Date: 06 May 2010


In a message dated 06/05/2010 ///////////////// In view of the obfuscation and deception by the media and the politicos to refuse to name the enemy, Radical Islam, our Rainbow Coalition, HRCARI, has decided to alert our fellow citizens as to the war that is being waged against America and human rights. Unless we cry havoc, confusion and ignorance will reign supreme, exposing us to more horrific attacks. ///////////////// We are expecting everyone to help hold banners and posters, and disseminate fliers in Times Square, and to meet the critical responsibility as Americans that has been abdicated by those in power, whether in the media, academia or the body politic.////////////// Kindly respond ASAP so that we can know how many people we can mobilize against the forces of darkness. We particularly need those with special experience and talent. ///////////////// COMMENT:///////////// Hi All,///////////// CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST OF LUCK.//////////// Your spirited action against this Enemy of Democracy will also infuse some life in the "DEAD COW" called PARTITIONED INDIA (Broken Bharat)./////////// This is how the indigenous (home grown) MUSLIMS insulted, degraded and humiliated the TOP LEADERS of that so-called largest democracy on earth://///////// MUSLIM LEADER MA JINNAH said THIS of the Indian "Apostle of Peace", MK GANDHI: "THE COWARD DIED BEFORE I EVEN FIRED A PISTOL." He was referring to the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER by India of her FIVE provinces on one day, 15th August 1947.////////////// And this is what the Muslim leader said of free India's first prime minister, Pandit JL Nehru: "I ASKED HIM TO STOP HIS ARMY IN KASHMIR AND BEG FOR CEASE FIRE, and this is exactly what he did." ////////// Let posterity not say of the American top leaders, too, that they were either cowards or in the pocket of Mohammed. YES, Banners and Posters in Times Square & Name the Enemy! ////////////// 6 May 10////////// ========== 000000000