Date: 25 Jan 2010


The Women and Child Ministry under Sonia-led Government has placed an advertisement in the Times of India. This Advertisement is supposed to inspire us Indians for being considerate towards our womenfolk and avoid heinious acts of female- infanticide.///////////////// Various icons and personalities' portraits have been exhibited who are giving their views on the welfare of the fair sex; starting obviously with Sonia Gandhi on top. ////////////// Amongst these portraits is the one of Retired Air Chief Marshall of Pakistan. How shameful that UPA Govt. could not find ex INDIAN generals like Thimmaya, Cariappa, air marshal Arjun Singh and many others who could be considered fit for this purpose! It seems that the UPA Govt. is starved of indegenous role-models. ///////////// How demeaning and stooping so low that a person, whose religion allows up to FOUR wives, beating and stoning of women to death, treats females as sex objects, permits polygamy and belongs to a country which is our staunch enemy and where women can be abandoned merely by uttering the words Talaq, become an inspiration in India, the land of "Matrashakti"? //////////////// The Times of India allows it and shows itself in its true colours. For revenue, TOI rejects its commitment to Indian norms and culture./////////////// The PMO has apologised, but the concerned Minister Krishna Teerath has not been shown the door!///////////////// Is such India fit to be a World Power?////////////// 000000000