English searched thoroughly each vacated home and discovered immense wealth, which was, by the rules of the game, confiscated by the new rulers. A month later, the Hindus were asked to return to their homes. The Mohammedans were allowed to return even later. //////////////// In the aftermath, many Mohammedans fled to nearby cities not yet fully under the control of the English. Agra was such a city. It still had considerable Mogul influence. And Jawahar's Mogul grandfather Ganga Dhar, with his entire family, left for Agra. How do we know that? Jawahar states in his own autobiography that on their way to Agra, the English troops detained Ganga Dhar's family. Ganga Dhar told them that they were not Mohammedans but Kashmiri Hindus. Jawahar explains in his autobigraphy that the primary reason for the detention was their Mogul features. The Kashmiri Hindus looked very much like Mohammedans from Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan and so on. And behold the English let Ganga Dhar and his family go to Agra. The rest is history. /////////////// [Afterword: The unbecoming fascination of the Nehrus for alien Mohammedan connections persisted even beyond the Mogul roots. Please read up K.N. Rao's 'The Nehru Dynasty', Chapter XXIII. Reference is made there to Indira's (falsely described as the wife of Parsi Firoz Gandhi when he was no such thing; he was a pure and simple sunni Mohammedan whose father Nawab Khan was a liquor supplier of Allahabad) letters in the publication Two Alone, Two Together (letters between Indira Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru) edited by Sonia Gandhi. The publishers of this book were London's Hoddard and Stoughton. In that book is featured a letter by Indira to her father, Jawahar and it says: /////////////// "Some months ago when I was at Metheran, Masi (aunt) wrote saying that she had heard from some Parsis that it was written in their ancient book that a Hindu of high family would marry into a Parsi family (here, a 'Hindu of high family' is Indira and 'Parsi' is Firoz, son of sunni Nawab Khan) and their son would do great things - religious reform and so on. Masi asked me to inquire into the matter but it quite slipped my mind. Last evening my mother in law (meaning Nawab Khan's so called Parsi wife, converted to islam at the time of her nikaah) came in a state of great excitement. She had also heard something of the sort, a slightly different version. According to her, the son was the reincarnation of the Shah Behram of Persia. /////////////// "Baby's (meaning Rajiv Gandhi's) patri (horoscope) has arrived. I am enclosing it. It is written in Gujarati but I suppose you will be able to get it read. I am enclosing an English translation of the jyotishi's remarks. I am sending all this registered - please do the same when you return it. The good thing about it is supposed to be that there are five planets in one house," and so on. ///////////////// Quite clearly, the Nehrus could oscillate from the Mogul to the Persian at will as long as the roots appeared to be Mohammedan, alien or home made, and farther removed from indigenous roots the better. May we ask what great things did Rajiv do, other than stealing the Bofors money and jeopardizing the lives of our jawans by supplying them with inferior canon? And what reform was she talking about other than legalizing polygamy among the Mohammedans of India and granting them special privileges to talaaq their womenfolk, sans alimony? No doubt Indira would not move against the fornication-prone Pakistani ruffians when they were shooting down unarmed Bengali Hindu civilians. Some three millions were thus decimated but she had not even lifted a finger until the uproar inside the country became literally uncontrollable. Then again, she let go the 93,000 Pakistani soldiers scot free without exacting a quid pro quo from the enemy. Neither did she ask for the trial of Tikka Khan. And during that time, our jawans captured by the Paki army on the western front, were summarily shot in prisons, against the Geneva regulations. Is it surprising that in Europe today one can purchase picture post cards of Hari Mandir Temple with a comment on the back that Indira had secretly become Mohammedan and that is why she had chosen the Gurpurnima day (when the temple was choc a bloc with women and children) to shoot the pilgrims down, in thousands. And when the 93,000 Pakis left for their home, they had put on weight, were well-dressed and so on. She was some musalmanani of great piety although out of fear for divulging her Islamic roots, she had refused to visit the Kaaba as desired by the Saudi Royal family. Since when the Saudis have taken to inviting non-Mohammedans to visit Mecca?///////////////// Let us not be impressed by the 'five planets' and all such 'bakwaas'. What really happened is in front of our eyes, is this. In a country where they would not even hurt a chicken, there were not one, not two but three assassinations in quick succession. And all three were Gandhis. One was shot by a Hindu, the second was turned into pulp by two Sikhs and the third was pulverized by a Catholic lady of Tamil extraction. In the mean time, the bastard son of Mohammad Yunus (still the custodian of the Netaji Papers), Sanjay aka Sanjiv, killed himself in that plane accident. And the 'sarkari chacha' had died of syphilis, which apparently he had contracted in a local dhaba from a glass of drinking water! Well! Who will believe that? What really happened can only be described as divine dispensation to preserve and protect our 'dharma rajya' of Bharat, that the Congress and the secularists along with the Mohammedan traitors were bent upon destroying for good!////////////// ============================ FOOTNOTE: ASK A LEARNED INDIAN, "WHAT WAS THE NAME OF INDIRA GANDHI'S HUSBAND?"/////////// PROMPT COMES THE ANSWER FROM THE TIMID "COOLIE", "FEROZE GANDHI."/////////// "OH GANDHI? ALL RIGHT. NOW TELL ME THE NAMES OF HIS FATHER AND MOTHER AND AT LEAST ONE UNCLE AND ONE AUNT AND TWO FIRST COUSINS."///////////// SILENCE. SILENCE. IGNORANCE./////////// WHY? BECAUSE THEY WERE ALL MOHAMMEDANS OF ALLAHABAD.//////////// TRY AND FIND FEROZE KHAN'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE! OR THE DOCUMENT AT HIS NIKAH!///////// THIS IS PERISHING HINDUSTHAN or "PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE" (P.I.S.S.).///////////// 000000000