Date: 03 Apr 2010


Sent: Thu, April 1, 2010////////// Subject: JIHAD, THE MILITARY TOOL OF ISLAM /////////// JIHAD, THE MILITARY TOOL OF ISLAM ///////By S.P. Attri ( USA )///////////// ---------------------------------------------------------- 1. Jihad ( Holy War ) is the religious duty of Moslems, it appears frequently in Quran, and means fighting in Allah's way. From early age, through Quranic education, a Moslem gets taught that Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), refuse to obey Allah & acknowledge Mohammad as the last prophet of God ( Allah ). Because Islam does not recognize any God other than Allah any where, it conducts Jihad to eliminatede all Kafirs. Jihadic-Duty is " obligatory " on a Moslems, it is Islam's sixth pillar, and one of ten great Islamic duties. //////// Question: Is Islamic-Jihad defensive or offensive warfare ?////// Neither Quran nor Sunna ( prophet's example ) answers this question. However in Islam, only form of warfare permitted is Jihadic-Warfare. //// Still Islamic Clergy denies, that Jihad is war against Kafirs. This is a Lie, and ought to be taken, with a bucket of salt. ////// 2. Quran explicitly states: Because Kafirs do not believe ( in Islam ), they are Infidels, and must be converted, murdered, or enslaved. That is why, Jihad aims at:/// a. Extermination of Kufr, by converting Kafirs to Islam/// b. Expansion of Islam/////   3. Excuses of Islamists are in abundance://///// Some Islamists apologize for Islam by quoting some Hadiths, which talk about greater-Jihad ( spiritual-Jihad ) and lesser-Jihad ( physical-warfare ). But these Hadiths are considered un-authentic.//////// Other Islamists excuse Islam, by describing Jihad as struggle ( warfare ), to establish just & moral social order. Because in Islam, the only just & moral social order is Islam, all Kafir systems are on Islam's hit list, to be annihilated.////////// Hazrat Mohammad himself & his followers after him, conducted massive Jihadic wars, they forced Kafirs to convert to Islam. Because all Islamic-Jihad has been Jihad of the sword, excuses of Islamists do not pan out. ////////// 4. Hazrat Mohammad divided world into two groups :///////// a. Dar-Ul-Islam ( House of Peace: where Islam rules )////// b. Dar-Ul-Harb ( House of War: where Kafirs rule )//////// Hazrat Mohammad proclaimed that, these two groups will war, until entire Dar-Ul-Harb converts to Islam. Jihadi-Moslems will receive rewards of both worlds---treasures in this one, and Janat ( Moslem's Paradise, with lots of Houris ) in the next.///////// These highly attractive rewards, have enabled Islam to recruit extremely large number of volunteers, ready to kill & get killed in the name of Allah. ///////// 5. Quran's specific admonitions to Moslems are:///////// a Fight in the name of Allah//////// b. Fight in the way of Allah////// c. Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah////////// d. Make it a Holy War////////// e Fight those who hold not-forbidden, which has been forbidden by Allah, and by the Messenger f. Fight those who acknowledge not the religion of truth ( Islam )///////// g. Fight Kafirs, until they pay Jaziya with submission, and feel themselves subdued.//////// h. In war, a Moslem either becomes a Ghazi ( Soldier of Islam ) if he wins, or a Shaheed ( Martyr of Islam ) if he loses//////////// 6. To put it simply:///////// Jihad is all about murdering & mutilating Kafirs, and there is a Direct connection between Kafir murder and, provision of choicest after-death sex in Janat ( Moslem's Paradise ), in the most pleasurable settings. Jihad is guaranteed by Allah & Allah is honor-bound to offer Janat, as a gift to a Moslem. Since Jihad is a sure gateway to Janat, it is extremely popular amongst Moslems. It is supported by both Quran & Hadiths:////////// According to a Hadith in Sahih Al-Bukhari://///// Jihad is the third best deed for a Moslem, after offering prayers at stated times, and being dutiful to parents.//////// Another Hadith in Sahih Al-Bukhari states:///////// Jihad is the second best deed for a Moslem, after belief in Allah & Mohammad Another Hadith says://////// No deed equals Jihad in reward, and that Mujahid ( a Moslem who does Jihad ) is rewarded even for the footsteps of his horse, while it wanders about.///////// 7. Jihad has been prescribed for Moslems, by Mohammad and Allah, and not by Allah alone. From Day One of its existence, Islam has been a Military-Ideology, and Kafirs have been on its SH**-List. It still is " An Implacable Foe Of The Kafirs. " Spirituality is non-existent in Islam & Islam does not qualify as a religion. But its Jihad is " Top Of The Line Barbarism. " Surinder Paul Attri///// 000000000