Date: 28 Feb 2010


VANGUARDS OF MOHAMMEDAN ARMY ///////////////// In non Muslim countries many deeply indoctrinated Muslim men with gleam of paradise full of virgins in eyes, get committed to ISLAMISE the world. They are as relentless in pursuit of strategy as they are smart in observing the tactics.//////////////// The end goal is the establishment of CALIPHATE to unite all the Muslims on earth under one sovereign Islamic Head. It is to be achieved after slaughtering MILLIONS of non Muslims and, ironically, also an equal number of Muslims while fighting among themselves over the nature & authority of the Caliph. ///////////// At present the Pakistani & Afghan security forces are killing the home grown TALIBAN and a new murderous feud has erupted in Pakisan between the "Bareilly" and the "Deobandi" sects of Islam in addition to the lethal confrontation that is going on between the Shia and the Sunni Muslims. Thus the Muslims go on MURDERING the KAFIRS (Infidels) and the MOMIN (Believers) alike for the sake of murdering! /////////////// We see the slow but determined move of the giant sized collective body called Global Islam that ought to make us sit up and become aware of the vast territories already LOST to these enemies of tolerance, secularism and multiculturalism./////////////// Their perceived end goal provides the Muslims with strong motivation like steam for the Islamic locomotive.////////////// In pursuit of their tactics they have a vanguard. It is like the scouts who clear the path ahead of any obstacle or resistance.///////////// Intense PROPAGANDA is used to lull the non Muslims into complacency, appeasement, conceding & yielding modes. An essential part of that propaganda is their claim that Islam is a religion of peace. To their joy the politically correct world nods their heads in agreement. ///////////////// The Europeans do not counter by saying, “Do not throw dust in our eyes. We can see that for ourselves and compare your sword wielding Mohammed with our gentle Jesus on Cross." ////////////////// Yes, Islam faces no opposition to its continuous erosion of the tolerant societies like the Hindus who cannot establish even a tiny temple in Saudi Arabia and most Islamic republics yet the Muslims are allowed to build grand mosques in Europe and build or fund more mosques throughout Asia and Africa. ////////////// The punishment for the girl who walks in public with a Hindu or Christian boy is MURDER under the excuse of "Honour Killing". Yet non Muslim families this loss with resignation and many Christian families even welcome the predator TURK, PAKISTANI, SOMALI or BANGLADESHI who proudly displays his “kill” to everyone. ///////////////// Highly indoctrinated SUICIDE BOMBERS form the Muslim VANGUARD. They are few in number but followed by millions of apparently peaceful and hard working Muslims who are ever ready to CONDEMN such acts in public. /////////////////// Many tell the media, “In Islam to kill one innocent person means the murder of entire mankind.” Oh! How noble of Mohammed to say these words and then march on to conquer Palestine after subduing Iraq! ////////////////// When the advance guard meets with success or victory then hundreds of millions of these apparently peaceful Muslims rush forward to loot, kill, rape, plunder & murder. ///////////////// Look at the BIRTH OF PAKISTAN, the biggest victory of Mohammed in modern history? A few leaders like messrs. Jinnah and Suhrawardy became the Vanguard, negotiating the break up of India ("PARTITION") with British rulers while most, including MAULANA ABUL KALAM AZAD, were condemning their high treason by attacking the integrity of India, their land of birth. //////////////// Immediately after the Vanguard succeeded in obtaining the consent of all parties to partition India, several millions of Muslims in the sub continent rushed to Pakistan like a huge LOCUST STORM, covering the entire land. ///////////////// They did ethnic cleansing on mass scale, forcing the non Muslims to flee in all directions. They occupied their homes, lands, farms, schools, factories and shops while forcibly abducting tens of thousands of girls after killing their men folk. ////////////////////// The massacre of over a million Christians in Armenia was like a peanut when we compare it to the number of those murdered across Western and Eastern India in 1947. /////////////////////// What emerged was MIDDLE INDIA while the Indian leaders like Gandhi and Nehru called it "Independence" from the British./////////////////// Suicide squads that crashed planes into WTC tower buildings in New York, those who exploded bombs on bus and trains in London and those who attacked Taj Hotel in Mumbai were the VANGUARD of Islam while the secular and tolerant world was led to believe that these were isolated instances. //////////////// The British government has been spending millions of pounds of public money for “educating and reforming” the Muslim radicals and extremists.////////////// If the defences of a nation are strong, as they appear to be in the West at present, there will be more and more probing attacks by the vanguards and wherever they achieve success by killing many, be it in South Philippines or Kashmir, there will be great joy in the entire Muslim world. ///////////////// What the vanguards are doing, complemented by soft host nations and partisan “half baked” media, is "SOFTENING THE TARGETS". Neither the Church comprehends the depth and extent of threat nor the parliaments in Western countries. The general image of Muslims as a community remains reasonably harmless. /////////////////// There are NO Christian vanguards in Islamic countries and NO Hindu vanguards in Bangladesh and Pakistan. The news of non Muslim PERSECUTION, ELIMINATION and LIQUIDATION reaching us, is perennial. /////////////////// The next time you hear of a bomb blast or explosion at an airport, shopping mall, hotel, tournament or town centre regard it as the act of Muslim vanguard with all the Muslims in the world sympathising with the KILLERS while at the same time calling it "murder of entire mankind by the misguided few." ////////////////// 000000000