Date: 13 Feb 2010


In a message dated 13/02/2010 07:04:33 GMT Standard Time, XXXXXXXXX.com writes:///////////// 1. Subj: Dailypioneer.com - Dreamland as Pakistan////////// 2. My Take: /////////// Is Pakistan a dreamland, a land of dreams ?///////////// Answer: Pakistan is not a dream, it is a nightmare ! It is frightening.& horrid./////////// SD.XXXXXXXXXXXXX/////////////// ======================== COMMENT: ///////////////// DREAMLAND PAKISTAN. O YES?/////////////// A PAKISTANI fled his dreamland and arrived on bogus visa in Britain. He was allowed to stay six months in the country. ////////////// Six months passed and there was no trace of Mohammed. He had vanished like thin air. ////////////// Immigration authorities went looking for him. Surprisingly, they were successful and found him clean shaven and without moustache. The passport photo had shown him with long curly moustache and goatee beard like that of his Rasul Allah. ////////////// The man was arrested and brought before the magistrate. The charge was read out. "Sir, please have mercy upon me." he pleaded with folded hands and trembling voice. Please do not send me back to HELL," he cried.///////////// But luck had run out for the Pakistani. ////////////// The magistrate said, "Your father fought for a separate homeland for the Muslims in India and called it "Pakistan" which roughly translates as "DREAMLAND or HEAVEN". ////////////// He killed his Hindu neighbours and looted all their stuff, forcing them to run for life. Your Qaid-i-Azam had a dream and your father followed him blindly. Now how can the same country be called "Hell"?"/////////////// "OFF WITH YOU, MOHAMMED."/////////////// The magistrate signed his deportation order with the remark, "From the Court room to the nearest Airport and then on to the plane for ISLAMABAD where he will have more Islam than he can digest." None was at the airport to receive him. Sheepish, crestfallen, he reached home. //////////// The news of his arrival spread fast and all the street gathered at his door and shouted, "You Son of a B----, you called our Pakistan "HELL"? We will lynch you. Come out!" /////////////// We leave the rest to your imagination with the following COMMENT:///////////// A Musalman, by Belief & Brainwashing, is for ever a "BEIMAN, SHAITAN, HAIWAN."///////////// Where he lives he makes it HELL, not only for himself but also for all his neighbours.//////////// -----------------------------------------------///////////// That explains the DREAMLAND PAKISTAN from the mouth of NONE ELSE but a PAKISTANI with the name Mohammed. ///////////// 13 Feb 10/////////// ------------- 000000000