Date: 18 Mar 2010


INDIAN MEDIA ///////////// Thank you for providing news and views from Middle India (commonly called "India" despite losing her both wings in 1947). ///////////// I live abroad. There are too many FREE Pakistani (Muslim OCCUPIED Western India) TV Channels as compared to NONE from the whole of (Hindu) MIDDLE INDIA. ///////////// Please see: DM DIGITAL AND ARY NEWS Channels for example. They are free, NOT subscription. ///////////// Secondly please treat your viewers, especially abroad, as free people and NOT as congress COOLIES under the sway of an Italian born female called the "Mother of Nation." //////////// Sonia Maino can only be the MOTHER of nation of "cattle and dumb animals" but NOT of you, educated and enlightened MEDIA MEN and WOMEN from a country far more divine, cultured and civilised than ITALY. ////////////// So, a request: ///////// Please do not show her photo or image that degrades us when our friends in Europe see her projected in this way. They will NEVER have a foreign women raised so high above heads and shoulders of the native people over here.///////// Secondly give the defeated and demoralised HINDUS their identity. There is no need to submerge them in the melting pot of multiculture where they disappear as HINDUS. Please also understand that the MUSLIJMS are no more INDIAN. They did (DID THEY NOT?) take out their PAKISTAN and BANGLADESH where the Hindus are now ZERO with regard to status and image in public. //////////// Please understand that PARTITION was not as a result of any referendum, challenge or FIGHT but simply the UNCONDTITIONAL surrender of India's five provinces within a few days. Those SURRENDERED Parts are still INDIAN and will eventually be RECOVERED from Muslim savages and separatists provided people like you BELIEVE in it. You should BELIEVE in it and not join the herd of submissive CATTLE being driven by corrupt and domineering Nehru/Gandhi family since 1947. ////////////// Please LIBERATE yourselves first and free your minds from the slavish mindset of perpetually worshiping Nehru, INDIRA, SONIA, PRIYENKA, RAHUL, etc. Then only can you serve a proud and independent (MIDDLE INDIA) BHARAT armed with courage that comes from TRUTH. //////////// Finally, for God's sake become FEARLESS- fearless of MUSLMS, fearless of your corrupt RULERS, and fearless of the ONE DYNASTY that is ruling, fooling and INTIMIDADTING the HINDUS (majority community) since 1947. //////////// If you don't believe in AKHAND BHARAT then you insult the very memory of Bapu Gandhi and show that he was such a COWARD or FOOL for saying something that was so QUICKLY discarded like dirty linen. //////////// Please honour him by honouring his PLEDGE till Sindh (Indus) is back in HIND (India). ////////////// Thank you.////////// 18 Mar 10////////// ============== 000000000