Date: 09 May 2010


Namaste////////////// I'm sorry, but BNP wants to exclude HINDUS aswell. Therefore, by supporting them, it will lead to nothing but regret in our visions seeing as we will be kicked out.////////////// yes their thought could be in the right direction, BUT not all muslims are like that AND THEIR METHODOLOGY IS WRONG OF HOW TO APPROACH THIS. There are liberal muslims in the world, it's just that these terrorists have conveyed an impression upon outsiders that 'muslims' involve these terrorists and nothing but these terrorists. there is something wrong with them, not the law of UK! This country is a multi-cultural country. it should allow all cultures to have a say in society, if particular people happen to exploit that right then u deal with them. YOU DON'T GET RID OF THOSE WHO HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG, THOSE WHO HAVEN'T EXPLOITED THE RIGHT, THOSE WHO HAVE UNDERSTOOD AND SUPPORTED THIS COUNTRY'S BELIEF OF A MULTI-CULTURAL SOCIETY.///////////// take Shivaji for example, for a good amount of time he was able to make muslims and Hindus work in harmony.//////////// BNP goes against Hindu dharma. so are u suggesting we go along with them and forget our sanskars?? ////////////// there are always ways around problems even if they are long term... THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT WAY. /////////// Supporting BNP should be done as a British citizen not as a religious act!///////////// ---------------------- COMMENT///////////// / Esteemed friend///////////// Thank you for response.///// Your presumption that BNP wants to exclude HINDUS as well, is WRONG. In reality BNP wants to invite EVEN MORE Hindus to come to the UK. //////////// The reason? The Hindus are hardworking and frugal and great ECONOMIC asset to any country. BNP knows the contribution of HINDUS to the economy of the USA, especially in IT sector. They have not heard of a Hindu TERRORIST as yet.////////////// Unfortunately they also know that the HINDU is timid and has NO courage to show SEPARATE identity. Only in a COWARD'S mind such a thought can occur that anybody will throw him out though he possesses all the good qualities and merit. //////////// Hence now many in the UK are aligning themselves with the MUSLIMS and fear in the same way as the MUSLIMS would do though our Belief & Behaviour are DIAMETRICALLY opposite to those of MUSLIMS. /////////////////// Do the Hindus abduct and seduce non Hindu girls? NO.///////////// Do the Hindu terrorists blow up planes and trains? NO./////////// Do the Hindus marry more than one female and produce too many children? NO./////////// Do the Hindus look forward to being refugees to be fed by the others? NO.///////// Have the Hindus declared any country HINDU REPUBLIC? NO. (THOUGH THEY SHOULD, in view of constant attacks on them and for sheer SURVIVAL.)//////////////// Do the Hindus believe in CONVERTING, and CONVERTING, even the prisoners? NO.///////////// Do the Hindus kill cows to eat beef? NO.//////////// Do the Hindus pray in mandirs EXCLUDING females? NO.///////////// and so on. /////////////// But still MOST Hindus align themselves quickly and automatically with the Muslims and start trembling in FEAR if a Muslims is served with deportation order.////////// Do we know the reason? We ought to find out. ///////////// Reality is that the ONLY people who should be worried about the BNP are the MOHAMMEDANS who have found safe haven in the UK too, after creating Pakistan. ////////// Only the Hindus, and nobody else, can embrace and love the CANCER that led to amputation of the diseased limbs of our "MOTHER-land" in 1947. //////////// In the eyes of people who are well informed, all Muslims are like that. FACT: All Muslims believe in what is in Koran. So they must then see mankind divided as MOMINS AND KAFIRS. But we KAFIRS see the whole world as our brothers and sisters. ///////////// That is why they prevailed in LAHORE while the HINDUS and SIKHS were exterminated there. Only Hindus cannot, and will never, LEARN any lesson from OWN history of vanishing from earth due to GLOBAL Islam. /////////// Any Hindu coming from those FIVE provinces will tell you that a Muslim after reading KORAN becomes a SHAITAAN and will behave like one given the chance or opportunity. ///////////// Please do ask a fellow HINDU from Lahore, Rawalpindi, Sylhet, Kashmir or Noakhali. For most of our IGNORANT LOT (Hindus) Koran is like Granth or Gita. THEY are the ones who will ensure the death of Delhi, too, in the way of Lahore. They are the ones who aid Islamisation of the UK, too. /////////////// You write about UK. True, this county is multicultural and must remain so. But we expected you to recall INDIA, TOO, that was always more multicultural than any other in the world. What happened to all the MULTICULTURAL Hindus and SIKHS in Lahore? //////////// UK should not become FOOLISH like the HINDUS to believe that multicultural society with MUSLIM FINGER in it is safe for anybody. We should not wish UK to be partitioned like multicultural Hindusthan. Should we? ///////////// Does out DHARMA teach us to forget Partition, and not to prepare for another Partition? Does it make us accept a Muslim (non Hindu) President or a Catholic (non Hindu) “Rashtramata” who dominates the PARLIAMENT (Lok Sabha) like the KHANS in Bollywood? ///////////// Yes, BNP may be going against every Dharma, not only Hindu. Look at their Bible. It is a Book of Dharma when it says, "OFFER THE OTHER CHEEK." ///////////// But only a damn fool will act accordingly in a MULTI-RELIGIOUS world where you have the MOHAMMED who would love to get the Hindu's SECOND daughter, too, after abducting one, or in other words, who would like to fly his flag over Delhi, too, after flying it over Lahore and East Bengal. ////////// Therefore, Dharma applies ONLY to those who practise and observe Dharma but NO TO those who wish to destroy Dharma. Do recall the MOHAMMED who sacked SOMNATH TEMPLE. Would you ask the NATIVES there (the HINDUS) to ban any Party like the BNP but embrace Mohammed? //////////// BNP ought to be supported in every way, religious, political and moral because the most important reason for doing so is SURVIVAL of sanity and secularism in Britain. They have both DIED in Pakistan along with all the contemptible, "dhimmi", subjugated, cowardly, Hindu literary giants and great learned Sikh scholars of Shastras.///////////// In the elections the BNP could not win but still got OVER 50,000 votes and they are still on their own DHARTI. Hindu counterparts of BNP in our own Bharat were wiped out from our DHARTI along with Mandirs and gurdwaras. BNP has not disappeared in UK like the Hindu Mahasabha and the Shiromani Akali Dal in West Punjab. They will FIGHT again, and again, and again, till they destroy MUSLIM terrorism and extremism and bring the Mohammed in line with the rest of us. ///////////// When the Hindus died, their religions died too. In the same way when the Buddhists died in Afghanistan their RELIGION, ECONOMY, INSTITUTIONS, FAMILIES, BUSINESSES ALL DIED, TOO. ///////////// BNP is not a spent force in UK like the Hindus in PAKISTAN. They will rise since there are MUSLIMS here who are increasing. When the Muslims reach large numbers in the UK, the FIRST TO FLEE will be Hindus who are stuck to DHARMA. ///////////// Thank you once again for your views. They could have been uttered by Mahatma Gandhi or any priest who ensured that we became extinct like dodo in Lahore and Multan and want us to keep company with the "SHAITAAN", here, too. ///////////////// 000000000