Date: 23 Jan 2010


TODAY, JANUARY 23, 2010 IS THE BIRTHDAY OF NETAJI. THERE IS SILENCE ACROSS EASTERN, WESTERN AND MIDDLE INDIA. WHY?/////////////////// Whose Lok Sabha and whose Constitution is this if today Bharat did not shut down to CELEBRATE the birthday of her most illustrious son of the last century.//////////////// Politics is a dirty game. Brothers become enemies and political parties eliminate their adversaries with ruthlessness that cannot be imagined. /////////////// Emperor Shah Jehan finished off his nearest relatives, including brothers and half-brothers, in order to come to power. Rajiv "Gandhi", acting on behalf of ITALY, eliminated his brother Sanjay to succeed his mother INDIRA to the "throne" of MIDDLE INDIA**. /////////////////// (**NB: Eastern India is Bangladesh and Western India is now Pakistan, thanks to the helping hand extended by MK GANDHI to the so-called indigenous MUSLIMS at the cost of the indigenous HINDUS). ////////////// Congress Party is in full control & occupation of the most lucrative COOLIE COLONY in the world with HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of willing slaves who are toiling day and night to sustain the Dynasty on top, and are ready to defend the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya while begging of RAHUL "Gandhi" to become their next Prime Minister. ///////////// MIDDLE INDIA is their ill-gotten gain. They are in reality the worst enemies of HINDUS but have manipulated the Hindus in astonishingly ingenious ways. /////////////// As a part of the scheme to soften the blow of TWO MILLION KILLED and 15 MILLION REFUGEES from Pakistan besides the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of five provinces in 1947, they had to do something extraordinary and effective.///////////// They did the following things: ////////////// Created and perpetuated the Kashmir DISPUTE. ///////////// Never mentioned the surrendered territories. Never recalled Partition of India. ///////////// Never talked of EJECTING the enemy (Muslims) but again embrace them, chanting "HINDU MUSLIM BHAI BHAI" like FOOLS. ///////////// Wrote up a Constitution that is nothing but document of HIGH TREASON and "sleep walking" TRASH. ////////////// Gave KEY POSTS to non Hindus while at the same time deriding the word "HINDU".///////////// Continued the BRITISH COLONIAL policy of DIVIDE AND RULE.////////// Saturated the country with statues, foundations and institutions named after one or the other Gandhi. /////////////// Continued the spell and rule of ONE dynasty.//////////// Indeed, All-India Congress Party can be described as the hostile and anti national (Hindu BASHING) AXIS POWERS comprising ITALY, ISLAM and the subservient timid ignorant and brainwashed HINDU camp follower who is reduced to clinging to the feet of a worthless White Elephant from Italy. ///////////// How much Congress has REDUCED the HINDUS in guts and knowledge is clear form the fact that the nation was begging of SONIA MAINO to become the Prime Minister of the world's "largest democracy". she was well advised to offer the post to a SIKH to save her skin. She did not wish to be "GANDHI No. FOUR" to be assassinated. ////////////// Yes, the Vatican advised her to put a stooge in her chair and wield the power from behind. "When A THOUSAND MILLION behave like mules and donkeys to lick your feet in admiration and awe, ONE, yes, just ONE son of soil, just ONE patriot, just ONE son of an honourable mother, will advance, firing the gun at you" said her Mentors in Vatican. //////////////// 23 Jan 10.///////////// PS; When HINDUS stand up to DOMINATE their territory in a virile and manly manner, this day will be a statutory holiday across India - from khyber to chittagong.///////// ========================== 000000000