Date: 06 May 2010


Islamic Jehad///////////// By Agniveer on May 3, 2010 ////////////// With rising terrorism, this word ‘Jehad’ or ‘Jihad’ has become the most popular one being associated with Islam. Likes of Zakir Naik defend it as being self-defense or destruction of evil or destruction of evil tendencies within ourselves. Let us see what Quran says about it.///////////// 1. Surate Bakar 190 says fight in the path of Allah with those who fight you. /////////////// Absolutely valid instruction! One indeed should fight those who attack us. Muslim Mullahs across the world showcase this verse to prove that Islam means peace and Jihad does not mean killing anyone.////////////// The only problem is that this Ayat was canceled by Allah and replaced by another. ///////////// Tafseer-e-Husaini states that this order has been abrogated by Ayate Saif. Jalalyn says that this Ayat has been abrogated by the next Ayat./////////// So what is this next Ayat. The next Ayat, which abrogates the previous ayat states that you should kill them wherever you find them. Do not fight them in mosque. But even in mosque, you can kill them if they attack you. //////////// So put simply, you can attack and kill them everywhere except mosque, even if they did not attack. //////////////// This Surate Bakar 191 has been the guiding light for all terrorists. ////////////// 2. Another Ayat Surate Yunus 99 says “O Muhammad! You should not force them to become Muslim.” ///////////////// This again is publicized by Mullahs to showcase that Islam means peace and avoids use of violence. But,//////////////// a. Why Allah was forced to give this Ayat? Obviously only if force was already being used to convert people to Islam!////////////// b. In any case, even this Ayat was abrogated or canceled and replaced with the previous Ayat which is mantra of terrorists. ////////////////// 3. Hadaya, the authoritative text of Sunnis starts the chapter on Jihad with: “To fight with Kafirs is your duty even if they do not start the fight.” //////////////// 4. Surate Imran 28 is elaborated by Jalalyn as follows: If for fear or self-defense, one has to make friends with Kafirs, there is no harm provided in heart you have hatred and jealousy with Kafirs.//////// This is why Muslims are not trusted anywhere these days. Unless Muslims reject such Ayats and such Quran, this mistrust shall humiliate innocent Muslims who neither know Arabic nor have studied Quran. ///////////// 5. Surate Nisha 144 – Do not make Kafirs your friends and make only Muslims your friends. ////////////// The definition of Kafir also gets clear here – Anyone who is not a Muslim – who refuses to believe in Allah, Quran, Prophet, Gabriel, Heaven, Hell, Judgment Day is a Kafir. ////////////// 6. Surate Infal 39 – Fight till Kafirs are dominated and everyone becomes a Muslim. ///////////// Jalalyn elaborates: And fight them until sedition, idolatry, is, exists, no more and religion is all for God, alone, none other being worshipped; then if they desist, from unbelief, surely God sees what they do, and will requite them for it. ///////////////////// 7. Next Ayat goes even further://////////// Incite Muslims to fight non-Muslims and convince them that even 20 of you can destroy 200 enemies with planning. ////////////// Am I reading from a spiritual book or a manual on terrorism?//////////// 8. Surate Tauba 123 – Fight those Kafirs who live with you, then those close to them and then other Kafirs.///////////// 9. Surate Furqan 52 – Disobey Kafir and fight with them.///// 10. Tafseer-e-Husaini defines Jihad – To overpower on might of Quran, Islam or sword. /////////////// 11. Surate Tahrim provides another winning tactic – Abuse and anger them to defeat the kafirs. ///////////// 12. Surate Saff 4 states that Allah accepts those who fight for Islam by making gangs. ////////////// 13. Surate Ale Imran 200 – O Believers, Have patience and keep fighting! ////////////// 14. Surate Infal 12 – I shall terrorize the Kafirs and you should cut their necks and their bodies into pieces.//////////// 15. Surate Nisa states that one should not kill a Muslim come what may happen, if one clearly knows that the person is a genuine believer.///////////// There are other provisions for unintentional killing or killing for a larger cause. ////////////// Thus while a terrorist can kill masses for larger cause, if a Muslim policeman grabs him, he is destined for Hell!/////////// 16. Those who die in path of Allah do not die but stay in garb of green birds in Paradise. (Surate Bakar 149) ////////////// 17. Surate Tauba 88 – All goodness only for them who believed in Muhammad and did Jehad for him. Rest are all cursed to Hell. ///////////// 18. Surate Tauba 11 – Allah has purchased their lives and wealth in exchange of a permanent place in Paradise, if they fight in path of Allah. /////////// 19. Many Ayats detail that Muslims should freely donate for planning Jehad and enjoy heaven or face wrath. For example Surate Infal 26, Surate Bakar 245, Surate Mayda 12 and Surate Infal 59-60. That is how Muslim terrorists are able to collect so much resources to plan their attacks and Jehad. ////////////// 20. Surate Almominum – You become masters of the women whom you win in the battles. ///////////// 21.Surate Tauba 29 – If one does not become Muslim, fight them and kill them. If they do not believe in Allah, Judgment Day, Islam or Quran, kill them unless they accept their defeat and agree to pay Jaziya Tax. Only then they should be assured of security. ///////////// By now readers must have realized how Islam spread, why terrorism and islam have become synonymous and how Quran acts more of a terrorist manual and less of a spiritual book. /////// Some Mullahs defend these terrorizing Ayats by saying that these were given for specific situations and are not relevant today. If that be so, then the claim of Quran being final message of Allah for entire world gets busted. Then one should admit that Quran is a book for Arabs by Arabs for the society that prevailed in Arab 1400 years ago. So Mullahs and Zakir Naiks should stop duping people with false miracles of Quran. (We shall evaluate some of these in another article.) ///////////////// The greatest sufferers of all this fanatic trash have been innocent Muslims born in Islamic families, having no idea of Arabic or Quran and are forced to believe blindly in it due to fear. And then they have to face disgrace of world due to misdeeds of terrorists blinded by Quranic Jehad. /////////////// I appeal to all my such Muslim brothers and sisters to show some courage and embrace the light of rationality, the light of Vedas for sake of their own bright future and that of their future generations. This is the only way to bring lasting peace in this world. //////////////// Related posts: //////////// Islamic Paradise and Hell Read what Quran says about Paradise and Hell. Believe it without analysis, if you want to avoid Hell and enjoy Paradise!... ///////////// Science in Islam Snippets of science in Quran. Read and judge yourself. Strictly for the wise!... Islam: Creation, Human and Satan Blatant fallacies in the Islamic description of creation, human and Satan.... ///////////// Helpless destiny in Islam On how the modern Quran leaves no scope for us to be able to improve our destiny! Some are destined to burn in Hell and others to enjoy virgins in paradise, forever!... Islamic Miracles! Blind belief in these miracles is necessary to secure a place in Heaven, else one must burn in Hell forever!...///////////// 000000000