Date: 30 Jan 2010


TEES JANUARY MARG (30TH. JANUARY ROAD) IN NEW DELHI///////////// On January 30, 1948, barrister-at-law, Mohandas Karamchand (MK) Gandhi, was assassinated by a patriot, Nathu Ram Godse. ///////////// Gandhi's accomplice, another barrister-at-law, Jawaharlal Nehru, escaped lynching for his role in betraying India and appeasing the ENEMY at the cost of patriotism, morality, secularism and democracy. Both FAILED to stand up for, or defend, the TERRITORY (sacred "matribhoomi") of Bharat. ////////////// On that fateful day, in the wake of history's biggest ever unconditional surrender, a morally & spiritually emaciated and confused Gandhi in loin cloth & hand spun ("khadi") shawl emerged from "Bhangi Colony" (SWEEPERS' COLONY) in Delhi, whispering "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai", while autocratic self-righteous "imperial" Nehru ceremoniously was driven in a chauffeur driven limousine out of his palatial mansion at Teen Murti in New Delhi that was originally known as Flagstaff House and was the residence of the Commander-in-Chief of the British Forces in India. Nehru imagined himself to be no less mighty powerful as the Emperor of Hindusthan. ///////////// Nathu Ram Godse was a rare ONE-MAN "sena" of warriors who felt anguished over the mutilation of Mother India and the surrender of vast territories to the enemy without a SINGLE condition. Partition put MIDDLE INDIA is the JAWS of ISLAMIC crocodile (East & West Pakistan). ///////////// We, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, must DEFY the "dogs & bitches" controlling Partitioned India through deception and design in order to honour GODSE decently and properly. How the Germans would have honoured the heroes of July 20, 1944 who tried to assassinate Hitler! //////////// How did the Italian compatriots of ("Rashtramata") SONIA "GANDHI" execute their "Man of Century", Benito Mussolini on April 28, 1945 ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benito_Mussolini ). ///////////// Who celebrates Hitler and Mussolini today? Had India been strong and patriotic Gandhi and Nehru would have GONE the same way. One was the COWARD OF CENTURY, the other the TRAITOR OF MILLENNIUM. ///////////// But our Bharat has not even confiscated "Jinnah House" in Mumbai that reminds the whole world how easy it was for a "man within" to destroy Akhand Bharat of MK Gandhi. The enemy in 1947 did not have to fire even a pistol to capture one third of India FOR EVER, including the "heart of Punjab" LAHORE and the Janmasthan of Guru Nanak Dev. Is this how the HINDUS (and SIKHS) honour our own divine avataras ("Messengers of God") like Sri Krishna, Sri Rama and Guru Nanak from the "malechchas" (savage bigoted brutes) who do not allow a non Muslim to even enter Mecca where Mohammed was born? ///////////// Partition was a very bloody settlement with the "indigenous" Muslims in India, who had (and still have) loyalties OUTSIDE Bharat. ///////////// While the rest of the world celebrates their genuine heroes and great patriots (see Churchill's bust in Parliament Square and NELSON'S COLUMN in TRAFALGAR SQUARE in London) our Bharat, still under the terror of her enemies, celebrates COWARDS and TRAITORS. ///////////// There is NO country like the PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE anywhere else on earth where the MAJORITY COMMUNITY "froze" into INACTION and passively watched vast TERRITORIES vanish from the map and millions of people massacred or forced out of their homes to be separated from their places of birth for ever. ///////////// Hindu scholars need to spend some time in assessing the TRUE worth of the man whose assassination took place on this day in 1948. This has to be done if we are true to Mother India and our coming generations who must not live under the shadow of DEFEAT & SURRENDER in IGNORANCE or live & die brainwashed, honouring, and praying to, FALSE gods. ////////////// Watch the SLAVES laying wreaths and paying homage to the FALSE GOD at Raj Ghat today. Watch the coolie media taking photos and writing long columns In Praise Of The Despicable! ///////////// Now let us go on to speak to Supreme Commander Shrimati Pratibha Devisingh Patil, MP Rahul "Gandhi" (PM designate) and Shri Manmohan Singh (PM in office) for their version of the "man" of India's Destiny. ///////////// Is your address "Tees January Marg" in New Delhi? How UNFORTUNATE! Hindus across the world ought to demonstrate ACTION. Do what "small fries" Patil and Singh CANNOT: Change the name to General Hari Singh Nalwa Marg. ///////////// Defy the Devils. Move on to COURAGE, HONOUR & VICTORY. Start a new Chapter in Bharat's history. ////////////// January 30, 2010 ///////////////// ==================.