Date: 22 Apr 2010


COPY OF LETTER SENT TO Smt SONIA GANDHI//////////// By Maj Gen xxxxxxxxxxxx/////////////// -----------------------------------------------------------////////////// Ref. above: ////////////// Sir,///////////// SONIA, the "White Elephant" from Italy, imposed on the self-negating servile (one billion WEAK & IGNORANT) nation as "Rashtramata", is herself India's biggest security risk. ////////////// She is as much a PRISONER of her own fate & destiny as Napoleon, Czar Nikolas, Hitler, Mussolini, President Ceaucescu of Romania, the Shah of Iran, Bapu MK, Indira and her own ill fated corrupt husband Rajiv were. ///////////// Badly ruled, corrupt and indisciplined INDIANS, who continuously and repeatedly ATTRACTED invasions over long centuries to make "subjugation & slavery" our "way of life", are again heading towards a disaster of historic proportions like the unconditional surrender of FIVE provinces in 1947. ////////////// BHARAT has, indeed, great capacity to INVITE, and then be sucked into DOOM, then die and FORGET. After each disaster the country emerges battered, bruised, weakened and reduced but none the wiser. ///////////// Given that PARTITION still remains unaccounted for and unexplained- even unmentionable, and given that foreigners & aliens ("Italy & Islam") still dominate MIDDLE INDIA (minus eastern and western wings), it does not require a genius to visualise the future that the rulers of Sindh in 712, Pandits of Somnath in 1026, Ruler of Delhi in 1192 and the residents of LAHORE, KARACHI, QUETTA, PESHAWAR, DHAKA and JAMMU & KASHMIR in 1947 could NOT foresee. //////////////// Real freedoms follow not regime change but SYSTEM CHANGE. Only after national blood bath did France, Russia, Germany, Italy, Japan, China and Iran emerged independent. ///////// India, on the other hand was declared Independent at midnight when Mountbatten simply handed over her mutilated bleeding body (minus leg and arm) to Jawaharlal Nehru on August 15, 1947 and said, "Carry on, Pandit!"///////////// How the Pandit and his offspring have "carried on" is known to the whole world, not only to the ex servicemen and women. ////////////////// We may carry on our brave movement with utmost courage and devotion for as long as we wish but real change will come only after SYSTEM CHANGE. It is bad enough for many of us to see a senior General writing to "Lady from Abroad" . But worse still is to see our brave veterans refused an audience by the "Lady at Top"- herself a nominee of the "Lady from Italy". Thus Bharat's TOP is FARCE. ///////////// If the ancient nation is wise it will bring about system change without bloodshed- with native genius and with every FOREIGN FINGER pulled out. /////////////// Regards.////////////// (8th. Regular, NDA)/////////// 22.04.10/////////////// PS: The American speaker (below) throws light on tactics, strategy and IDEOLOGY. In our own case Ideology can be seen as System that is so rotten: ===== 000000000