Date: 09 May 2010


Writes a Hindu on the Emergence of the New Light and the Rise of India. ‘Within 300 years now on, India will regain its lost glory and unparalleled spiritual leadership in the world’. ///////////// ------------------------------------------------------------------ ////////////// COMMENT: ///////////// Please speak with responsibility. ///////////// There is NO future for MIDDLE INDIA with Eastern and Western Wings gone.////////// There is NO security given the increasing dangerous MUSLIM FIFTH COLUMN feeding on the diet of Hindu IGNORANCE and "ISHWAR ALLAH TERO NAAM." ///////////// For over a thousand years the HINDUS like bees, have been building, constructing and conserving while at the same time the MUSLIMS, getting their inspiration from KORAN and SHAITAAN, have been destroying, demolishing, abducting, raping and slaughtering us by the million. /////////// Today, 9th May, 2010, how many HINDUS are watching RUSSIAN TV or listening to RUSSIAN RADIO to see and hear all the details of NAZI occupation and death, hunger and destruction and the fight for ultimate victory that Warsaw, Belgrade, Prague, Kiev and Sebastapol are CELEBRATING? A contingent of British troops is taking part in that MARCH PAST in Moscow. The whole VICTORY PARADE is a spectacle to watch. ///////////// On OUR side how can defeated HINDUSTHAN "celebrate" the FALL of Lahore, Multan, North Kashmir and East Bengal (surrendered TWICE- in 1947 and 1972)? ///////////// Before we can trust 'The Emergence of the New Light and the Rise of India', we must ask, "Where is the account of perishing HINDUS in Sindh, Balochistan, WEST PUNJAB, NWFP, East Bengal and WEST PUNJAB? Where?" //////////////// That is the pointer to the FUTURE, as to who will survive and who is programmed to PERISH. /////////////// The present peace is due to ONE man, Manmohan Singh, who is keeping the CHRISTIAN tigers and the ISLAMIC WOLVES at bay while protecting the world's largest SHEEP PEN called Hindusthan. But what next?///////////// Once again all over, at home and abroad, we are into POOJA AND PAATH like the Pandits and Priests of SOMNATH hoping that GOD WILL DEFEND US.//////////////// GOD ONLY DEFENDS THOSE WHO DEFEND THEMSELVES. So, what is the state of Hindu defence (or even safety) in Ghaziabad, Murshadabad, Aligarh, Secunderabad, Aurangabad, Faizabad, Haiderabad and AHMEDABAD? ////////////// How long does a HINDU have to live in cuckoo's nest or in his world of fantasy and be laughing in devil's den? How long more till we see a written account of each and every village, town and city in present day PAKISTAN & BANGLADESH that went under brutal & savage medieval ISLAMIC rule in 1947? /////////////// The JEWS have SIX MILLION names on record and a grand HOLOCAUST MUSEUM in Jerusalem. Do we not have the resources to produce such a HINDU and SIKH list and HOLOCAUST MUSEUM? ////////////// Do we still not have the memory? Do we still not have the WILL TO SURVIVE? Did the SIKHS have to live through 1984 after their 1947? Did the HINDUS have to flee KASHMIR as wretched refugees 42 years AFTER "Independence"? ////////// Does the INDIAN CONSTITUTION still have to concede that very SPECIAL (and enviable) STATUS to just ONE state (J & K) because its Muslim majority cannot be annoyed or diluted, and with NONE, none, NONE, in a position to repeal Article 370 because in the Lok Sabha of "EUNUCHS" under the spell of Sonia Maino of BOFORS CHOR from Italy there are NO men but only KHANS to be seen and FEARED by the VAST Hindu majority?/////////////// Why are we all blind, or fools, only to see the candle in front of our eyes but not the vast pitch dark JUNGLE behind its flame? That JUNGLE is the rapidly growing and increasing MOHAMMEDAN MINORITY, waiting to do to Panipat and DELHI what they did to Rawalpindi and LAHORE. /////////////// Hindus should not rest or sleep till RAWALPINDI and LAHORE (and a lot more besides) are back in Bharat. ///////////// Till then every Musalmaan (and Christian) in BROKEN Bharat (Partitioned Indian Secular State) is a DEAD HINDU and the LIVING proof of our betrayal of all the NATIVE divine "sons and daughters" of God. /////////////// The cowards betrayed Guru Arjun Dev ji in Lahore and Guru Nanak Dev ji in NANKANA SAHIB and the "nation of jackals" betrayed MULTAN, PESHAWAR, NORTH KASHMIR and DHAKA and FLED lock, stock and barrel, fearing Mohammed of ARABIA. ///////////// 9 May 10///////////// ================. 000000000