Date: 27 Feb 2010


ALL HINDUS & SIKHS who still think that they come from INDIA are sadly mistaken and fooled. In South Asia only the MUSLIMS can be happy over their victory over India in 1947. /////////////////// "The world of infidel was smashed by us," so they believe with justification. THAT world of infidel was the MULTICULTURAL WORLD like Britain and America TODAY. //////////////// The peaceful and prosperous MULTICULTURAL (Christian) West is also waiting to meet with the same terrible fate like India 63 years ago. The world moves on but Mohammed is STUCK in his ultimate and IDEAL world of 7th century AD because the KORAN remains fixed & HARD like a rock./////////////// The INDIANS today all come from MIDDLE INDIA since East India is BANGLADESH and West India is PAKISTAN. //////////////// It all happened due to sudden and unprovoked ISLAMIC AGGRESSION by Islamo-fascists, Islamic extremists, Islamic terrorists, Islamic "beasts in human form". You will find this fully authenticated and absolutely true if you were to interview any old survivor from West Punjab (1947) and Noakhali District (August 1946). We ought to speak up with the hope of saving Europe and America from that terrible INEVITABLE fate in the future. ////////////// ISLAM inflicted the most humiliating defeat on INDIA in the middle of last century when the world thought that Fascism had ended in August 1945 with the surrender of Germany and Japan. //////////////// But NO! Islam was rising fast in South Asia in order to crush SECULAR and UNITED India for ever. /////////////// India's DEFEAT (1947) was so crushing, stunning and HUMILIATING that the INDIANS - among them the bravest, the cleverest and the most celebrated & illustrious, and the most highly qualified- ALL avoid the word "PARTITION" but speak of "Independence" from the British! ////////////// The truth is that given so many MUSLIMS in any country there will always be ONE suicide bomber growing up among them due to reasons that we ought to know well. Hence most Islamic scholars and journalists will go on fooling the world that "ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE," while the ONE from amongst them will step forward and blow up something precious and magnificent on earth like the TWO TALL BUDDHA TOWERS in Afghanistan and the TWO TALL WTC TOWERS in New York. /////////////// Should the world RISK the destruction of more such tall and great edifices and the loss of more innocent & precious HUMAN LIVES? //////////////// 000000000