Date: 02 Apr 2010


----- Forwarded Message ---- From: culturalbridgesact2002 <> To: Sent: Fri, April 2, 2010 9:30:29 PM Subject: The significance of Easter in action-Children decorating eggs ////////////////// THE SIGNIFICANCE OF EASTER IN ACTION! //////////// (A CHRISTIAN CELEBRATION) ////////// To: Professors of Divinity Schools, Pastors, Priests, Church leaders and whosoever professes the ideologies of the Bible and our friends: /////////// It is time to pay heed to know the reasons for fast desertification around the globe and bringing stone-age mentalities! //////////// FIRST UNDERSTAND THIS POINT DEEPLY: “LIFE COMES FROM LIFE.” ///////// Chicks are like small infants; they need Mama-bird’s association to come out of the eggs, not some professor of Divinity school who lacks the total understanding on the Natural-Universal laws. The nature laws have provided the entire science to all living beings to know, how to knit a beautiful nest, how to feed the chicks, and how to teach them all possible skills for their survival? ////////// Would you allow someone to abandon your infants by hiding them under a tree or a hole? Helpless infant will cry in the absence of mama as she nourishes baby with her milk or cows’ milk. In the same scenario, the Mama-bird and papa-bird do not expect you to do the same. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS POINT CLEARLY OR DO YOU NEED THE ADVICE OF A FIRST CLASS FOOL TO RUIN YOUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH? ///////////// Your methods have caused the unlimited Spiritual Suicides throughout this planet earth by putting down the most perfect science of Self-realizations, meant for all souls. They are perfectly contained in the Vedic texts ever since time immemorial but you fools have been doing everything to twist, confuse and applying all sorts of deceitful activities so you could hold on to your material illusionary short term power and position. Time runs out in a blink of an eye, like the bubbles of an Atlantic Ocean, and soon you are heading for the next destination. ////// One follows the righteous path; study very hard, would he/she still be failing in school because he/she did not follow the hoaxes? At the time of death, this particular soul will ascend to the heavenly planet while you fools will be sent to various unwanted lives, which are many – snake is very vicious. When you have exhibited your vicious qualities, your mind is forming a body of snake for the next destination befitting your impetuous desires. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Don’t waste your life to please others instead do the righteous path to pull the miserable trapped souls from the material bondage of birth, disease, old age and death and that cycle is non-stop unless you have learned the INACTION under the lotus feet of great Hindu Masters, who have seen the Absolute Truth. ///////// Meaning, fools are challenging the entire ecological principles – self created disturbance on this planet earth by their mistakes and errors! Instead of finding their own mistakes and errors, they continue to disturb the Science of Self Realization by twisting, confusing and misrepresenting by all sorts of deceitful manners so the good meaning souls continue to remain locked up under their thumbs. Good souls must stop these rascals now – no waiting time. ///////// The helpless mama birds and papa birds are crying “Chee, Chee, Chee,” flying up and down to save their eggs from the hands of robbers - SEEING THEIR EGGS CONTAINING THEIR BABIES BEING STOLEN BY THE MONSTERS. Those inhuman(s) without any feeling, whatsoever, are enjoying (having good kick) by creating pain to other lives and thus turning innocent children to beastly nature. Are these truly the civilization by creating pain and trauma –disturbing the principles of ecology by destroying millions of eggs for no apparent reason – just for the kick? ///////// Please read with open mind and courage to help change the consciousness to the highest principles, governed by the UNIVERSAL LAWS. ////// Is sunlight different for different humans? So The Universal Laws Are Same For All Souls. No two different laws apply to each other, regardless of cast, creed, race, color, place of origin and belief. PERIOD. How can be two Gods? ////////// REMEMBER: Beliefs are many but the Eternal Truth is one for all souls. Does sun move around the earth or the earth moves around the sun? Is earth flat or round? Is the heat or light created before the sun or the sun was in existence to get heat or light? An engineer, who created a building, knows very well in and out of the building- he has the map and designs. What kind of the creator has been claimed who knows “nothing,” in and out, of the Universe? Are you falsifying even the creator by implanting the counterfeit creator? Yes, you are doing so by pushing through the throats of humans the most ignorant and extremely illogical creation science. What sort of creation science, do these divinity schools continue to adhere and push after seeing all the scientific advancement? Vedas explained the universes in perfect harmony. /////////// What is the purpose of stealing and hiding birds’ eggs on the day of Easter? Do you understand that the life comes from life? Why helpless & innocent lives are being hidden for stupid fun and game under the instructions of ignorant ideologies? Would you hide helpless infants under trees or various holes? /////// By such foolish action, are children becoming compassionate or the foolish ideologies leading children to become rude and totally inconsiderate – no, compassion, and no respect for other lives? How would they love you when you are helping to create demoniac nature in them? The starting of the Bible (Creation Science) is instructing the believers take a control and dominion over anything what flies in the air, what moves on the earth and water. Psychologically, this very control mentality is very dangerous for spiritual growth as it leads to making Dictators, Arrogant Puffed-up Egocentric society. Most Christians continue to believe that everything is being sent for their fun including women. The Bible reads: Woman is made out of the ribs of a man and so she could be utilized for all sorts of dirty entertainments. This alone is the single most reason to develop very wrong psychology among the children for future development. /////////// Question: If woman was made out of the ribs of a man, what happened to the man? Did he survive? ///////// Understand this point very clearly: Do you want to carry this planet earth comfortably to the next century and beyond for the sake of your future generation? Failure to heed will make the situation worse to the worst “WILD, WILD WEST.” Wake up boys and get out from inferior ideologies for the sake of you, loved ones and future generations, so you can comfortably cross the OCEAN OF MISERIES. Don’t add more miseries by creating negative Karma. ////// If you come to know that you are about ready to hit your own foot with your on axe, what action will you take? ////////// ANSWER: If you are not a fool, you will do every thing possible to stop the axe hitting your own very foot? That is exactly the fools have been doing i.e. harming their own very self-existence. /////// REMEMBER, LIFE COMES FROM LIFE! The Almighty God’s evolution of consciousness is being disturbed, BIG TIMES, by the demons who are extremely aggressive denouncing all the Natural Laws, yet calling themselves compassionate. They are the disturbance to the ecology and thus causing serious environmental damage. THEY MUST BE STOPPED BY ALL MEANS, SO THEY CAN REALIZE, WHAT IS THE TRUE SCIENCE OF SELF-REALIZATION AND WHAT ARE THE DEMONIAC CULTS? /////////// THEY ARE FOLLOWING THE MOST CONFUSED MAN-MADE IDEAS AND BELIEFS CAUSING DAMAGE TO THEIR OWN SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS THUS TOTAL SPIRITUAL SUICIDE – NO COMPASSION, NO FEELINGS, NO UNDERSTANDING. ///////// THE IRONY: THEY CONTINUE TO IMPOSE THEIR FOOLISH IDEAS AND BELIEFS – SINCE THEY HAVE BEEN PROSTITUTED, THEY EXPECT OTHERS TO BE PROSTITUTED WITH THEIR EVIL IDEOLOGIES. We understand that an ignorant human can do harm to other lives in the absence of Gyan (knowledge) but when the religious ideologies of the Middle East forces children to hide eggs and destroy them for fun, what should you call them? DEMONS’ MANUFACTURING IDEOLOGIES – full of hate and vicious towards other lives. //////////// Now they are expecting small children in American schools to bring their stuffs in see-through backpacks. This is how much damage has been done; the fools have infested the minds of children with arrogance, hate and criminal behaviors. Shootings and drugs in American schools are well documented and it is because of, NO COMPASSION TO OTHER LIVES. Such ideologies are bringing in sub-conscious state of minds simply hate, distortion and confusion. //////////// Fools must stop prostituting the Science of Self-Realization for the sake of material gain, power, position and puffing-up the arrogance. DON’T ALTER ANY MORE. ///////// Muddling The Absolute Truth is costing humans’ to do unwanted things, which are unacceptable by any means. Is Hattie’s earthquake less reminder? Is Chili’s earthquake lesser reminder? IGNORANT FOOLS, STOP MUDDULLING WITH THE NATURE LAWS FOR YOUR FOOLISH FUN AND GAMES. ///////// Teach children to be compassionate rather guide them to steal birds’ eggs and or paint them, whether real or plastic because it still links to the life which has come from life. Those birds’ eggs must be in the nest with mama-bird – just like a human infant must be in the lap of her mother rather being painted by a snatcher or a kidnapper. The laws of nature are very severe and thus you have become the cause to lead your own destiny in the reverse. Come down to the true humans’ compassion and become sublime. /////////// Some smart boys and girls may defend by saying that we are decorating the plastic eggs. WHY? Why not decorate material objects such as stones, glass, board, paper, etc. ////////// The eggs must be with the mama-birds in their homes (nests), not in the hands of children who are been turned into demoniac minds through the fools’ phenomena. ///////// SAVE AMERICA AND THE WORLD BY LOVE, COMPASSION, FEELINGS AND GIVE RESPECT TO ALL LIVES. YOU ARE WASTING UNNECESSARILY MILLIONS OF LIVES, JUST FOR YOUR PAST TIME. /////////// QUESTION NUMBER 1: Ask yourself, would you allow your own newborn children to be hidden in some make-believe shifts? Innocent children, under the influence of mischievous foolish parents who have been led by imperfect ideologies, are instructed to hide eggs? Chicks are also the part of the evolutionary process, just like the humans’ children and grown-ups! Why are you then hitting your own foot, with your own axe as it is disturbing the entire ecological system? YOUR OWN VERY SELF-EXISTENCE, FUTURE DESTINY IS BEING DISTURBED BY YOUR DEEP IGNORANCE! ///////////// QUESTION NUMBER 2: Would you allow someone to snatch away your newborn infants so the snatchers, kidnappers could paint and decorate them for their beliefs engraved into their irreligious practices? ////////// These mentalities are the reasons for fast desertification around the globe and the single most reasons to bring into fast Stone Age – it is human’s wrong action causing complete ruination. Regardless how palatable the food (human’s diet: no meat, fish, egg and lard) may be, even a drop of poison in it won’t remain palatable. In the same scenario, the examples of the heroes of the Bible and its numerous passages are filled with terribly horrified dirty examples? Pornography is the derivatives of dirty examples filled in the Bible, which the followers take them literally – Lot and his two daughters brought forth two races and Jehovah sending so called angels to protect their incest in the cave after Jehovah’s order of burning Sodom and Gomorrah. OR Were they criminals that Jehovah, the god of the Bible, was protecting incest as if it was some great moral issue? The fools are mixed up between, what is truly moral and what is desperately immoral? The fools continue to condone, encourage and promote dirty activities what the Biblical God has encourage. IRONY: The Divinity schools, around the USA, approve the Bible as the source of divinity when it is totally far fetched from it. This means promoting the activities and examples of the heroes of the Bible and approving its 100%-unexpurgated passages, well documented in the Bible. King James used to have a kick rolling in the pool of blood of animals – that was his past time. The fools continue to follow the King James Bible. Stop manufacturing machos across the globe under the religious orders – make them truly lovable & respectful. For making them behave within the guidance of the Universal Laws, one must seek the guidance of Hindu masters, who have known the absolute truth. It is your own valuable human life, which is on stake. So do not emotionally remain attached to nonsensical ideologies interfering the true spiritual growth. ///////////// This body is a temporary piece of material garment for housing your atomic-soul –a residence of soul – a temple for your soul. Under no circumstances, the temple can’t be allowed to be contaminated with the fowl of meat, fish or egg and or intoxicated – examples of Jesus turning water into wine is not in line to the spirituality but altering the consciousness into uncontrolled bodily sense gratifying situations. Then the fools rear the society with material laws, such as DWI. Why did on the first place the young boys and girls get intoxicated? Such examples of drunkards are numerous in the Bible. The faithful Moslem does not drink while living on the planet earth but he is psychologically maneuvered that he would meet with 72 Houris (young wide eyed women) in Allah’s heaven serving them non-stop wine, while reclining on the silver couches. So the faithful is extremely anxious to get to the Allah’s heaven to meet with 72 mates after fulfilling the Mullahs’ agenda of knocking down some so called infidels. It is a wonderful strategy for the Mullahs and Sheikhs who are already enjoying with 200-300 harems in their tents, not in Allah’s heaven. They are not anxious to return to Allah’s heaven but rather keep their dirty missions with the help of confused commoners. The commoners must realize the mistake committed to them and to their very own family, taking unlimited pain and trauma. These are all self-creation of negative Karma (Cause & Effect). ///////////// World Famous Historian Mr. Will Durant quotes: “According to one tradition, each ‘Momin’ was promised 72 of these Houris, who would never age or stop being solicitous and according to other traditions the number could be many times more.” This is the main attraction, which continue to incite the faithful to do criminal acts. //////////// Total disturbance to the ecology: Take an example of any Christian festivals; it is totally non-aligned with the principles of ecology. Children are taught to become mean rude and disrespectful to other lives. Such behaviors are exhibited in one of the famous Christian festivals, Easter. When such training is given to children against the laws of nature and ecological make-up of our immediate planet, children become rude and insensitive to other lives. Examples are illustrated by US statistics on crime rates in the USA. Islam teaches to look down upon others as infidels. These are the reasons for manufacturing hateful societies on our planet. Why does the White House require the biggest and the tallest tree to be erected each year, outside the White House? Is it not a sheer shameful waste of resources by keeping such terrible arrogant attitude against the laws of nature that I am a big macho and I could do anything - but no respect for natural laws -simply raping the resources. Do you know that your children, our children and their children will need some resources too? Are you going to smoke them out in one life alone? ///////////// During Easter, Christian festival, millions of eggs are senselessly destroyed worldwide, hide the eggs in different make-believe nests around the house and expect children to find them as a joy of celebration. White house conducts this shameful celebration on its lawn on Easter Day for American children. Have you seen a mama-bird? How much hardship she goes through in making a nest? She would fly from place to place to collect grass, sticks and leaves to make a nice nest in order to lay eggs. She (Mama-bird) does not live on intuition. She knows very well that it is time to build a nest where she must lay her eggs. The senseless fools and criminals go out to steal the bird's eggs and call it a nice happy Easter celebration. //////////// Examples of Jesus catching fish with fishermen, having to allow two retarded men to walk through the herd of 2,000 swine killing them instantly by having them to fall off the cliff, telling his disciples to eat, whatever, is found in the meat market and speaking such ideas that the bread you eat is my flash and the wine you drink is my blood, are all against the ecology laws leading the planet into terrible environmental disturbances. /////////// Why is ecology so important and causing environmental havoc on our planet? Read the history of Inquisition - raping this planet for controlling the entire world for resources by colonization and offering the Bible to the pageants and ganging on them to expect 10% of donation to the Church in Vatican. Those Popes have been trillion times worse than the famous gangster Al Capone. Al Capone was just an infant what the Vatican has committed crimes against the old civilizations. Order to cut the humans like carrots, rape their women, destroy their houses of worships and above all they took away their natural ways of living and replaced them with their fast developments through their arrogant methods for so called civilization. /////////// By the order of Pope Innocent, Jesuits caused the greatest blood bath in the history of mankind. Twenty-four million Mexicans massacred in one century alone under Pope Innocent order. Indian Chiefs were burned alive. Over ten (10) million blacks were enslaved. Great philosophers in Spain were killed or chased out. Galileo was going to be burned alive like other Mathematicians and Astronomers but later Inquisition gave him a house arrest until death. Love is not an imposition. Love is a free will. One can't impose the love of God by these dirty tricks and treacheries. Love is a reciprocal arrangement. One must train kids to love the nature and all around. This must be well understood that "We are not this body but the soul within this body." //////// Are there methods changed? No. They just add here and there few ideas from the followers of Natural Laws what they had considered a Pagan civilization. Whatsoever foolish ideas were created against the Pagan civilization by the Vatican, but in fact they were the highest civilized society of Europe - they were all connected to the teachings of TRANSMIGRATION OF SOUL AND SOUL'S HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS - ALL RELATED TO THE TEACHINGS OF LORD KRISHN AS SPOKEN BY SRI KRISHN BHAGWAN IN BHAGAVAD GITA. //////// The rubbish and the most foolish ideologies written by the biggest fools in the Middle-East desert must be stopped now. Unthinkable atrocities committed to Nature Worshippers came from: "And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it, cultivate them and fill them of their kind, and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over everything that moved upon the earth." These are the very starting of the Bible in the beginning of Genesis. With these attitudes, they were able to colonize the entire world for raping the resources big time - gold rush, that rush - not ever settled with good family lives rather running like dogs for subdue distant land resources. There is enough on this planet earth but never enough for greed. Instead of subsidizing American farmers for making them sit idle and not grow food, they could have utilized a great wealth of these green thumbs passed down in heritage from generation to grow lot of wheat, rice and other commodities to supply to the countries at subsidized prices and that would have brought billions of dollars in revenues to the American treasure but the fools are running the show. Neither they have the background in the Universal Laws nor they are willing to give heed to those who are knowledgeable in this field. They want to fix the environmental disturbance with the help of these scientists who are limited to their gazettes and instruments. Meteorologist can forecast the change of weather related conditions, based on his gazettes, meters and instruments but when it comes to the make up of the Universe, they are totally ignorant. Only the great devotee of the Almighty God Krishn can give the direction in the science of self-realization. So one must seek the help of a great Hindu Master to fix the self-created problems. You have my assurance that no one will be able to fix the environmental disturbance, more serious on the way, by methods derived from the Bible source because it has nothing to offer when it comes to the entire Cosmic Manifestation of our immediate Universe - Earth is neither flat nor other planets revolve around the earth so that itself is a waste of time and you will continue to waste another million years in fixing this world with the Bible methods - it won't ever get fixed, Period. From the perfection only we can get the perfection. Nature laws are built absolutely perfect and harmonious. If man decides to be harmonious to the laws of nature with respect to all lives & resources then he can align with the natural laws binding all of us, otherwise the nature will slap back so terribly what he can't control. Look at Katrina and other hurricanes! Humans were displaced with plenty of pain and trauma. Is the nature controlling them? Or do they truly control the nature? All the nuclear warheads sitting in the silos, America could not stop the might of hurricane Katrina, displacing more than a million people. ////////// First, understand that it is the evolution, which is part of the entire ecological make up. When the evolution is challenged, automatically nature is disturbed. The entire Krishn's cosmic manifestation gets disturbed. Billions of Cows and other animals are slaughtered and eaten too by the humanoids. Are you above animals or are you still an animal? Can a sheep eat the wolf or can you make her eat the wolf? Either way, it won't work with a sheep to eat the flesh. If you feed goat scrapes to cow in her feed, you got mad cow disease - these British boys went against the laws of nature by feeding cows with dried animal parts. The nature has its rule under the total guidance of Lord Krishn. He won't allow man to fool the nature. Laws of nature are consistent and fixed. Just like every day we see Sun rises from the East and gives heat and light to all entities and every evening sets in the West. Is this Phenomena mutable? Soul is also immutable, unbreakable, un-withered. Soul can't be burned and withered. Soul's constitution position remains the same indefinitely from time immemorial. During Christian Thanksgiving, millions of Turkey birds are slaughtered to give thanks to their sectarian Christian god but the Universal God does not accept these kinds of ideologies. Lord Krishn speaks in Bhagavad-Gita Chapter 9 verse 17: "If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it." Even the poor of the poorest can offer water to the Almighty with love and devotion. He is not asking for animals to be offered, as God would not expect humans to behave inhumanely for the taste of tongue. By offering the animals, humans have extinguished their godly qualities and thus a total spiritual suicide. Animals have two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, mouth, anus and genital, exactly nine gates opening to their material bodies. Human also has 9 gates to their body. Animals are eating, sleeping, mating and defending, so are the humans. What is human doing above the animal’s life? Most are yet in animal mentality, even worse. Man created his own destiny and god simply helps the path he has chosen! It is man who creates the destiny of his own, whatever he decides after using his free will in the right or wrong direction. The laws of nature directly control animal. When soul transmigrates to human's body only then the human is gifted with a free will. When this freewill is misled under the influence of wrong examples, the entire ecological make is challenged and disturbed. Very Important: Hormones given to animals for fattening are the major cause to disrupt the Humans’ hormones, causing obesity and homosexuality in the USA. /////////////// EXAMPLE: The life of a cow on this planet earth is around 25 years. Chickens may live 3-5 years. When their souls are forcefully removed from their bodies under the guidance of the Bible and the Koran, their soul must go on. It is the evolution of the consciousness, which is being manifested. Monkeys don't evolve to humans. These misleading concepts are possible in the absence of true science of Laws of Nature and their principles. Darwin had been trying to find the answers but he could not give the correct answers. If he had looked towards India, he would have hit the Jackpot. But unfortunately, he could not foresee that each animal has presence of soul within his/her 9 gates body. It is the learning process of each soul to go through lower life to the higher life. Consciousness of the soul evolves from lower life to higher life. These are learning stages before accepting the human bodies. When cows and other animals are killed prematurely, the souls in their bodies must move on to the next lives. After cows, souls accept humans' bodies. When animals are slaughtered prematurely, it shortens up their lives and quicken up the evolution process granted under the principles of Natural Laws. //////////// By man's own foolishness, without any regard to the Universal laws, he ends up striking his feet with his own ax. What it means, more humans' population explosion on our planet and more desirous humans ready to further rape the resources and most souls transmigrating to human bodies after their bodies were forcefully taken away by butchering them, they come as very revengeful souls ready to kill other humanoids. They get very serious psychological pain when they are standing in lines to be butchered. Especially, cows can sense it days before and many have tears in their eyes before going through slaughterhouse. The God is the Maintainer & Support of this Universe. He is not the butcher of cows and or humans. The demons fall into their own trap by their dirty and unsympathetic attitudes towards other lives. God wants to stop these demons by every means to make sure that they have the absolute clear distinction between the true perfect science of religion and the most powerful demoniac cults, floating around the globe in the names of various religious orders. ///////////// Where does Veal come from? ////////// Baby cow is chained in wooden boxes 22 inches wide 56 inches long. The box is so small that the calf can't walk or even turned around. "Milk-fed" veal is obtained by making calf anemic. The calf is not fed mother's mil. He is fed an antibiotic laced formula that causes severe diarrhea. He must lie in his own feces - choking on the ammonia gases. He is chained in a darkened building with hundreds of other baby calves suffering the same fate. They are immobilized, sick, and anemic. There are no laws in the USA to stop the murders of these beautiful calves. Within weeks of their births, they are murdered and their tendered dead bodies are sold as veal for big boy's entertainment. Many Popes have been known to enjoy eating veal - a special daily feast. Same methods were applied to “natives” to lead their luxurious lives. Those atrocities that had created pain, suffering & traumas to the original natives did not end there but continue on, generation after generation. The fool thinks that there is one life to live. By all means, they must be stopped to spread inconsistency in the system by the most imperfect hocus-pocus, jumble-jugglery ideas. ///////////// What do you think about this advance country USA - do you see any advancement? Are these the methods to bring one world order under their subjection? These methods are bringing the whole world into ruination. //////// Raising Beef takes away 40 times more resources than raising natural food plus it is one of the causes of increased carbon dioxide. ////////// Wouldn’t it be ecologically sound to cremate than to bury? //////////// ANSWER FROM: Most Christians/Moslems/Jews require land to put their dead in the ground, about 3’ X 6’ coffins. The follower of Vedic culture burns their dead 'bodies" –ash to ash, air to air, water to water, fire to fire, and ether to ether – in other words all the 5 elements* merge into the nature and on the same pyre other dead bodies are burned while the Samageri, sanctified material & clarified butter being poured to purify air. Each burial requires some land but cremation does not require any land. The material world does not belong to anyone. ///////// *70% of this human body is water and rest four elements are: air, fire, earth & ether. ///////// THE FOLLOWING KNOWLEDGE MUST CLEAR THE TRUTH FROM FICTION: /////////// First 5 richest countries use 86% of world’s resources. Also we must realize those 67% of the world's resources are utilized by the world's richest country, USA. The rest of the world utilizes 30% of the world’s resources. /////////// TO BURY DEAD: Each Coffin (3'X6' or bigger) to bury dead is built by using the fine wood and in the process many chunk of tree trimmings, wasted wood, sawdust; pellets are destroyed in the process. //////////// CREMATION PYRE: Uses any part of the tree (It will take 2-3 times lumber to make a Coffin than used on each cremation pyre) plus occupy land to bury.  ////////// NOW ELECTRIC CREMATIONS ARE IN ABUNDANCE //////////// TO BURY DEAD: Requires at least 4'X8' land section of this planet earth to bury each dead body and that too by using a Casket built by destroying a trees and consequently adds up the waste land indefinitely. So they must cut trees to make their beautiful caskets and also claim land to block miles and miles of funeral grounds all over villages and towns, across their countries. Go to any town in the USA, the burial grounds surround them blocks after blocks and nothing can be cultivated. Guess millions of people dying each year! Each burial with 4'X8' plot would require to cover plenty of land. /////////// CREMATION PYRE: The tree cut from the land is still available for cultivation and one can continue to grow more trees instead. The same cremation pyre is used for different dead bodies. While each burial requires 4'X8' reserved space indefinitely, allotted against each dead. With the advent of Electric cremation furnaces, many have started using them for cremation. //////////// Cremation do not lock 4'X8' land indefinitely. This way 4’X8’ land is still available for continuous use. You can grow tomatoes, okra, cauliflower and different vegetables, and even a mango tree. So the land where the tree came out for pyre's wood, continue to be utilized for growing future trees and vegetables. On the other hand, the portion of land utilized for burial, 4'X8' land is totally wasted forever and adds in the list of increased barren land –totally wasted. //////////// Cremation methods free millions of acres which otherwise would have utilized for burial grounds. This way, we have productive land for fruit trees, crops and vegetables, thereby not locking certain area of planet earth into the wastebasket - non productive. Hindus science originated from the intelligence of our great Rishis, Yogis and Seers. They were not influenced from the brainless baboons, like hungry wolves chasing to grab the resources of the world, as if there is only one life. This way they don’t pay heed to respect and regard the coming new generation and or even to their own next life. Our present material universe has passed over 165 trillion years. Total time frame of our current material universe is Three hundred eleven (311) trillion and forty (40) billion earth years and we have passed about half the time, estimated 165 trillion years. The Bible’s existence started with the Old Testament about 3,200 years ago; the Koran existence is some 1,375 years. The rate burial grounds are being added each year around the globe –the whole earth will be locked up with nonproductive burial grounds in next 1,000 year. This unscientific, no true understanding in the science of Body, Mind and Soul –just I am a Christian body or a Moslem body or a Jew Body or a Black Body or a White body or a Mexican body. They have not even come out of the bodily concept, so what indicates their spiritual progress. Words, Arya, Hindu, Science of Self Realization, Natural Laws, and Nature Worshipers, all connote the same meaning, where they follow the science of Natural Laws. They are contained in Vedic text and are meant for the entire humanity. Is Chemistry meant for certain people? It is meant for all, whosoever, wants to study and examine the depth of Chemistry. There is no restriction. The Vedic Science, containing in depth the Science of Nature Laws, is meant for all humans. They are perfectly found in Vedic wisdom and nowhere else. /////// Each year, millions of trees are cut for Christmas, right in the USA and later they are thrown in the garbage. White house always looks for the tallest and the biggest tree to be decorated each year for Christmas. Why can't they grow a tree outside White House, which may last for 50, 100 years? There is not a single Hindu festival, wasting nature resources. The entire festivals of Christianity, as explained, are shameful waste and thereby meant to uproot this planet earth. ///////////// TO BURY DEAD: Many people die of various diseases, such as Tuberculosis, AIDS, Cancer and multiple infectious diseases (Both Viral and Bacterial). The germs do not die upon the death of a human. They are passed in the ground from dead bodies through water drainage, etc., thereby risking the spread of many diseases plus the dead body is eaten by insects and dead body does not disintegrate into ashes to ashes. “I will rather be cremated than to be eaten by insects in the ground.” Nelson Rockefeller, the US Vice president was cremated.  //////////// CREMATION PYRE: By cremating the dead bodies over the pyre, either by using the Electric furnace or wood, germs, viruses, bacteria's are burned as well and the air becomes pure - ashes to ashes i.e. earth to earth, fire to fire, water to water, air to air, and ether to ether - all the elements are merged back into the mother nature and the mother earth. Hindus are neither blocking nor destroying the land. They are using the land and allow that portion of the land to grow another tree but not fencing miles and miles of land for useless and wasted burial grounds. /////////// Earth is moving around the sun at a speed of 66,000 miles (107,200 kilometers per hour) per hour. At this rate, we have traveled 595 million miles (958 million kilometers) in 365 days, 6 hours, 9 minutes and 9.54 seconds, just having a nice ride not a bumpy ride. We can sleep comfortably on our beds. Once, we shave off the edges of our planet by cutting trees etc., like Alaska, North & South Poles, immediately the ecological setup i.e. the arrangement to withstand pressure of super high wind during earth’s voyage through the milky way galaxy, is disturbed and consequently starts affecting our environment.  ///////////// HERE ARE CONSUMPTION, ITS PATTERNS AND EFFECTS: ////////// … Inequalities in consumption are stark. Globally, the 20% of the world’s people in the highest-income countries (More specifically, the richest five) account for 86% of total private consumption expenditures. Consume 84% of all paper supply of the entire world. /////////// FOR THIS, MILLIONS OF TREES ARE CUT FOR MAKING PAPER, BESIDES COFFINS: /////////// We can discuss various consumer items used by the 5 richest countries of the world but our focus of discussion is mainly on trees. Toiletries, paper rolls, napkins, paper cups, plates and newspapers are aggressively used in the USA. Newspapers alone in the USA containing 100s of pages & Inserts are rooting out millions of trees. Pick up any newspaper from any city of USA, specially, weekend newspaper. OTHER USAGE OF PAPERS AROUND USA: Mass mails for advertisements from hundreds of Department & Grocery Stores, Constant offers in the mail from Credit Card Companies, Unsolicited Magazines & other offers. These above stated items are the major causes of mass destruction of trees from forests. Millions of acres of land are deserted leaving no trees behind, right here in the USA. This is one the major causing desertification and environmental change. Other major cause is housing industry in the USA where most houses are made of lumber. //////////// USA produces far more greenhouse gasses than any other country on Earth and refuses to do anything significant to curb their emissions because of much too greedy people. /////////// SOME EXAMPLES: Bhutan is at risk because from global warming - what climate change is doing to the glaciers of the Himalayas. As temperatures rise and glaciers melt, lakes are formed. The terminal moraines that dam these lakes tend to be stable so long as they are held together by permafrost, but of course, the permafrost is also melting. The permafrost melts, the natural dams eventually burst, and everyone downstream is in grave danger from the potentially catastrophic floods. //////// Majority of Indians are still living in villages in natural environment. These Christian Missionaries (wolves in sheep skin) are shaking their current methods of living by imposing their wrong ideologies totally against the natural laws for the ongoing survival of humanity. The USA is by far the biggest greenhouse gas producer in the world. Its per-capita production is either the largest in the world or second only to Australia. Both countries are becoming pariah states because they refuse to ratify the Kyoto protocol and to significantly reduce their greenhouse gas production. ///////////// News from the Canadian Press ////////// USA, Canada in top 5 countries squandering Earth's resources: //////////// WWF - Tue Oct 24, 9:52 PM ET /////////// GLAND, Switzerland (AP) - The Earth's ecosystems are being run down faster than ever because humanity is using more natural resources than our planet can replenish, the World Wildlife Fund said Tuesday. ................ /////////// Countries with the largest ecological footprint a person are the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Finland, Canada, Kuwait, Australia, Estonia, Sweden, New Zealand and Norway. //////// China is ranked 69th but its size and rapid economical growth make it a key player for the sustainable use of the world's resources, the report said. ////////// Well, here it proves the lies and deceitful attitude of Televisions in the USA, totally misleading public by constantly naming India, as if it is absolutely guilty of environmental disturbance and emission when in fact it is yet far off. When taken into consideration India has over billion people in comparison to USA's 300 million population. India's emission is yet limited. Most people of India use clothe napkins. /////////// Most villagers in India use Energy From Waste for burning stoves - they are environmentally friendly and antiseptic if designed properly. What Indians have been doing for thousands of years - finally come in the USA & Canada advising to use unused biomass waste produced in the U.S. and Canada, which is staggering. Here is what was written in the US news insert: "There is a huge amount of cheap, usable energy available to us in the form of household and business waste, tree trimmings, sawdust, hogged fuel, demolition and land-clearing waste, logs, chunks, pellets, peat, Refuse Derived Fuel pellets, municipal wastes, low-grade waste paper and cardboard products, and all kinds of agricultural waste from corn cobs to rice hulls and bagasse. These resources are locally available in various forms everywhere, inexpensive and often free." //////////// ================================== /////////// Lord Krishn in Bhagavad-Gita Speaks: “We are not this body but the soul within this body.” To maintain this temporary human body, why do we have so much waste of resources to fulfill unlimited sense gratification? Desires are never satisfying. ///////// Lord Buddha i.e. Lord Buddh spoke that all humans must first restrain their material desires before progressing into the state of Nirvana i.e. Nirvan. ////////// ACHARYA CHARAN DAS: “I must say that a human living with burning desires is still in its infancy when measured in terms of right conducts and norms of true Spirituality.” //////////// There are many other reasons to liberate the soul by cremation to continue its future journey, either in various lives or back to Godhead. These are very advance topics. ////// FINAL ANSWER: Since trees are not in abundance, we can develop coal furnace or other alternative. The cremation is the best answer - whether be electric cremation or coal furnace or gas burning or wood. ////// The poor people of Bhutan therefore are suffering because of the selfishly greedy people of the USA who produce far more greenhouse gasses than any other country on Earth and refuse to do anything significant to curb their emissions. Of course Bhutan is far from the only country that will suffer from global warming. ////////// Lord Krishn Speaks in Bhagavad-Gita chapter 2 verses 20: "For the soul there is neither birth nor death at any time, He has not come into being, does not come into being, and will not come into being. He is unborn, eternal, ever existing and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain." //// Lord Krshn speaks in Bhagavad-Gita Chapter 2 verse 22: “As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones, the soul similarly accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones." With these great teachings of "Body, Mind and Soul," the Hindus cremate their dead bodies IN TRUE SENSE ASHES TO ASHES. Where did this idea "Ashes To Ashes" entered into Christianity during Christians funerals by pastors and priests. They decorate their dead bodies with tuxedoes and put them in expansive coffins in the ground. It does not become ashes to the ashes under any circumstances. They are still guarding themselves as their material bodies. They do not have true concept of soul understanding and its consciousness. Therefore, they can't understand beyond their limited 9-gates boundaries of their material bodies that the soul of a monkey could evolve to the body of a human. Soul is indestructible. Here is verse 18 from Bhagavad-Gita Chapter 2, Lord Krishn speaks: The material body of the indestructible, immeasurable, and eternal living entity is sure to come to an end." Text 24, we find: This individual soul is unbreakable and insoluble, and can be neither burned nor dried. He is everlasting, present, everywhere, unchangeable, immovable and eternally the same." Meaning very well, soul never dies and never is born again and again. It is the material body, which is born and dies. ////////// So this doctor was told that if he continues to eat chicken and animals, we would continue to have humans' population explosion and then these oncoming souls in human bodies will require more planet resources, before their time was up in existing bodies by nature laws. Cow can eat free grass growing in the pasture, under the sun, no cost to any human agency. Human requires the sophisticated house, air-condition and all sorts of comforts to maintain the material body for daily living. On top of these, they want to satisfy the utmost greed by locking millions of dollars worth of accumulation on the side. ///////// That is the single reason for the ecological disturbance. Stop killing cows. Cows not only nourish their calf but also serve the entire humanity with her milk. In the year 1990, over a million infants and children had died in Iraq in the absence of milk. It happened because they could not get the supply of milk. At the time, the Allied forces had surrounded Iraq. Due to this enclosure, supply line for milk to Iraq was cut off. By nature law, an infant requires milk, not chicken bone. Milk is fully nutritional, sufficient to build body, bones, and skin. Most mothers may not have sufficient milk to give to their toddlers. They must get the outside source to provide milk to their infants and that is only possible by the Provision of our Gopal, the Cowherd boy who set examples to the entire planet that the Cows deserve the total mercy of humans. Cows should not be butchered and eaten. If you are too eager to eat stakes, wait till they die their natural death, this way you won’t create negative planet earth Karma. /////////// The 2nd. United States President Mr. John Adams writes in his letters to the third US President Mr. Thomas Jefferson: "In 1814, former US President, John Adams, who had been reading about Hindu religion, wrote to a President of the USA, "The Sage of Monticello," Thomas Jefferson, about the doctrine of the science of birth and death (reincarnation). After revolting against the Supreme being, some souls were hurled, John Adams wrote," down to the region of total darkness." They were then, the statement said, "released from prison, permitted to ascend to earth and migrate into all sorts of animals, reptiles, birds, beasts, and men, according to their rank and character, and if they passed without reproach their several graduation, they were permitted to become cows and men. If as men they behaved well, they were restored to their original rank and bliss in heaven." Letters to Thomas Jefferson, March 1814, Correspondence of John Adams. ////////////// When you have brought this science into a total realization, then you can fix the ecological make up and consequently the environmental issues. The emission gases are contributing only three (3) percentage of our current Environmental disturbance. 97% environmental disturbance is due to the Ecological imbalance. Please remember: by fixing the emission of factories, it may somewhat help for breathing fresh air but it is not going to make hardly any impact in environmental on coming changes, unless we stop disturbing the Ecological make up which controls our environment. /////////// Look at little Earthworm. He manages to tilt the ground under our plants to grow food where a tractor can't do that job. They are constantly helping mankind to grow vegetables and fruits by tilting the ground. They help to fertilize the ground by breaking and tilting. Guess what! Look at beautiful bumblebees, honeybees pollinating our flowers, fruits and vegetables. They are all great assets for the existence of humanity. Cow discharges her obligation to provide milk from where we make cheese, butter, yogurt, sour cream, 100s of sweets and cottage cheese. Now they are raising milk prices, the most necessary item for the survival of most infants on our planet earth because these senseless Baboons are in the path of destruction by embracing Jesus as their savior and then kill, kill, and kill without any mercy as these animals, according to the Bible are sent by Jesus for their food. What did they learn when they have embraced a religion? Nothing. An ignorant person can do many mistakes due to his bringing up or personal ignorance but when he joins the religion, it must help him to remove his ignorance. The Koran and the Bible are perfect examples to firm up the ignorance of souls who were misled to join them to get a better answer but in realty the consciousness is muddled & rubbed with more dirt by the loud Bible Thumpers than before he had joined these groups. They become the most sectarian groups, militants - Jihadis and or Jesuits, ready to strike anything that is different from them. These are terrible hindrance to souls desiring the journey towards spiritual planets where there is nothing but an eternal peace, total happiness and blissful life "Sat-Chit-Anand Mae Namaha." Would you allow a barking dog in your living room or would you keep him off your premises? Without realization, disturbed, sectarian, racist souls can't enter into the Spiritual world, regardless whom do they believe. It is the consequences of your action, which is accountable - THAT IS THE KARMA. The karma binds all souls with negative forces or positive forces and then in between there is INACTION. Naturally, you will require a great Spiritual Hindu Master to know the secrets of INACTION, so the doors of the spiritual planets remain open when leaving behind your old clothes i.e. your material body. /////////// They can’t save by their existing methods, unless they are trained immediately in the science of Self Realization - for the mind, body and soul, meditating in Aum (OM), under the strict guidance of Great Hindu Masters. It is time that the USA must seek help from India to send great learned Spiritual teachers, versed in the Science of Self Realization to clean up these crimes and settle the souls in peaceful co-existence with happiness. //////////,,PTID236518|CHID438620|CIID1031864,00.html ////////// EXAMPLES ARE TRILLION TIMES BETTER THAN PRECEPTS. RIGHT EXAMPLES MUST BE SET TO CULTIVATE THE PERFECT SOCIETY. THIS IS THE CONCLUSION! /////////// Please send to your loved ones and friends and save them from negative Karma i.e. Karm. //////// ========================== //////////// The Associated Press /////////// LAS VEGAS Sep 21, 2007 (AP) ////////// A Roman Catholic priest who smashed a wine bottle over the head of a woman in church pleaded guilty to felony battery with a deadly weapon. /////////// /////////// How will you stop DWI, if the wine is considered the blood of Jesus and the Agents of the Bible are desperately pushing such retarded ideologies? This mentality is extremely dangerous. Those arrested must be freed out as they were programmed by wrong teachings and must be sent in the schools teaching “Science of Self Realization,” “Laws of Karma,” “Evolution of Consciousness,” “Universal Laws binding all souls under its uniform codes,” “Respect of Nature,” “Ecology,” “Transmigration of Soul,” “Control over the body, mind and soul,” “Destiny is self created –man created his destiny and God simply helps the path he has chosen,” “Impetuous desires,” “Sex-Anger & Crime,” “Human’s bodily structure fitting to natural diet by nature laws,” “Human’s free will,” “Spiritual planets are achievable by those who have totally aligned to the Universal laws and practice,” “Life comes from Life,” “Nobody has ever died for anyone’s sin – period – this hypocrisy must be stopped by all means now if you truly want to rear great America by making them responsible for their own action – this cop-out ideology makes many trapped souls to feel that they could get away from anything, as long as they believe in Jesus – you can open your eyes and see it around, what the world has been brought into. Karma i.e. Karm must be taught boldly all over American schools, without delay – this will reduce hate and violence, gulping USA and other countries – seeping faster than the flood,” “Inner Consciousness,” “We are not this body but the soul within this body,” “Love and respect for all lives,” “Understand the valuable assets for the happy existence & moral survival of humans – FIVE MOTHERS,” “Truthfulness,” “Cleanliness,” “True Mercifulness,” “Compassion,” and “Austerity,” “God’s presence is in everyone and everything,” “God is the knower of everything – shooting in dark does not mean He is not knowing your action – every bit of actions are accumulated in the mind,” “Soul is not born again and again – it is unborn, everlasting and same constitution position for all souls,” “Examine the Self – who am I,” “Astronomy,” “Astrology for finding auspicious dates for wedding, marriage match, initiation ceremonies, Names, etc.,”  ////////// “The destiny is changeable by following the right direction and totally surrendering to AUM,” in “Yoga i.e. Yog,” ///////// “What foods must we subsist upon and what we must not drink!" /////////// “Look in everyone the presence of the Almighty and in every atom and element!" ////////// “Worshipping the nature is the greatest respect because the same nature fills us with abundance of fruits, vegetables, grains, milk!” ////////// “Hate this and hate that are totally the most nonsense teachings to form groupism and together these habits bring insensitivity to each other –hate takes away the respect for others!” /////////// “We must guide our children!" ////////// ‘What is Dharma i.e. Dharm (Righteous i.e. Religious Consciousness) /////////// And what is Adharma i.e. Adharm, Wrong Irreligious practices!" ////// ”Love, Respect, feelings and understanding are the motive force for peace and harmony and these can be achieved by following and practicing the perfect teachings consistent to the Universal laws, not following the counterfeit books in the name of higher consciousness,” “Principles of natural diet for humans,” “Why so many diseases? It is because man’s nature is altered by misguidance from the books of the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Koran.” “Eating animals cause toxicity, leading humans to drink carbonated sodas and wine to cleanse the toxicity from the bodily system and more diseases multiply from such intake,” “ John Wayne – the famous Duke of Hollywood – a big Macho hero –the idol of many present bullies had over 30 pounds of dead meat stuck to his intestine when his body was post-mortem –because he proved his point to his audience by eating beef, juicy stakes, baby cows – naturally derived by killing innocent and defenceless animals who are American born citizens and they need all possible protections from vultures,” These topics are utmost important for peace and harmony.  ///////// The New York Times   In America ///////// December 24, 2003 /;//////////// Diseased Cow's Origin Is Traced as Nations Ban U.S. Beef //////// By MATTHEW L. WALD //////// WASHINGTON, Dec. 24 —Agriculture Department officials said today that the cow in Washington State that was diagnosed with mad cow disease probably contracted it from feed as a young animal, but that they did not know where it was born or where the other animals in that herd are now. /////////// They continued to advance the argument that public health is protected because the parts of the animal that can spread the disease are not used in food for humans. ////////// Those animal parts are not supposed to be used in food for cows, either, being used instead for food for poultry and house pets, but officials said today that compliance with that rule was only about 75 percent when it took effect in 1997 and was still not perfect. ///////// Still, "the risk to human health from this situation is extremely low and people should continue to feel very confident in our meat supply," Agriculture Secretary Ann M. Veneman, said in a conference call with reporters. //// Despite this reassurance, more nations moved today to ban imports of American beef. Along with Japan, the biggest importer of American beef, those nations include Russia, Mexico, Taiwan, South Korea and Australia. ///////// Dr. Ron DeHaven, the chief veterinarian of the United States Department of Agriculture, said that inspectors were now trying to locate her "birth herd." ////////// The outstanding questions, he said, were, "Where did this animal come from, where were the feed sources, where did animals move out of this herd?" /////// The animal was purchased on October 2001, shortly before having her first calf, and thus is believed to have been 4 to 4 1/2 years old at the time of her slaughter on December 9, he said. ////////// In addition, his department issued a "voluntary recall" early this morning for approximately 10,410 pounds of raw beef "that may have been exposed to tissues containing the infectious agents," he said. That consisted of the carcass of the diseased cow and 19 others that were processed at the same time. //////// The sick cow was sent to slaughter because of "partial paralysis" following complications in calving, and not because of any evident neurological problem, officials said. An Agriculture Department veterinarian examined the animal before slaughter and pronounced it acceptable, and confirmed on post-mortem that there was "some inflammation and hemorrhage in the pelvic canal," said another official on the conference call, Dr. Kenneth Petersen of the Food Safety and Inspection Service. /////// "That's what he found and nothing beyond that," Dr. Petersen said. //////// Neurological samples were taken on the day the cow was "culled" from the herd and slaughtered, Dec. 9, and received at a government laboratory in Ames, Iowa, on Dec. 11, officials said, but the samples were not prepared for analysis until Dec. 16 or 17. /////////// Dr. DeHaven said that the lab uses a test that is "the gold standard," called imunno-histochemistry, known as IHC, but that it takes five days, so that initial results were not available until Dec. 22. When those test results came back positive, additional tests were run, taking another day. Test results now in hand are considered "presumptive" but not conclusive. ///////// Ms. Veneman said on Tuesday that the tissues were being sent by military jet to a laboratory in Britain for a confirmatory test, but today she said they would be sent on a commercial flight. Those tests will take another few days.  ///////// ============================ ///////// What are the five life-sustaining mothers, to all humans, for their survival and existence on this planet earth? ///////// CORRECT ANSWER: ///////// a) Cow /////////// b) The Mother Nature //////// c) The Mother Earth ////// d) Birth giving mother ///////// e) God –(Lord Krishn speaks in Bhagavad-Gita: “I am the Father of this Universe, the Mother, the Support and the grandsire. I am the object of knowledge, the purifier and the Syllable AUM. I am also Rig, Sam and Yajur Vedas.”   /////// The very concept and deep understanding that the Almighty God as the Father and the Mother are not found anywhere except in Vedic texts. Catholics are still fighting in the 21st century whether to make a woman a priest. They have decided to learn spirituality and its total understanding by their desperate error and trial methods at the risk of millions of souls, locked up into the Catholic prison cells. Yet after 2,000 years later, they are found to be farther. //// MORE UNDERSTANDING: ///////// The Hindu teachings clearly state that we are suffering with the following: /////////// 1) BIRTH  2) DISEASE  3)  OLD AGE  4)  DEATH ///////// Later Prince Siddharth (Mahatma Buddh) riding in his chariot came across a diseased person; an old person and then he saw people carrying a dead body on their shoulders by repeating the ancient's words "Ram Krishn Satya Hey." Seeing the humans' sufferings, Great Mahatma Buddh the 9th. Incarnate of God Krishn, out of His great merciful compassion went into deep jungles in search for right answers for humanity. With His great penance, Mahatma Buddh re-emphasised the same great wisdom, what was spoken by God Sri Krishn Bhagwan in Bhagavad-Gita about 2,500 years before. Great Lord Buddh spoke that unwanted sense desires must be destroyed in order to rise to the stage of Nirvana i.e. Nirvan. The message of Bhagavad-Gita: Impetuous desires must be controlled by all means – Mahatma Buddh delivered the same message without compromising with the fishermen, meat eaters, homosexuals, womanizers, demons and alcoholics. ///////// MAHATMA BUDDH (SAKHYA MUNI) SAID: "He who attains true knowledge of righteousness from the Vedas, attains a steady position."  /////////// Mahatma Buddh is the 9th. Incarnate of God Krishn. ///////// There are no two Gods floating around on this planet competing with each other, ///////// YOU HAVE MY ASSURANCE. /////////// God Krishn speaks in Bhagavad-Gita: "I am the Father of this universe(s), the Mother, the Support, and the Grandsire. I am the object of knowledge, the purifier and the Syllable Om. I am the Rig, Sam, and the Yajur Vedas.” Chapter 9:17. ////////// The entire manifestations, moving and non-moving, are manifested by different activities of Krishn's energy. God is one and only one. He is neither 2, nor 3, nor 4, nor 5, nor 6, nor seven, nor 8, nor 9, nor 10, but one and only one for all living beings. /////////// YOU HAVE MY ASSURANCE: There are no two Gods floating around on this planet competing with each other. Different Names from time to time are His attributes and are, therefore, recognized by different Names but they must teach the perfect consistent knowledge for Higher Soul's Consciousness. Since the Sun Light remains the same, indefinitely, similarly, the message for higher consciousness for souls cannot be different as perceived by Moslems and Christians. The laws of Universe are immutable and unchangeable; therefore, there are no two laws for different people, regardless of race, creed, caste, color, and beliefs. One may believe a dog a god or may believe in their kind and style of god, yet the laws of Nature remain the same. A person driving an automobile breaking the law, posted on the road, will the police spare him? Regardless of ignorance in reading the posted signs, still he will be punished.  ///////// Just like Mr. John Smith is recognized by various ways - His son's friends will say: "Oh father of Sammy." Some will address him by his first name John. Some will address him at work, Mr. Smith and or Oh, that tall fellow, that guy from white brick house, husband of Kate, and the guy who drives the motorcycle, and so on so forth. By having him to be recognized by different people at various places, with different identifications, did Mr. John Smith become a different person? Mr. John Smith remains the same person but he is attributed by different name's recognition. ////////// Similarly, God is recognized by various Names and His qualities but whenever HE/SHE appears, the same Principles are re-emphasised for keeping up with the highest consciousness, in accordance to the immutable Universal laws. When analysed by Vidvan (Knowledgeable) Masters, they can tell the world "The Absolute Truth," whether they were the most arrogant demons in the names of fame & deceitful activities, luring souls for quick enrolment, an easy plot for souls to join without taking personal responsibility - A TOTAL CHEATING PROPENSITIES - OR whether they were truly the Incarnate of the Almighty. The True Incarnate of the Almighty does not give imperfect knowledge of higher consciousness and or compromise with the principles of the Highest Consciousness but the Bible and the Koran do. ///////////// God Krishn is the original Name of the God Almighty i.e. in Sanskrit "Krishn" is addressed "Kristo," and Greek called it "Christ." This is where Christianity derived the word "Christ" from the Greek language and accorded to Jesus but he was neither the enlightened nor the seers. He compromised, big times, with the principles of Natural Laws. Jesus most disciples were fishermen. Today, the followers have wiped out the fish from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. ////////// One must not hang the necklace, showing a dead body with few dripping of bloods, on one's neck and or display in an altar. It simply has led Christians into revengeful attitude by constantly reminding them that Jesus was hanged over the cross. The dead body is meant for cremation and belongs over the funeral pyre. Definitely it is not meant for decoration over necks. This becomes a constant reminder of his hanging, brings negativism to the believers. Dead body hanging over the neck brings vengeance against those who had nothing to do with the hanging, even today after 2,000 years later. Dead body is not for embracing but the dead body is meant for funeral. Within hours, dead body starts smelling if it is not put on the cremation pyre. Vengeance, revenge are all evil qualities because these attitudes lead to total spiritual suicide. Psychologically, they are keeping the memories alive by such displays of dead body, hanging over the cross and showing drippings of blood. These are some of the basic reasons why Christianity went totally "insane" against all humans, forcing and imposing all inconsistent ideas without any understanding to the Universal laws. The believers must now learn the science of self-realization, as provided in this text, otherwise their hell path is 100% certain. They have taken the train that is fast moving towards serious hellish conditions. Whatever time is left, get off that train now and catch the train, which is being discussed here. ///////////// The same very flock took Om (Aum) and changed it to Amen (Read World book Encyclopaedia in Sanskrit section and you will find this answer) and the Moslem changed it to Amin. In the process the pure resonance and the absolute meaning of Aum syllable were lost. Thus souls desiring to develop higher consciousness in order to proceed back to the Real Home - Spiritual Abode - the Final destination, found themselves trapped into the vicious material cycle of birth and death. In the absence of the correct understanding, consistent to the ancient science derived from Vedic wisdom, many souls take a road towards atheisam and thus devoid of no God's presence. You don't address Mickey by name Monkey. If you do, you will offend Mickey very much. Christians have been offending the name of the Almighty by mispronouncing the true name of God i.e. Aum (OM) to Amen. //////////// We cannot continue to rape this planet earth. USA uses 67% of the world's resources. Each year, millions of acres of land become barren and desertification sets in by cutting trees for Christmas decorations, which eventually end up in garbage. Millions of acres of land are planted to raise pumpkins for Halloween, a Christian festival. This is one of the major causes for the depletion of nutrients from ground soil for further growth of vegetations. These pumpkins are carved into jack-o'-lantern on October 31 of each year. These pumpkins end up in garbage next day. What a shame to waste the enormous amount of food resources for their stupid fun and game! This alone can feed the millions of starving people in Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan. /////////// Nearly 100 years ago world’s famous sage Leo Tolstoy wrote, “There is no way one can expect ideal conditions on our planet earth as long as there is no respect for mother cows and other animals. ////////// He said: “How can you expect peace when your stomachs are the living graves of the murdered defenceless animals.” “If we can’t respect animal life we subtly begin to lose respect for human life as well.” /////// Over 2,100 years ago, the famous Roman poet Ovid penned these verses describing the fate of an unfortunate person, who, by his actions and desires, slid a few notches down the evolutionary scale –meaning that the soul accepted a dog body in its journey to the next destination: ///////// I am ashamed to tell you, but I will tell ////////// I had bristles sprouting on me. ///////// I could not speak, but only grunting sounds ////////// Came out instead of words. /////////// I felt my mouth grow harder. // I had a snout instead of a nose, ////////// And my face bent over to see the ground. ////////// My neck swelled up with great muscles, ///////// And the hand that lifted the cup of my lips //////// Made footprints on the ground. /////////   ……………….METAMORPHOSES ///////// EMERSON: "It is a secret of the world that all things subsist and do not die, but only retire a little from sight and afterwards return again.... Nothing is dead; men feign themselves dead, and endures mock funerals and mournful obituaries, and they stand looking out of the window, sound and well, in some new and strange disguise.” The selected writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Editor, Brooks Atkinson, New York: Modern Library, 1950, page 445. From the Katha Upanishad, one of the many books of ancient Hindu science in his library, Emerson quoted, "The soul is not born; it does not die; it is not produced from anyone.... Unborn, Eternal, it is not slain, though the body is slain." ... Emerson's complete works, Boston; Houghton Mifflin, 1886, IV, Page 35. /////// British Poet William Wordsworth writes in his famous poem ‘Intimations of Immortality’: “Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting.” And in another poem, he addressed the following lines to an infant: //////////// Oh, sweet newcomer to the changeful earth ///////// If, as some darkling seers have bodily guessed, ///////// Thou hadst a being and a human birth, ////////// And wert erewhile by human parents blessed, //////// Long, long before thy present mother pressed ///////// Thee, helpless stranger, to her fostering breast.  ///////// Another sign of Thoreau's deep interest in the cycle of birth and death is a manuscript, discovered in 1926, entitled "The Transmigration of the seven Brahmanas." This short work is an English translation of a story about reincarnation from an ancient Sanskrit history. The transmigration episode follows the lives of seven sages through progressive incarnations as hunters, princes, and animals. //// Walt Whitman, in his poem "Song of Myself," Writes: ////////// I know I am deathless.... ///// We have thus far exhausted ///// Trillions of winters and summers, ////// There are trillions ahead, and ///// Trillions ahead of them. ////// From Walt Whitman's leaves of Grass, Ist. (1855) Edition, editor, Malcolm Cowley, New York: Viking, 1959 ///////// FAMOUS GREEK GREAT MASTER PYTHAGORAS SPOKE OVER 2,500 YEARS AGO: ///////// "Those who kill animals for food will be more prone than vegetarian to torture and kill fellow men and further stated, "Strict law of karma deals measure for measure with anyone who violates the law of nature. As long as people of this world continue to murder and eat two most benign friends, the cow and the bull, they will perpetually suffer the sinful reactions of criminal violence & catastrophic wars." ////////// Some further elaboration to help guide //// the souls into the righteous path: ///// The immutable Universal laws have been in existence ever since time immemorial, no beginning, no end. The duration of our immediate material universe is limited to three hundred eleven (311) trillion and forty (40) billion earth years. From the viewpoint of eternity, this time frame is as brief as lightning flash. Dr. Carl Sagan, an American Astrophysicist and a world’s renowned Astronomer had depicted the time scale of Brahma’s day in his book "Cosmos" and also Videos on Cosmos are available in the market. ///////// Dr. Carl Sagan said: "The Hindu religion is the only one of the world's faiths dedicated to the idea that the Cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed infinite, number of deaths and rebirths. It is the only religion in which the time scales correspond to those of modern scientific cosmology. A millennium before European were willing to divest themselves of the Biblical idea that the world was a few thousand years old, the Hindus were thinking of billions."  //////////// If the earth was created 6,000 years ago, /////// where did then fit "eternity" in Christianity?  //////// Total Time Frame Of Four Yugas: ///// ////// 1,728,000 (Satya Yug) + 1,296,000 (Treta Yug) + 864,000 (Dvapar Yug) + 432,000 (Kali Yug) = 4,320,000 years ////////// These four Yugs rotating a thousand times, /////////// comprise one (1) day of Brahma: ///////// One day of Brahma: 1,728,000 (Satya Yug) + 1,296,000 (Treta Yug) + 864,000 (Dvapar Yug) + 432,000 (Kali Yug) X 1,000 times = 4,320,000 X 1,000 = 4,320,000,000 ///////// Same number of years comprises one (1) night of Brahma ///////// One Year of Brahma: 4,320,000,000 X  (Number of days in a year) //////// Brahma lives one hundred of such "years" and then dies. ////////// These "hundred years" by earth calculation amount to a total: 4,320,000,000 X  (Number of days in a year) X 100 = 311 trillion and 40 billion earth years. Here is the science of relativity originated by Einstein. Einstein used to carry Bhagavad-Gita and introduced to his friends that was his Mother. ////////// By these calculations, the life of our material planets seems fantastic and interminable, but from the viewpoint of eternity it is as brief as a lightning flash. In the Causal Ocean, there are innumerable "Creation" rising and disappearing like bubbles in the Atlantic Ocean. Brahma and his creation are all part of the material universe, and therefore they are in constant flux. ////////// COSMIC DANCE OF LORD SHIVA: ////////// Lord Shiva’s Cosmic Dance: THE WHOLE UNIVERSE IS ENGAGED IN ENDLESS MOTION AND ACTIVITY, A DANCE OF CHANGE, A CEASELESS FLOW OF ENERGIES UNITING MINUSCULE ATOMS WITH MIGHTY GALAXIES. THIS PULSATING PROCESS OF CREATION, PRESERVATION AND DESTRUCTION IS DEPICTED AS THE COSMIC DANCE OF LORD SHIVA. THERE ARE 108 POSES OF HIS TANDAVA DANCE OF UNIVERSAL MOTION AND ACTIVITY ARE SCULPTURED IN MANY HINDU TEMPLES LIKE THE ONE IN ELEPHANTA CAVES WHERE PORTUGESE (JESUITS), UNDER PAPAL INSTRUCTIONS, HAD DESTROYED THE ADVANCE SCULPTURED DEITIES ON THE THEORY THAT IMAGE MAKING WAS FORBIDDEN. All moving or non-moving items has got image. An artist can sit in the garden and carve beautiful images of flowers, trees, sceneries, sun, moon, stars, children, and other items on a piece of paper with different colors. Since each one of us has an image that is witnessed in the form of a reflection under the sunlight. First God has created us in some form of an image and we see our own reflection, should we try to tear our reflections falling on the ground? Only a fool will try to tear them if he/she can catch it. According to the Bible, we find that the god created man in his own image, then what was wrong in carving that man’s image on a piece of paper and or carving as a statue? Would it not represent god if the god of the Bible made man in his own image? Why are they contradicting their own ideologies? //////// Dr. Carl Sagan visited ancient Hindu temples in India. He depicted the poses of Lord Shiva’s cosmic dance in his book and video: “COSMOS.” /////////// Priests and pastors, based on the Bible’s Creation Science, enforce many contradictory views. When children attend regular American schools, they find different information. These create great confusion and under such confusions, they do not know what is right and what is wrong? They are trained that the sins were taken away by Jesus and this way they are made to behave totally irresponsibly, meanings do anything and everything –no accountability on one's personal action – KARMA i.e. Karm. //////////// The immutable Universal laws have been in existence ever since time immemorial, no beginning, no end. The duration of our immediate material universe is limited i.e. 311 trillion and 40 billion earth years. From the viewpoint of eternity, this time frame is as brief as lightning flash. Dr. Carl Sagan, an American Astrophysicist and a world’s renowned Astronomer had depicted the time scale of Brahma’s day in his book "Cosmos" and also Videos on Cosmos are available in the market. ///////// These studies on Astronomy started at Oxford in 1800s after pulling out the secrets of advance Sciences, Space exploration, anti gravity, dematerialization, airships, atom, radium, electrons, electricity from Hindu ancient texts. These sciences have the origin from the ancient Vedic books of science -- Mr. Robert Oppenheimer who later became a profound scholar of Sanskrit took the atom-bomb secrets from Vedic texts. On 16 July 1945, shortly after the dawn, the Trinity test on the first atomic explosion in the modern age was carried out at Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA. Before the test, Robert Oppenheimer read the verse from Bhagavad-Gita, Chapter 11, verse 32: "I am become Death, the Destroyer," declares the God Krishna i.e. Krishn. Robert Oppenheimer was convinced that it was the literal truth. /////////// The meaning of the verse 11:32, as spoken by God Krishna i.e. Krishn: When action performed by humans becomes out of control, the end results are "Self Inflicted" destruction. One must read another book: "A man created his own destiny and God simply helps the path he has chosen." In nutshell, if he has been destructive and blood thirsty, trigger-happy, his end is very sad but in the process, he contributes in the destruction of nature laws. /////////// There are not 500 Gods floating in the Universe, competing with each other. There is one sun; the same Physics law, the same gravitational laws, the same elements, the same Universal laws for all; in the same scenario, there is only one God for all souls and universe, whose nature is absolutely perfect. Vedas confirms: God is neither two, nor three, nor four, nor five… but one and one only. Remember: no President, no Dictator, no Leader, no Scientist is above the Universal Laws. The universal laws are fixed for everyone. All of us must comply within the jurisdiction of the universal laws. One should never act above His universal law. A scientist can analyze the contents of a mere blade of grass but he cannot take those contents to create the most insignificant blade of grass. That is the nature. ////////////// We thank the person offering a glass of water: Thank you sir, Thank you. Did you ever realize who has provided the system that generates water? Did you ever realize the abundance of natural elements that we have been provided with? Most humans have taken everything for granted. Most don’t realize its importance until we have terrible shortages what were considered in abundance. Georgia’s Governor is trying to find answers for the statewide shortages of water in Georgia, USA. He even invited black Baptist ministers to pray for water. What a surprise turn around! – The big show: The ‘rapists of nature' are called upon to worship the nature for rain! Those who worshipped and regarded the nature as the parts of the Super Soul were cut into pieces like carrots to enforce "their kinds" of the dominion and the control. This fake show of shading crocodile tears won’t work now with the mentalities of 'rapists of nature.' The nature's abundance of resources have been totally misused by the most greedy "trouble maker hoarders" in the names of various religious orders and schemes. Now is the time to give up all the varieties of sinful activities and simply surrender to the Almighty God whose name is Aum (OM). Naturally it must be done with total understanding, as provided here, with open mind and courage to improve prevailing unnatural conditions. The unnatural living conditions for quite sometime have made havocs on our ecological system. It is not some sort of a miracle that someone believes in someone and everything is supposed to be fixed in a blink of an eye. It will take its own course and time to cool down nature's fury once the natural sciences are understood in depth and applied in practice. ///////////// So for the benefit of all souls, it is absolutely essential to make the clear distinction between the Almighty God and the demons claiming to be the gods. Without any knowledge and right understanding, the demons have monopolized by compromising on the topics of “life and death,” and the pain, sorrow and trauma associated with it by providing very easy answers. Their dirty hidden and absolutely underlying agendas have been to control this planet by every hook and crook means, constantly raping unlimited resources. To them every inch of land is a valuable piece of real estate, leaving behind no land for cultivation. //////////////// We cannot simply compromise (period) on the principles of “body” “mind” and “soul,” if truly a soul wants to achieve the total blissful life of permanent happiness. To get out of the demoniac qualities, it is important to stop worshipping demons that have been responsible for creating more pain, sorrow and trauma around the globe. ///////// Do you think there is no accountability in the universe for humans’ actions, whatsoever? If a dog has been assigned the mating season and the sheep/cow is assigned what food must she subsists upon, then you must understand that the human’s “free will” becomes the factor in the accountability of “wrong” or “right” action and “inaction.” – that action is measured by one’s personal Karma. The personal karma binds souls within the material cycle of birth and death. Those souls are considered “Conditioned Souls.” ////////// Only in association with the great Hindu spiritual Masters, who have seen the truth, one can learn the secrets of “inaction” to liberate from the vicious material cycle of birth and death. By applying its principles of “inaction,” souls are liberated to go back to spiritual planets. They are called the liberated souls. //////// Do not ever think that we are simply dropped here without any outside bounds of the material planet earth and without any connection. ///////// It is time to learn to live and let live, otherwise it is coming back to you more negativism. Under these situations, it is absolutely important to straighten up the desperate “controllers.” Failure to do so would not only clean others but clean yourself and the sick boys trying to control big times, as well. ///////// “Father, father, I discovered the moon.” Hey son, moon had existed before my time and before your grand father and his grand grandfather times. It has been in existence ever since time immemorial. Hope you are not going to say next that you discovered England. One must never contaminate the Light of Truth, meant for the entire humanity, not for a particular sect or belief. One who tries to spit the sun is actually spitting own face. The Books of Wisdom can’t be ever contaminated, as great Masters know the difference between the pure water and the dirty contaminated drops of oil. He simply plucks the dirty oil droplets and makes the water pure again so it is drinkable. But the fools continue to push their well-contaminated ideologies. The Almighty God is absolutely perfect: ////////// Om (Aum) Purnam Adah Purnam Idam //////// Purnat Purnam Udacyate ///////// Purnasya Purnam Adaya //////// Purnam Evavasisyate //////// (Verse taken from Sri Isopanisad) ////// The translation of this Sanskrit Verse: “The personality of Godhead is perfect and complete, and because He is completely perfect, all Emanations from Him, such as this Phenomenal World, are perfectly equipped as complete wholes, whatever is produced of the Complete Whole is also complete in itself. Because He is the complete “Whole.” Even though so many complete units emanate from Him, He remains the complete Whole. As explained in Bhagavad-Gita (A brief summary of Vedas) God is infinite. If you subtract infinite from infinite, still God remains infinite. //// Infinity – Infinity = Infinity ///////// SOMETHING TO REMEMBER: Fools can waste infinite lifetime by trying to contaminate the sunlight but can they truly succeed? The truth is Sun will continue to give light indefinitely. In the same scenario, the Books of Wisdom, giving light to all souls, can’t ever be contaminated by the fools’ phenomena. //////////// It is because of their imperfect ideologies, they want to see everything with their contaminated eyes. They don’t have the perfect vision and thus causing contamination by adding drops of poison in the most perfect Books containing the real issues for the transmigration of soul and its evolution of consciousness spread through this material body: Science for higher consciousness. “We are not this body but the soul.” Bhagavad-Gita That soul is present in all birds, animals. Does the wolf eat the goat or can you force a goat to eat the wolf? ///////// With all the expanded visions, yet many humans have not determined what food must they subsist upon, but dumb animals know what food must they subsist upon! Bernard Shaw spoke words of wisdom. ////////// Bernard Shaw was very clear on these issues. He used to say if you flog a wrong child, there would be a doom. In other words, a child who is a sinful can’t be spared because he believed in Jesus as his savior. Nature laws won’t spare him, regardless what he believes and whom he believes. Father, father, police is coming, please get arrested. Even if the father is a Chief of the police, he is going to hit his son with the pointed boot for the crime he committed, regardless how much his son believes in his father. He can believe anything he wants to, but the facts are different. Bernard Shaw also understood very well that most humans with their expanded vision have not yet concluded what food must they subsist upon while animals by Laws of Nature know, what is the right food for them. A goat knows well that she can’t cross her nature gifted boundary to subsist upon other animals and a wolf with his body structure knows well what food must he subsists upon. Ignoramuses created the mad cow disease due to the lack of understanding in the laws of natural principles, guiding various lives on our planet earth. ///////////// PLEASE NOTE IN DECEMBER 2007, Our Exclusive studies On Ecological Imbalance was sent to Mr. Al Gore, Noble laureate and also to his team of Noble Laureate scientists. /////////// They concluded Important scientific studies: Around the Middle of year 2008, Al Gore Noble Laureate Team of Scientists concluded that the Meat Eaters release 25% more carbon dioxide emission than the vegetarians – THUS CAUSING SERIOUS ENVIORNMENTAL DAMAGES. ////////// PLEASE NOTE: Killing, raping, wars, hate, violence, incest, dirty life, homosexuality, child-abuse, divorce, school-shootings, drugs and many unwanted behaviours are the aftermath results created by the non-compassionate teachings. IRONY: Catholic Priests are at rampage, sexually molesting young boys – not even sparing handicapped children. One Catholic priest molested over 200 deaf children in Wisconsin, USA. Germany and Ireland have reported many similar incidents. Many national televisions in the USA, such as CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX including BBC have been reporting the sex scandals and cover-up. Many Church leaders including present Pope Benedict XVI have been deeply involved into cover-ups (March- 2010). Celibacy can’t be artificially maintained. There is a total science of controlling the impetuous senses. If you stop the non-compassionate teachings, you will emerge into a very loving beautiful life of happiness – a true blissful life of eternity. ////////// Best advice to all souls: Surrender submissively under the lotus feet of the great Hindu masters, who have seen the Absolute truth, in order to receive the perfect guidance so you can return back to the “REAL HOME” - The Spiritual planets, otherwise with all sorts of imperfect disturbing ideologies and nonsensical experiments, souls will continue to hang on to the material intense sufferings indefinitely in various planets. There are many lower planets than earth, like Satala, Atala, etc. where living beings go through terrible pain and sufferings. So smart boys and girls, do not waste your lives in fury, and material dirty living, hate, violence and lust – upgrade your consciousness to the highest life of love and compassion and get out from ideologies which are the cause of havoc and disturbance. STOP FOLLOWING NONSENSICAL IDEAS FILLED WITH HATRED TOWARDS OTHER LIVES AND EVEN FOR EACH OTHER. The Bible is filled with numerous contradictions – The Old Testament gave rise to the Koran. /////////// CONCLUSION: For the sake of protecting the humanity at large, Divinity schools around the United States must be either shut-down or they must seek the help of great Hindu Masters to redefine the true meaning of spirituality in the actual sense for higher consciousness – no cut and shoot ideologies anymore which in fact is the true cause of imperfection. The demons have no idea what they have continued to push imperfections under the teachings of their ideologies, which have been responsible for mass butchers of humans, animals ever since their foundations. IT IS TIME TO SAVE THE PLANET EARTH. //////////// Team of devotees have worked in this magnificent work for the safeguard of humanity, under the teachings of our Spiritual Guide Acharya Sri Charan Das Ji Maharaj (Charan Das). //////////// Lord Krishn bless all souls to realize their mistake(s) and rectify them as quickly as possible. By surrendering to Krishn's pure devotees, you will find many answers to many topics, discussed here. ////////// Thank you ///////// Jai Sri Krishn and Jai Sri Ram //////////// Professor Joe Martin has arranged this knowledge under the guidance of Sri Acharya Charan Das Ji Maharaj, who has seen the Absolute Truth. ////////// 000000000