Date: 15 Feb 2010


ISLAM IN THE U.K. ///////////// WORRYING POINTS /////////////////// “RACIST”. Is BNP racist? Who is the biggest racist of them all? Who did the ethnic cleansing of CHRISTIANS IN NORTHERN CYPRUS, ARMENIA,TURKEY AND SYRIA?////////////// Who did the ethnic cleasning of Zoroastrians in IRAN, Buddhists in AFGHANISTAN, Hindus of NORTH KASHMIR, SINDH & EAST BENGAL and of the Sikhs in WEST PUNJAB?//////////// ISLAMIC RULE IN INDIA: Where are all those historic TEMPLES across North India? What happened in MATHURA and AYODHUA? What aout the Jezia tax and FORCIBLE CONVERSIONS? What about t he treatment of native HOLY men of PEACE like Guru Arjun Dev and Guru Tegh Bahdadir? How were the two LITTLE SONS of Guru Gobnd Singhy punished for not embracing Islam? /////////////// PARTITION: Cost in HUMAN suffering: TWO MILLIONJ KILLED, 15 MILLION FORCED OUT OF THEIR HOMES. Separatist, intolerant and insensitive to the extreme. They fly Islamic flag over NANKANA SAHIB, the birth place of Founder of Sikh Religion.. Will they tolerate Hindu TRISHUL or Jewish STAR OF DAVID over Meca? Will they tolerate even one church in Arabia? //////////// KORAN. Divided mankind into Believers and Infidels (KAFIRS). So who do we have as fellow citizens here who will rather shoot an INFIDEL British soldier than a Muslim who confronts the regiment in battle?///////////// “Killing ONE innocent person is like killing the entire humanity!” Are they not killing the ENTIRE HUMANITY a hundred times over in the ISLAMIC REPUBLICS of PAKISTAN and IRAN nearly every day? ////////////////// ANWAR SHAIKH (Books by him)///////////// Islam, the Arab National Movement.///////////// Faith and Deception//////////// Eternity///////////// OTHER BOOKS:////////////// Freedom at Midnight by Larry Collins & Dominique Lapierre//////////// The Koran and The Kafir (ISLAM AND THE INFIDEL) by A Ghosh.//////// ISLAM IN THE U.K.///////////// Non Muslim girls are targeted, converted and TRAPPED. One way trafcic. Marriage is a contract that suits the MAN. It is unlike the Christian vow and Sikh commitment FOR LIFE. The girl and children must be brought up as Muslims. Place of woman in Islam. Punishment for return to original faith: DEATH. It is called “HONOUR KILLING”. Degradingh a nation by degrading their girls. Virgins special target. Muslim idea of heaven. //////////////// BURDEN ON BRITISH TAX PAYER///////////// Surveillance///////////// Prosecution//////////// Compensation//////////// Rehabilitation///////// No other community in media on daily basis./////////// DRIVE TO CONVERT. Even prisoners are targeted. Boast: “Islam, the fastest growsing religion in England.” WHO IS DECREASING? ///////////// THREAT AND INTIMIDATION: “We will Islamise Britian.” It is especially worrying to the Hindus and Sikhs./////////// RISING NUMBERS are worryhng.//////// Through IMMIGRATION//////////// Higher birth rate//////////// Multi marriages and re-marriafges.//////////// SHARIA LAW. WISH TO IMPOSE IT ON ALL. Replacing CROWN bY KORAN. ////////////// Global Islam sans frontiers. Therefore Jehadis gather from all different countries to take on th e West. /////////// MUSLIMS ARE NOT LOYALTY TO THE LAND OF THEIR BIRTH ////////// Pakistan is the eternal proof. Demand for Pakistan meant NO LOYALTY OF MUSLIMS TO THE LAND OF THEIR BIRTH. So the term “home grown terrorists” has NO meaning for the Muslims. ///////////////// DILEMMA: How to fit the rigid Islamic way of life with the Age of Internet when they cannot amend or ignore Koran?////////// NATIONAL SECURITY. BOTTOM LINE to judge any community: SECURITY of this country. //////////// HOLE IN HULL. Is the Muslim terrorist, extremist or Jehadi a hole in hull of the big ship called Britian? ////////////// ============== 02 Feb 10 On air: World terror: is Britain the real problem ? (BBC World Have Your Say)//////////// By hebaayoub 53 Comments /////////// Categories: First thing ////////////// The African Nobel laureate and Nigerian political activist, Wole Soyinka, thinks ‘England is a “cesspit”‘ that harbours and nurtures terrorism.//////////// Soyinka made his claims in an interview less than a month after a young Nigerian man – educated in the UK – attempted to blow up a plane in Detroit last Christmas.///////////// Continue reading ‘On air: World terror: is Britain the real problem ?’ COMMENT POSTED: He is right. Englnd is sleepwalking towards slavery. Islam is a defiant, resurgent, separatist, aggressive and intolerant POLITICAL religion. /////////// It DIVIDES mankind into Believers and Infidels and has a good idea about what they will do to the latter.////////// How can the British KNOW if they have never seen foreign BOOTS on their soil since 1066? Their PAST strength and memory of world empire make them SMUG.////////////// 000000000