Date: 20 Mar 2010


Taqiyyah: the Holy Deception Above we saw how Muhammad authorized his followers to lie, even to badmouth him, to win the trust of their victims in order to assassinate them. There are many other stories about Muslims feigning friendship with the non-believers only to kill them, once they are trusted. 73 Sunan Abu-Dawud Book 38, Number 4390. Sunan Abu-Dawud is another collection of hadith regarded to be sahih. 74 Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 288 75 Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 176 Who Was Muhammad? 55 At Hudaibiyyah, Muhammad signed a treaty with the Meccans, promising to return any of their youths and slaves that escaped and joined him. Ibn Ishaq narrates the story of Abu Basir, a Meccan, who went to Muhammad after this treaty was signed. The Meccans sent two men with a letter reminding him of his pact. Muhammad felt obliged and told Abu Basir “Go, for Allâh will bring relief and a way of escape for you and the helpless ones with you.” Abu Basir got the message. He returned with the emissaries. They had gone about six miles from Medina when the men stopped to rest. Abu Basir said, ‘Is your sword sharp, O brother?’ When he said that it was, he said that he would like to look at it. ‘Look at it if you want to,’ he replied. Abu Basir unsheathed it and dealt him a blow that killed him. Then he came to Muhammad and said: ‘Your obligation is over and Allâh has removed it from you. You duly handed me over to the men, and I have protected myself in my religion lest I should be seduced therein.’ Muhammad did not punish this assassin but instructed him to go to al-Is, a region by the shore, on the road which Quraish were accustomed to take to Syria and rob the Caravans of the Quraish. Muhammad had signed a treaty not to waylay the caravans of the Quraish, so he found a way to go around it. Ibn Ishaq says “The Muslims who were confined in Mecca heard what the apostle had said of Abu Basir, so they went out to join him in al-Is. About seventy men attached themselves to him, and they so harried Quraish, killing everyone they could get hold of, and cutting to pieces every caravan that passed them, that Quraish wrote to the apostle begging him by the ties of kinship to take these men in, for they had no use for them. So the apostle took them in, and they came to him in Medina.”76 The history of Islam is replete with treachery and deceit. These men were Muslims and as such they were the responsibility of Muhammad. He, instead, washed his hands by sending them to another place to rob the Meccans. He condoned and even authorized their robberies. Despite that, Muslims claim that it were the Meccans who broke the treaty. The following is another example: When the Meccans, along with other Arab tribes, had enough of Muhammad’s raids and killings, they came together to punish him. However, unlike him, who never announced his plans and ambushed his victims with no warnings, the non-Muslims gave plenty of notice to their 76 This story is also reported by Tabari, Vol 3, Page 1126 56 Understanding Muhammad foe to prepare himself for the battle. This gave Muhammad enough time to dig a trench around Medina. The joint army of the Arabs, known as the confederates, had never seen such thing. They camped outside the town wondering how to cross the trench. They asked the Banu Quraiza, to assist them. Muhammad was wary of this alliance. So he devised a trick to drive a rift and distrust between the Banu Quraiza and the confederates. A man named Nu’aym had recently converted to Islam; however he had not made his conversion known publicly. Muhammad summoned him and said, “You are only one man among us, so go and awake distrust among the enemy to draw them off us if you can, for war is deceit.” The following is the rest of the story as reported by Ibn Ishaq. It is long but important to read. Nu’aym did as Muhammad told him. “He went to the B. Quraiza with whom he had been a boon companion, and reminded them of his affection for them and of the special tie between them. When they admitted that they did not suspect him, he said, ‘Quraysh and Ghatafan are not like you. The land is your land, your property, your wives, and your children are in it, you cannot leave it and go somewhere else. Now Quraysh and Ghatafan have come to fight Muhammad and his companions, and you have aided them against him, but their land, their property, and their wives are not here, so they are not like you. If they see an opportunity they will make the most of it, but if things go badly they will go back to their own land and leave you to face the man in your country, and you will not be able to do so if you are left alone. So do not fight along with these people until you take hostages from their chiefs, who will remain in your hands as security that they will fight Muhammad with you, until you make an end of him.’ The Jews said that this was excellent advice. Then he went to the Quraish and said to Abu Sufyan b. Harb and his company, ‘You know my affection for you, and that I have left Muhammad. I have heard something which I think it my duty to tell you of as a warning, but regard it as confidential.’ When they said that they would, he continued, ‘Mark my words, the Jews have regretted their action in opposing Muhammad and have sent to tell him so, saying, ‘Would you like us to get hold of some chiefs of the two tribes, Quraysh and Ghatafan and hand them over to you, so that you can cut their heads off? Then we can join you in exterminating the rest of them.’ He has sent word back to Who Was Muhammad? 57 accept their offer. So if the Jews send to you demanding hostages, don’t send them a single man.’ Then he went to Ghatafan and said, ‘You are my stock and my family, the dearest of men to me, and I do not think that you can suspect me.’ They agreed that he was above suspicion, and so he told the same story as he had told Quraysh.” 77 The trick worked. When the Confederates asked the Banu Quraiza to join them for the attack, they brought an excuse and instead they demanded that the Quraish leave with them a few of their men as hostage, which confirmed what Nu’aym had said. The Confederates became disheartened and left without a fight. This deception saved Muslims from certain defeat. This has served as a lesson to Muslims, who ever since have incorporated treachery and deceit as strategies from which to deliver jihad. In one hadith we read: Hajaj Ibn `Aalat told: “O Prophet of Allâh: I have in Mecca some excess wealth and some relatives, and I would like to have them back; am I excused if I bad-mouth you [to fool the non-Muslims]?” The Prophet excused him and said: “Say whatever you have to say.”78 Practicing Muslims come to the West and pretend to be moderates. They say everything you want to hear but secretly plan for your destruction. They smile, and shake hands; are friendly and amiable; even pretend to love your country and act as if they are patriotic. However, their only objective is to make Islam dominant. They talk the talk, but will not walk the walk. Lying as a strategy to advance Islam is called taqiyyah, or “holy deception.” Under taqiyyah, a Muslim is allowed to lie and say anything to pull the wool over the eyes of the non-Muslims and deceive them. One of the major objectives, and a persistent tactic of those most skilled in taqiyyah, is to downplay the threat of Islam. The goal is to fool potential victims that jihad is not directed at them. In his book, “No god but God,” Reza Aslan engages in this Islamic art of deception, when he argues: “What is taking place now in the Muslim world is an internal 77 Ibn Ishaq, Sirat, Battle of Trench 78 Sirah al-Halabiyyah, v3, p61, 58 Understanding Muhammad conflict between Muslims, not an external battle between Islam and the West.” He further writes: “The West is merely a bystander - an unwary yet complicit casualty of a rivalry that is raging in Islam over who will write the next chapter in its story.” Sorry, looks like we have built New York, Pentagon, London, Madrid and Beslan in the crossfire between Muslims. Mr. Aslan engages in the most brazen form of Islamic deception and yet, he was invited by CNN’s Anderson Cooper to opine on the Pope’s visit to Turkey, as if he were an unbiased observer. A very funny taqiyyah often told by Muslim men to seduce western women is “Women in Islam are treated like queens.” I have yet to see a country where its queen is called deficient in intelligence, beaten, stoned and honor-killed. When a practicing Muslim smiles at you, telling you how much he loves your country and how he wants to be your friend, remember the following hadith: (Verily) we smile for some people, while our hearts curse (those same people).79 79 Sahih al-Bukhari, v7, p102 Chapter Two Muhammad’s Personality Profile here are literally tens of thousands of short stories about Muhammad. Many of them are forgeries, others are weak and dubious in nature, but some are believed to be Sahih (authentic, true) hadith (oral traditions). By reading these Sahih hadith, a fairly consistent picture of Muhammad emerges and it is possible to make an approximate evaluation of his character and psychological make-up. The picture that emerges is that of a narcissist. In this chapter I will quote authoritative sources on narcissism and then will try to show how Muhammad fits that profile hand in glove. Scholarship and research on the matter is limited precisely because Muslims have not and will not permit objective inquiry into the Qur’an or the life of Muhammad. However, what is written about him is not only consistent with the definition of narcissism, but also can be seen in many similar bizarre acts being committed by Muslims themselves the world over. Thus, the personality disorder of one man has been bequeathed like an inheritance upon his followers, where one man’s psychosis, spectacular in its depth of self-absorption, has been spreading to millions of his followers, rendering them, in the same way, self-absorbed, irrational, and dangerous. 000000000