Date: 10 Mar 2010


We all know that the “Islamic” water is rising in this country. If we do not watch to reduce the level, we shall all drown. Our security services are on high alert. //////////// To get an idea of the future under Islamic rule one ought to go to Afghanistan or Pakistan and see the quality of life there. ///////////// Hence we must react promptly and decisively towards those who want to “ISLAMISE BRITAIN.” ///////////// WHY THE MUSLIMS ARE FEARED IN ENGLAND (Personal view)//////////// Their openly broadcast & declared objective, "Islamize Britain!" is perceived dangerous by the non Muslims who ask, "What will happen to House of Commons and Buckingham Palace if Britain becomes an Islamic State?" ///////////// Their claim of "Islam being the fastest growing religion" gives a sense of insecurity and fear not only to mainstream Christians but even more so to the small minorities like the Hindus and the Sikhs who do not believe in converting the others. //////////////// There may be a very tiny minority of extremists and terrorists in the Muslim community but they enjoy tacit support of all, including spouses in some cases. /////////////// Reckless murder & killing of innocent people, including children and women, as in America on September 11, 2001, and in Britain on 7 July 2005. In the following year four Muslim doctors tried to burn down Glasgow Airport.//////////// We can expect “Deception, Fraud and Surprise Attack” on innocent people, public installations, buildings and sensitive facilities by Muslim extremists.//////////// Muslims are a separatist closed community. Non Muslims do not know much about them. They are not an OPEN society like the rest of us. //////////// Over assertion of their separate agenda like serving halal meat in jails, schools, hospitals and other public places//////// Seduction of non Muslim girls. This is an extremely serious and provocative act in the eyes of Hindus and Sikhs whose girls are degraded and converted by the Muslim predators, leaving the families grieving. Invariably the non Muslim bride must embrace Islam and bring up children in the Islamic way. She can also not renounce Islam since doing so can invite death. All mixed marriages mean gain to Islam./////////// Muslims Keep own females at home and threaten to kill them if they walk with a non Muslim. It is called "honour killing" that has the support of all the Muslim community. /////////// They can marry more than one woman at the same time, seriously violating women’s dignity. Large sized Muslim families pose demographic threat to Europe. ///////////// Public insult to our soldiers, returning home from war zones. /////////// They look at the non Muslims as "kafirs" (infidels) and their daughters as “game”. /////////// Muslim men are advised by Imams and Mullahs not to join the police and the army since these serve an “INFIDEL” country.///////// Girls’ education is frowned upon. In Pakistan and Afghanistan girls’ schools are regularly destroyed. British Muslims send their daughters to Islamic homelands before puberty for further education and marriage.////////// They demand Sharia law- eventually to be imposed on all. /////////// Proportionately much higher rate of crime, drug and vice scene ////////// Blinkered vision of the non Muslims through KORAN, the ideological counterpart of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”. ////////// “Global Islam” means NO loyalty to the land of birth as we saw in India at Partition. Hence even British born Muslim young men go out to fight our own troops in AFGHANISTAN. /////////// Taking hostage British tourists traveling or living abroad. Demanding huge sums as ransom is common. ////////// Apparently harmless Islamic charities siphon funds to terrorist bodies at home and abroad. ////////// Too much British tax payers' money is being spent on “re-educating, re-habilitating and reforming” the extremist Muslim youths in this country. It is a huge burden on tax payers. /////////// There is absolutely NO need to spend similar amounts on re-education or de-brainwashing of the Hindu and Sikh youths./////////// Short on argument, logic and reason most are quick on violent reaction- individual and collective. /////////// Most intolerant of others’ point of view. The word “Kafir” in Koran puts all the Muslims at odds with the rest of mankind. One cannot build a church or gurdwara in Saudi Arabia. A non Muslim cannot even enter Mecca! They do want to live and convert in Europe but how many non Muslims have survived in their own Islamic lands? //////////// Their IMPLICIT faith and belief in the KORAN is danger to the civilized world. The book exhorts them to do continuous JIHAD (fight) against the Infidels (non Muslims) in order to CONVERT, SUBJUJGATE and ENSLAVE them./////////// In England the Muslim community has become contenders for political power and TERRITORY and is perceived to be a serious threat to national security. //////////// Muslims take great inspiration from their past history of conquests from Morocco to Indonesia. At one time they stood at Poitiers in France (732 AD) and Vienna in Austria (1683). They aspire to re-conquer the world.////////////// ---------------------------------------------------------------- 10 March 2010/////////// ================= 000000000