Date: 08 Mar 2010


On the topical question of reservation of seats for women in India's Parliament let us not forget that we are speaking of a country with HINDU majority in which, quite logically, Hindu ethos, Hindu culture and Hindu traditions should play a big role if we are a truly independent and sovereign nation.//////////////////// In Christianity the women are already advanced and fully liberated who can be seen in bikini and even naked on any beach in summer. Just recall Margaret Thatcher going to war and recovering Falkland Islands without cease-fire. She is knows as the "IRON LADY" of Europe. Do the EUROPEAN and also the AMERICAN women need any quota or reservation? Even a suggestion to this effect to Hillary Clinton, the FOREIGN SECRETARY of world's most powerful country, will only invite contempt and ridicule./////////////////////// Now we look at ISLAM. Here the pronouncements of Mohammed and his HADIS put the women well within homes and in burqa if they venture outside. In the land of his birth (Saudi Arabia) NO woman can drive a car alone to talk to a man. ////////////////// Our "BROKEN BHARAT" (PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE) need not now cater for the Muslim women. They are ALL supposed to be in PAKISTAN as per Act of Partition, 1947, and cannot be allowed to damage or destroy Hindusthan twice unless we are conditioned or brainwashed to believe that we are PERPETUAL SLAVES and belong to an inferior race on our own patch of territory. ///////////////// Even here the women are in TOP positions calling shots over the heads of generals and parliamentarians, e.g., SUPREME COMMANDER Shrimati Patil, the First Lady Sonia Maino, the Chief Minister of Delhi State Shrimati Dikshit, and the Speaker of Indian Parliament (Lok Sabha). What quota or reservation did THEY need? ////////////// With regard to HINDU women none can touch their superiority and dignity. We ought to recall those bloody horrendous days of PARTITION (known to Congress Party traitors only as "Independence"!) when menfolk were slain in their thousands and the burden of bringing the young offspring and themselves to safety in MIDDLE INDIA fell upon their shoulders. /////////////// How did they fare? SHAME on the Indian media if they waste ink only to glorify Sonia, Priyenka and Indira, but not mention those GENUINE stalwart "mothers" and "daughters" of land.////////////// Please let me narrate the story of one such HINDU widow, sadly uncelebrated and unknown in our land that claims to be an ancient civilisation with Vedas, Gita and Granth and great learned scholars. /////////////// Her husband had been assassinated by the Muslims (our compatriots!), wishing to break up Gandhi's Akhand Bharat in order to establish their ISLAMIC Pakistan. /////////////////// This young widow of only 35 showed utmost courage to bring herself and her children to East Punjab for safety. The first thing that she told her orphaned and hungry children, was: "The word "refugee" does NOT exist in our vocabulary. Study hard and become something in life and serve your motherland."//////////////// Yes, her children NEVER regarded themselves "refugees" and did study hard to become something in life later in order to serve their MUTILATED Motherland. ///////////////// But they could not LIBERATE her from the treacherous CONGRESS PARTY that had surrendered their homeland to the "wolves in human form" without even Referendum. ///////////////// Hindu mothers are PROUD to have produced great "avatars" like Sri Krishna and Sri Rama, great gurus like Guru Nanak, who called women EQUAL to men more than five hundred years ago, Guru Tegh Bahadur and Guru Gobind Singh and great warriors like Shivaji, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Maharana Pratap, Maharana Sangha and even great women like Maharani of Jhansi. Such women never considered themselves second class or needing any reservations. ////////////// Our proud HINDU mothers, sisters and daughters do not need any quota or reservation. However, the foremost question is, "Where is the status and dignity of all the INDIAN, especially HINDU, women if an Italian born female, imported by a "CHOR" is to be "Rashtramata" ("MOTHER OF INDIA") for ever?" /////////////////// By and large the Hindus in Bharat still do not realise that the MUSLIM SWORD and the BRITISH GUN have gone and now WE are a SOVEREIGN HINDU nation. ///////////////// Let our WOMAN supreme commander Pratibha Patil look Sonia Maino in the eye and say, "HINDU WOMEN ARE EQUAL TO OUR MEN, and I AM MORE THAN EQUAL TO ALL OF THEM." ////////////// 000000000