Date: 20 Apr 2010


SUPERB.////////////// WE NEED ONE, JUST ONE MAN LIKE THIS AMONG OUR ONE BILLION, THAT IS A THOUSAND MILLION HINDUS ON EARTH./////////////// LET THIS BE SEEN AND HEARD BY EACH AND EVERY HINDU, EVEN BY THOSE IN SICK BEDS IN HOSPITALS. ///////////// THANK YOU FOR THIS POWERFUL DOSE OF SPIRIT AND TRUE "SHAKTI". HE HAS DECLARED, "EITHER WE WIN OR WE PERISH." and, HAVE WE NOT BEEN PERISHING FROM THE DAYS WHEN WERE PROSPEROUS AND SAFE IN KABUL and then LAHORE, KARACHI and KASHMIR? /////////////// THANK YOU FOR FORWADING THIS./////////// 20.04.10 ===========/////////////// February 24, 2010 Allen West, retired Colonel and commander in Iraq gives a lucid, straight forward and important speech in Washington D.C. Feb 19 2010 at an event organized by Pamela Geller among others. The speech is on the threat Islam poses to United States and rest of the World. Watch it and be warned of future if nothing is done right now: //////////////////// 000000000