Date: 17 Mar 2010


PRESS RELEASE /////////////// SUPREME COMMANDER HAS NO TIME TO RECEIVE//////////////// THE MEDALS DEPOSITED BY HER OLD SOLDIERS ////////////////// HER STAFF ACCEPTS MEMORANDUM SIGNED IN BLOOD //////////////////// BY 6000 EX-SERVICEMEN /////////////// Dear Member of the Media /////////////////// Dated: 14 Mar 2010////////////// 1. The Supreme Commander of Armed Forces today did not come to receive medals at Rastarpati Bhawan being deposited by military pensioners to press their demand of One Rank One Pension (OROP). Medal Deposit Rally was organized for the Seventh time at Jantar-Mantar New Delhi today where, 2000 defence pensioners including widows had come from all States of the Country to deposit their medals and sign Memorandum to the President in Blood. /////////////////// 2. The Chairman of Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement (IESM) Lt General Raj Kadyan had earlier requested the Supreme Commander to kindly make it convenient to receive the medals from military pensioners herself. All veterans in the Rally unanimously decided to bring back the medals if her Excellency the President did not receive the medals herself. With a heavy heart the Ex Servicemen did not handover the medals when they found the Supreme Commander did not come to receive their medals herself. They however deposited the memorandum signed in Blood by 6000 of Ex-Servicemen from all parts of Country with the staff of the President. //////////////////// 3. Ex-Servicemen hope that the Govt will seriously consider their demand and will grant OROP at the earliest. If Govt does not sanction their demand of OROP, all ESM have decided to intensify the Movement. They have resolved to continue the movement in a lawful and disciplined manner as hare-to-fore. /////////////////// / Jai Hind//////////// With Kind Regards, ///////////////// Yours Sincerely, //////// Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM///////////// Vice Chairman Indian ESM Movement //////////// 000000000