Date: 04 Feb 2010


1.////////////////// Pakistani Muslims are suffering from irreconciliable INFERIORITY COMPLEX by not facing the reality of 21st century.////////////////// First illness is losing their Mogul Empire (India) to the Brits after the death of Emperor Aurangzeb.///////////////// 2nd illness is due to failure to defend the last Muslim Navab Bahadur Shah Zaffar in 1857.///////////// 3rd illness is getting just a chunk of India instead of the whole of it to re-establish Mogul Sultanate.///////////////// 4th illness is getting broken up with the surrender of East Pakistan in 1972 and losing 3 major wars and Kargil.///////////// 5th illness is Frankenstein of Jehadists and Taliban.. and inter Muslim killings THAT WILL CONTINUE FOR EVER.//////////////// This is leading to national mania and pointing finger in all directions except towards itself!!! ////////////////// 2.///////////// PAKISTAN'S IDENTITY CRISIS is due to the fact that they are trying to grow (ideological) dates from Arabia in the fertile soil of vedas and granth.///////////// The product of DESERT will not take roots./////////////// The more they try the more bloodshed they will have in PAKISTAN.///////////// The blind fools cannot see NATIVE Rasool Allah called Guru Nanak but adore one MOHAMMED of arabia. They are no different from the INDIANS who overlook the beauty and talent in all the native women but FOLLOW sonia from Italy like her puppies./////////// 000000000