Date: 14 Feb 2010


EXPLOSION IN PUNE////////////// When a thorn pricked my foot I felt acute pain and could not walk till I took it out./////// Today a MILLION thorns are deeply embedded in India's skin. More and more thorns are pricking her skin on daily basis. Since her hands were amputated at PARTITION she cannot even take them out. ////////////// "ONLY NINE?" a cynic will say. ///////////// "They will not be remembered after 24 hours in a nation that forgot TWO MILLION SLAUGHTERED in 1947. Even the TOP LEADER JENAB JL NEHRU could not see them when the "glow of his own freedom" blinded his eyes to the loss of five provinces and TWO MILLION DEAD." ////////////// "O Hindu, thou shalt perish again and again and again till the last one is put in chains- Banda Bahadur style on YOUR OWN TERRITORY. You cannot be moved to bashing, killing and tragedy of ANY DIMENSION since your core belief is "All mankind is ONE family." ///////////// Today's HINDU nation sees NO point in Sri Krishna urging the warriors at KURUKSHETRA. There ought to be CEASE FIRE and Kauravas and Pandavas should step forward to EMBRACE one another. ////////////// Today's gutless, shameless HINDU LEADERS cannot ROUSE, even WAKE UP, the nation to see the point in Sri Rama going to WAR in Sri Lanka. They do not see that even North Kashmir is under FOREIGN foot. ./////////////// Today the Hindu nation is smug, reading such news of attacks and atrocities as if taking place on a distant island. We live on- HAVING FORGOTTEN the past, and BEING UNMINDFUL of the future. /////////////// I saw the POISONOUS IDEOLOGICAL CLOUD that rose from MECCA a thousand years ago hit our Hindusthan hard. Could I ask the NATION, "Which country was Lahore in when I was born and in which country and under what FLAG does it lie now?" //////////////////////// Should I not FEAR FOR DELHI BECAUSE it is the same flock of sheep and bunch of "eunuchs" who were supposed to DEFEND Lahore yesterday who will be expected to defend Delhi tomorrow. ///////////////// In Ideology, Morality and Spirituality let there be NO doubt whatsoever that DELHI already resembles Port du Prince in HAITI- in ruins under the foot & awe of SONIA KHAN & Vatican. If ONE BILLION of us combined cannot throw out even a fly how will we stand up to the elephants tomorrow? ///////////// 14 Feb 10. /////////// =========== 000000000