Date: 13 Feb 2010


Pious Hindu, living miserably through the rule of Hindu bashing CONGRESS (ITALY & ISLAM) is pronouncing verdicts like, "Muslims should either stay back in Bharat as loyal citizens, or leave!" Easier said than done! /////////////// How much IGNORANCE it shows on the part of the Hindus to think we are in a position to give the Muslims that choice. And to imagine that the "beiman" Muslim will take that option of leaving. We ought to KNOW that there is another side of the coin and the tragedy is this: One side cannot see the other.//////////////// The same goes with the Hindus and the Muslims. For the Muslims it is clear cut and straightforward AS PER KORAN: The Hindu is a Kafir and ought to be eliminated, intimidated, subjugated, CONVERTED or killed, ////////////// The Hindu choice is limited, STRETCH YOUR HAND OUT TO A MUSALMAN and then embrace him. /////////////// We know the Hindu mind that is so magnanimous as to be giving the Muslim the CHOICE to stay or quit. But what about the Muslim mind, or even SONIA'S mind? ///////// Would it be wrong to guess the same in the following manner, "Either convert or face the fate of Hindus in West PUnjab and East Bengal." ///////////// 13 Feb 10 ================ 000000000