Date: 30 Jan 2010


CONSTITUTION OF INDAI, SLOW EXTERMINATION OF THE HINDUS ////////////////////// 1. Whatever we might attempt, the Italian plant and the brat aided by mercenary Hindu traitors like Brajesh Mishra, would coninue to entrench themselves in ruling the Country, by filling the important slots by their own choice, the recent example how Paul Dinakaran is being pushed in to the Supreme Court despite a flurry of corruption scams against him and the Rajya Sabha impeachment, attempted to be aborted by Ansari through his chosen trio in the Committee. ///////////////////// Dinakaran would be elevated to Chief Justice overlooking others, no sooner Balakrishnan retires and with his age advantage will continue for a long period as "yours most obedient Servant" of Sonia promoting Christianity and judgements to favour her.//////////////// 2. If we cannot have fair elections, how do you expect to remove UPA from power, with Navin Chawla, the corrupt Christian nominee of Sonia, holding the key to polling process? ///////////////// The vulnerability of the EVM-s has been brought out in several forums and the final demonstration carried out in presence of three CEC-s by former Chief Secretary of Delhi State, an IIT Electronics expert, and finally the expert wanted to show how the mechanism is tampered by introducing the virus Trojan and the votes cast could be diverted to the chosen candidate by remote controls. ////////////////// When Bhatnagar was about to open the EVM to prove his contention, the representative of the ECIL making the EVM-s objected saying that the circuit is patented and cannot be opened. The three CEC-s too concurred with him and Bhatnagar was not allowed to open and demonstrate how the IC-s within were wired on to make them vulnerable to external manipulation. The matter ended there. ///////////////// 3. The well known Dr.SubramanyamSwamy filed a cse at Delhi High Court- apparently Supreme Court rejected the complaints of EVM-s and their vulnerability-, and as usual the Court has been postponing the hearing. The last we heard from Dr. Swamy that CEC-s asked for a postponement of the hearing as they were busy with Maharashtra Elections. We are not aware of further developments in this matter. ////////////// 4. UPA is filling all sensitive top positions with mostly Christians and others submissive to her on a long term conspiracy, apparently in connivance with the Pope at Rome!! //////////////////// 5. We have seen in Sivaganga Constituency how Chidambaram was defeated by a big margin and Chawla ordered a recount. Even after the recount Chidmabaram was trailing and CEC ordered recount a third toime and Gupta, State EC had to obey and the EVM-s were prehaps manipulated meanwhile and Chidambaram was declared elected. ////////////////// Have you ever heard of a recount when EVM-s are used?////////////// 6. Jayalalitha of AIDMK whose candidate faced Chidambaram revealed that in several booths, over 200 to 500 votes were already recorded as cast, when the first voter entered the booth. She also reported that in some booths, on pressing any button for candidates, the light showed the vote cast for DMK candidate only.////////////// 7. Unless and until we launch a strong movement against use of EVM-s and revert to paper ballot, Congress would continue to win with larger margins by such manipulations. //////////////// 8. Many European Countries and elsewhere have abandoned EVM-s due to such vulnerability and lack of transparency or verification but India sticks on to these vulnerable EVM-s for obvious reasons. ///////////// Dr.Swamy proposed that a print-out of the vote cast with his number could be given to the voter soon after his casting the vote, but CEC-s are reluctant again for their own reasons.//////////// 000000000