Empower Hindus; Save India

Date: 12 May 2010


12/05/2010 17:23:23 GMT Standard Time///////////// Empower Hindus; Save India ////////////// Dr. Babu Suseelan /////// "Wonder, That was India" was attached by barbarians from the desert Arabian pennsylvania, followed by infiltration and conquest . Islamic invasion of Bharat was followed by wanton slaughter, looting, destruction and forced religious conversion. For centuries, Hindus were under the yoke of Muslim invaders and Christian colonialists. These invaders forced Hindus to a new alien, social, political, and cultural order dictated by the Koran and the Bible. As a result, Hindus endured many centuries of political and social exploitation. ///////////// Now 63 years after independence, Hindus are under siege. Hindus are faced with Jihadi terrorism, Maoists violence, Naxal terrorism, phony secularism, media manipulation, psychological warfare, Marxist menace, Bureaucratic pathology, corruption, and coercive religious conversion. Hindus are also suffering from political blunders and misdeeds of our political parties and mediocre leaders. Our government at center headed by the uneducated Catholic Sonia, and caste political leaders of several states and bogus intellectuals and perverted organizational leaders tend to ignore threats to India and our existence. They use negative logic, guilt producing accusations, and blame game rather than awakening to the severe problems we face. They are marvelously effective in undermining Hindu confidence and their ability to regain power and unity. As a result, citizens are powerless over their lives and unable to redirect the country. Powerlessness means citizens have lost control over their destiny. Psychological warafre agents from within and without force Hindus to believe in secularism, tolerance, passivity, and cultural pluralism and meaningless universalism. Being labeled as assertive, and strong offend them. So their lives, family, society, tradition and the nation crumble around them. In spite of swords hanging on their heads, citizens are brainwashed to believe that their present life is all right. It is a cognitive disorder. //////////// But no matter how intelligent they are in other respects, when it comes to facing enemies and their games, Indian citizens are strongly lacking in commonsense. The fact is years of Islamic oppression and Christian colonialism have afflicted incalculable damage to the collective consciousness of Indian citizens. Hindus have lost the will power. They are unable to bring into consciousness with sufficient force the memory of humiliation and suffering inflicted on them by Muslim invaders, Christian colonialists and the corrupt anti National Congress Party. Hindus are also suffering from false consciousness, denial, curse of indecision and pessimism. ///////// It is time for Hindu intellectuals, academicians, scientists, computer experts, policy analysts, psychologists, sociologists and social workers to join together and demonstrate their commitment for augmenting strategies and developing an encyclopedia of political methodologies, capable of expressing Hindu values, ideals and lifting up Hindus. India needs a new direction. Then, we can provide a better future for Hindus.////////////// 000000000