Date: 07 Mar 2010


FOREIGN RULE TURNS LIONS INTO DONKEYS & JACKALS./////////////// The dirt deposited on the sacred soil of Hindustan by the MUSLIMS during their 7-centuries long brutal rule during which all native temples, schools and texts were destroyed and millions converted by force and degraded to PRAY IN ARABIC, was not yet cleared away when the British came in to deposit millions of tons of more muck and dirt. ///////////// Even that was not yet cleared when the treacherous CONGRESS BANDITS took over the British Indian COOLIE COLONY, having unconditionally surrendered five provinces to the indigenous Muslims without referendum on one day, and instead of clearing the old mountains of muck & filth added more stink, filth and muck, introducing rampant corruption, red tape and NEPOTISM to paralyse the natives. ///////////// For the treacherous CONGRESS "dogs and bitches" to continue in power for ever, it is essential to - //////////////// decimate the SIKHS, /////////////// bash the HINDUS and /////////////// degrade the ARMED FORCES. //////////////// Only then can you have the only SIKH Chief Minister sitting shamelessly on UNION TERRITORY, sharing his capital with HARYANA, and only then can you refuse to conclude the corruption case against BOFORS CHOR, only then can you see and tolerate Nehru in the company of EDWINA MOUNTBATTEN, Indira in bed with Feroze KHAN and Rajiv marrying an ITALIAN BRAT and now Rahul in love with a cheap VENEZUELAN female and still call him "the future prime minister of India", and only then can you keep the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya IN RUINS and only then can you let the KHANS overshadow all the Hindu youth and manhood in films and only then can you see the HINDUS evacuate South Kashmir, and only then can you tolerate the BEHEADING of two Sikhs near Peshawar that was under Khalsa Raj till 1846, and only then can you loot and plunder the natives, rewrite their HISTORY and keep them ignorant, subservient and SLAVES for ever. ///////////// === 000000000