Date: 22 Jan 2010


IN MY VIEW://///////////// If we compare the economic value or cost of different immigrant communities we will soon find out how burdensome the Muslims are while some communities like the Hindus, the Jews and the Sikhs are not only more dynamic but also prosperous who contribute more to the national wealth than what they take out. The sole exception are the Muslims as we shall see below. ///////////////////// The Muslims, collectively speaking, are considered an immovable rock in any country. If they are around 100% of the population the country resembles the tribal society of Arabia in 7th. Century AD with the same Laws that are enforced by the Taliban in Afghanistan. But if they are around 2% then they start increasing at accelerated rate producing home grown terrorists who openly declare their intention to "Islamise" the whole world. //////////////////// Due to widespread illiteracy among the Muslim females, multi-marriages, numerous childbirths and frequent divorces, often at the whim of the husbands, the country soon begins to feel the strains and costs. No other minority drains the exchequer to the same extent like the Muslims. /////////////////// The first day of arrival in this country (U.K.) is often after gaining devious or illegal entry or to seek asylum with little more than three clothes on body. ////////////////// It is mostly single men, all MUSLIM, who have either left their wives and children behind or will soon be “hunting” for females in the host society. Right now impoverished girls from Eastern Europe, brought up in freedoms, are an easy target for the Muslim males who will kill their own sisters if they see them with a Christian boy. /////////////////// Government funding must be ensured for their accommodation, food, clothing and health. ///////////////////// Later when they settle down and have children, they need special funding for- ///////////////// -language tuition; //////////////////// -Anti drugs treatment, anti drug rehabilitation programmes;////////////// -Special projects and initiatives to reform criminals among them and rehabilitate the prisoners after release;//////////////// -Sometimes children, more often girls, are taken back home for education, indoctrination and marriage. Their British born mothers have to undertake long and expensive journeys to recovery the abducted children, a frustrating, nerve racking and expensive process. ////////////// -Local authorities launch initiatives, schemes and projects to reform the potential terrorists in order to secure the pledge to give up violence////////////////// -educating the remedial pupils at schools///////////////// -providing marital counselling and spending a lot of time trying to reform the "nikah” (Muslim marriage) and talaaq (divorce) systems.////////////// - Much expense is borne by authorities and welfare organisations to engage, and pay for, the lawyers fighting discrimination cases.//////////////// -Money has to be paid for legal aid for their litigation, demanding compensation; //////////////// -Funds to provide accommodation for the “battered” women and wives and taking care of the abandoned children,//////////////// -Incurring huge expense for police work with regard to prevention of terrorism and for prosecuting criminals on account of “honour killing” that is prevalent in Islamic societies; ////////////// -for courses and seminars to enable the Muslims to integrate in the mainstream and to give up seducing or grooming non Muslim girls. ///////////////// -Paying maintenance allowances for more wives and children back home. //////////////// -Paying huge sums in compensation for alleged discrimination and “hurt feelings” at work. ////////////// -Huge cost of providing round the clock security to those fearing assassination for criticising Islam, e.g., Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen. ///////////// -Paying for an army of interpreters and translators at offices, citizens’ advice bureaus, schools, GP surgeries and hospitals since they do not understand or speak the English language. Even the election material must be translated into several languages at extra cost to the candidates and the constituents. /////////////// -Cost of providing separate food and extra facilities for the Muslim pupils at schools. ////////////// -Paying for surveillance and security at all the airports. //////////////// -Cost of deporting those who have overstayed their leave, and the deportation of terrorists and those who wish to disturb the peace. ////////////// Thus MUSLIMS must be costing the country BILLIONS of pounds every year. May be, someone can add more heads of expenditure on account of having Muslims among us. //////////////// 23 January 2010///////////// ================ 000000000