Date: 08 May 2010


HAPLESS HINDUS IN HINDUSTHAN/////////////// . . . . . These Muslim owners, managers, supervisors and labour contractors set their greedy eyes on the healthy tribal women and girls. It was really difficult for the poor tribal people to protect the honour of their womenfolk from the lust of these rich and powerful Muslims. It is most unfortunate but true that all concerned govt. and police officers take illegal money from these Muslims. So, the administration put a blind eye to these atrocities. For these hapless tribal people, in the words of Rabindranath Tagore “bicharer bani nirabe nibhrite kande”. The tribals were fuming. . . . ./////////// -------------------------------------------------- You are right to call them "hapless Hindus." (Subject line above)./////////////////// But the question is, "Why the Hindu in HINDUSTHAN is so hapless?" In NO OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH is the MAJORITY community so hapless. //////////////// The answer is two-fold:////////// 1. Hindu's guts were cut off during ISLAMIC and European (British) rules, thus forcing us to adopt "NISHKAM SEWA" and "AHIMSA PARMO DHARMA" as our way of life; and ////////////// 2. Betrayal by our own LEADERS. Hindus are brainwashed to worship them instead of hanging them to death.///////////// That is why one (alien) community was rewarded with FIVE PROVINCES overnight while the other, the NATIVE, was ignored by both GANDHI and NEHRU in 1947, and later crushed to semi death by Congress & Dynasty. ///////////////// Hindus, yes, HINDUS, were betrayed by both Gandhi and Nehru even before the British rulers left the subcontinent. //////////////// While willingly they gave away FIVE PROVINCES to Mohammed, the natives did not get even the word "Hindu" enshrined in Constitution. ////////////// Hindus were deliberately kept TOO IGNORANT and SUBSERVIENT even to notice their continued slavery, leave aside protest even in a whisper. ////////////// This is how the indigenous (home grown) MUSLIMS insulted, degraded and humiliated our TOP LEADERS of the time://///////// Muslim leader MA JINNAH said of the Hindu "Apostle of Peace", MK GANDHI: "THE COWARD DIED BEFORE I EVEN FIRED A PISTOL." He was referring to the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of FIVE provinces of "AKHAND BHARAT" on one day, 15th August 1947, without any resistence or referendum. ////////////// And this is what MA JINNAH said of free India's first prime minister, Pandit JL Nehru: "I ASKED HIM TO STOP HIS ARMY’S ADVANCE IN KASHMIR AND BEG FOR CEASE FIRE. And this is exactly what he did." ///////////// In 1947 the top Hindu leaders were NEHRU and GANDHI. The former fell in love with Viceroy's wife and lost his head. The latter kept chanting "Ishwar Allah tero Naam," and froze into inaction like a pigeon seeing the cat./////////// Thus we had TWO ISLAMIC REPUBLICS, one outside and one WITHIN our BROKEN BHARAT." ///////////////// Since 1947 the FIFTH COLUMN within India has been increasing rapidly. The future scenario goes like this: ///////////// Hindus will be further crushed and squeezed and forced to starve or convert to Christianity or Islam to save their lives. It is not too difficult to visualise the fate of the remaining temples and our "Puja", Gita and Granth, and what we call our "way of life". /////////////// Muslims and Christians are surrounding us and squeezing us into smaller and smaller territory. Eventually it will be ISLAMIC RULE again if we fail to react VIOLENTLY and spiritedly now. ////////////// Time has come to use VIOLENCE to survive. It was the kind of VIOLENCE that Sri Krishna commended in the battlefield of Kurukshetra, Sri Rama used against Ravana, Banda Singh Bahadur used against the city of SIRHIND, and General Hari Singh Nalwa used to conquer KHYBER. But when we renounced VIOLENCE, calling it EVIL, then we suffered the massacre of JALLANWALA BAGH, and we suffered the slavery over a thousand years, and we SUFFERED the humiliation of being exterminated in Pakistan and Kashmir.///////////// All Hindus ought to discard the COWARDLY Gandhian view of passivity and non violence but actively think of VIOLENCE in order to survive. It is not CRIMINAL violence that the MUSLIMS use but the ACTIVE & DYNAMIC form of SHAKTI as a positive FORCE of life that we see in all our Avataras, Gurus and Warriors. Otherwise we shall see our lands go, daughters go, temples go and even ourselves GO. ///////////////// It is only the top religious (Dharma Rakshak) organisations like VHP and the SGPC who need to be well organised, resourced and effective like the Catholic Church in India, and, like the VATICAN in Italy. /////////////// 000000000