Date: 28 Mar 2010


28/03/2010/////////// NO JIHAD, NO ISLAM //////////// -------------------------------- 1. Holy-Warfare ( Jihad ) against Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) is " Islam Ki Aksari Zindagi. " It is total war against Kafirs, and Moslems are supposed to be Kafir-Annihilationists. Because it is war in Allah's way, Moslems are expected to die, rather than retreat. /////////////// 2. A Moslem leader named Muhammad Inayat Ali Khan, with a pen-name of Al-Mashriqi, who founded the Khaksar Movement, stated in the 1920's://////////// " We Muslims have to dominate the whole world, and become its conquerors & rulers." /////////// His pamphlet " Islam Ki Aksari Zindagi " declares: /////////////// " Quran proclaims: Prophet was sent the true religion with instructions, to make all other religions subservient to Islam. " ////////////// 3. Al-Mashriqi estimates that, within a decade of Prophet's death, Moslems conquered 36,000 castles in 9 years, or 12 per day, three-quarters Jihad-related. /////////// Asserts Al-Mashriqi: " Quran promises Hell-Fire to those who do not do Jihad Bi-L-Saif ( Jihad with Sword ). Jihad for Islam's cause is sufficient for Moslem's salvation, no other good deed is needed. "/////////// Moslems cannot hide that, Jihad is entire world's Islamization, and extermination of all Kafirs. /////////// 4. Declares Al-Mashriqi; ///////////// a. Moslems must pronounce all worldly gains, for military revival /////////// b. Haj, alms giving, fast during Ramadan, are parts of military exercise //////////// c. Prayer is a form of military drill ////////////// d. Haj is a Moslem soldiers counsel, to plan Kafir-extermination /////////// e. Fast is preparation for siege warfare deprivation /////////// f. Alms-giving is to raise funds, for Moslem Re-Armament ///////////// Thus, Kafir-Hate & Kafir-Extermiantion, are Islam's only cause & core. ////////// 5. Says Al-Mashriqi://///////// " Leaving Martial-way of life, is leaving Islam. "///////////// After talking with Adolf Hitler in 1926, Al-Mashriqi elucidates in " Tazrikah: " ////////////// " A true, persistent action application, is " Fitness, " per Darwinian principle of " Survival Of The Fittest. " ///////////// A community of people, which carries action to extreme limit, becomes predominant, & rules the world. ///////// When a nation loses these qualites, she is not Fit, other Fitter people take her place, under law of " Natural Selection. " //////////// 6. Albert Speer ( Hitler's Armaments Minister ) during prison, explains Hitler's effusive praise for Islam---a religion that spreads & subjugates all nations to its faith, and that it is suited to German temperament. ////////////// Hitler told Dr. Herman Neubacher ( First Nazi Mayor Of Vienna ): //////////// Islam is a Male religion. Germans with Islam in Middle Ages, would have conquered far far more. ///////////// A smiling Hitler tells General Alexandar Loehr: //////////// Islam: I desire it to become official SS religion. //////////// 7. Hitler viewed Islam as a handy-tool, for genocidal war ////////////// During 19th century, Ottoman Empire launched Jihad & slaughtered Bulgarian & Armenian Christians en masse.//////////// Heinrich Himmler ( SS chief: Nazi Secret Service ), was great champion of Islam's Jihadic-Bellicosity. ////////////// In fact, National-Socialism was New Islam, with New Allah,and Hitler as Allah's New Prophet. //////////////   8. To Islam, Terror is synonymous with Power. Many Moslems admire Nazi Germany. Some Moslems desire a Caliphate under Allah's vicegerant, Caliph ruling by Sharia ( Islamic law ), imposing rigid subservience & sacrilized discrimination, against Kafirs & Moslem women, without conscience. //////////// 9. Unless, Moslems acknowledge the ugliness of Islam & its Jihad, they cannot get the respect of civilized ( Kafir ) societies. Instead, Moslems continue to insist that: /////////// Islam is a religion of peace, love, and Brotherhood. /////////// Of course, Moslems are lying like crazy. ///////// Jihad ( Holy War ) is the conquest of all Kafir ( Non-Moslem ) territories. It is a barbaric custom of a barbaric creed. ///////////// 10. Geert Wilders ( a Dutch politician ) equates Quran with Hitler's Mein Kamph. Geert's observation is very keen. ///////////// Surinder Paul Attri (USA)//////////// 000000000