Date: 03 Feb 2010


PIOUS HINDU LIVES IN CUCKOO'S WORLD//////////////// From further discussion on the topic since I thought of a simple hope that modern scientific knowledge might one day remove the Koran from Islam and bring Muslims into the main stream of humanity as religion ! Live and let Live! ///////////////// To my mind most of the Muslims as individuals are as good as any one of us but collectively they as every one know them. problem is with Korans diktats and not with Muslims. The only hope that irrational diktats from Koran would vanish is nothing but TIME! ///////////// It is mentioned in their religion only that 14th Century would be their last century! Currently it is running approx. 1335. Showing that in another 65 years there would be no Islam or its irrational diktats followers. knowledge could be only swords to make that a reality!! ///////////// Just a thought! may be it won't come true like many other predictions!! /////////// May God bless ALL, including Muslims and irrational diktats followers and provide them rational sat- budhi!//////////////// ==================////////////// COMMENT ON THE PRAYERS OF PIOUS HINDU://///////// Hindus are defined as "KAFIRS" in Koran. We have hoped for Islam and Koran to vanish for the last 1000 years. Even Bapu Gandhi proved a (damn) fool when he said, "Give them what they want and they will feel sorry for doing our ethnic cleansing, including abducting and raping our daughters and sisters."//////////////// In the end Gandhi himself PERISHED but Islam FLOURISHED. /////////////// The only way out is what GURU GOBIND SINGH Ji preached & practised. "While dealing with the wolf, become a lion."////////////////// ISRAEL IS THE LION while our own MIDDLE INDIA (Partitioned Indian secular State) is a GOAT. The wolf has got a good bite and dug its teeth deep into KASHMIR, too. /////////////// Are they sorry for the Hindu refugees rottiing in camps since 1989? //////////////// Wishful thinking is a coward's RESPONSE to a terrible situation on ground. Such PIOUS hopes also mean that it is considered IMPOSSIBLE to militarise the Hindus like the entire Jewish nation in Israel. ////////////////// At present only ISLAM is militarised and advancing on globe, including Europe and America, claiming to be the "fastest growing religion", while the Sikhs are static and the Hindus shrinking even in our own Bharat. ////////////// Even Guru Gobind Singh ji FAILED and got nowhere. His KHALSA fled Lahore and Nankana Sahib due to Muslim onslaught in West Punjab and Indira KHAN caught them again well and proper in 1984. /////////////// Despite wearing SWORDS, day and night, they too are hoping that they (the Sikhs) will be allowed to visit Sri Nankana Sahib visa free- courtesy, "good" Musalman. ///////////////// But such a fool's dream will NEVER come true since Pakistan wants to fly her flag over Delhi, too, not only over SRINAGAR & AMRITSAR. ///////////////// The gulf between "Muslim" REALITY and Hindu's "wishful thinking" is very wide, indeed. ////////////// "Let and live!" is a HINDU slogan, not Muslim. "Sarbat da bhala," is a Sikh chant, NOT Muslim's. ///////////// You say, "May God bless ALL, including Muslims." You forget that if HE were to bless the Muslims, we will have the REST OF INDIA, too, under ISLAMIC FLAG. Can a sheep pray for the tiger? We are all now confined to MIDDLE INDIA. Call it Bharat, India or Hindusthan, or whatever! ////////////// 3 feb 10/////////// =================/////// 000000000