Date: 13 Feb 2010


IS IT NOT PREPOSTEROUS THAT INDIA'S HOME MINISTER WOULD WELCOME ANY ISLAMIC TERRORIST ORIGINALLY FROM KASHMIR BUT NOW IN PAKISTAN, BACK TO KASHMIR THAT IS UNDER INDIA?/////////////// WHAT THE BLIND COOT CANNOT SEE ARE THE HINDU REFUGEES FROM KASHMIR STILL IN MIDDLE INDIA, WAITING FOR SOME GLOW OF SAFETY TO GO BACK HME. IT IS INTERESTING TO NOTE THAT AS AN INDIA (DOG) MR. CHIDAMBRAM, THE HOME MINISTER HIMSELF WOULD BE UNABLE TO BUY ANY PROPERTY IN SOUTH KASHMIR. ============= ///////////////// comment by a patriot:///////////// The Home Minister, Mr. P. Chidambram says Indians (read the Jihadis) would be welcomed back to India. These terrorists have waged heinious and violent acts against our country. Before we consider the merits, as envisaged by the Home Minister that it is time they are rehabilitated, I would ask the Home Minister about the rehabilitation of the victims of terrorism-the Kashmiri Pandits. Shouldn't they be his priority? Also what the Home Minister intends about the victims of the partition, who are living in Jammu and Kashmir for the past 62 years, but are not regarded as the Subjects of the State. Shri Chidambram is member of a Secularist Government. Should he be concerned only about the Muslims and not the non-Muslims of the J&K State?///////////// 000000000