Date: 15 May 2010


Challenge for Israel ////////////// PEOPLE of Israel:///////// The largest segment of humanity who are your well-wishers and ideological allies are the HINDUS under pressure on their shrinking territory.////////// In number they are over a BILLION but as a force to reckon with, they are no more than a "fly". ////////// Right now this vast humanity is under the crippling awe and fear of a worthless “White Elephant” from Italy for their guidance and survival. She is the President of country's largest political (ruling) party./////// During the invasion and occupation of India the British conquerors confronted many warrior communities and a lot of manhood among the defeated nation. They successfully recruited hundreds of thousands of young men from this very inert human mass to wear military uniform, train and then go out to fight the Axis Powers in North Africa, Middle East and the Far East. They won countless medals for bravery and gallantry. /////////// But in 1947, the time of departure of the British, the same army suddenly became useless bystanders and passively watched the unconditional surrender of vast territories. All the natives of India, too, suddenly became such cowards that they could not even ask the armed forces to defend India from the ENEMY. /////////// With the whole world watching in disbelief, astonishment & shock the top Hindu leaders (Gandhi and Nehru) unconditionally surrendered nearly one third of India to the indigenous Muslims. /////////// In the newly created Pakistan the Hindus were subjected to bloodbath and exterminated. ////////// Thereafter, the natives of India (Hindus) could never muster guts & courage to even commemorate their Holocaust, fearing that this would offend and provoke their malicious arch enemy, the Muslims. ///////// The word “PARTITION” is taboo in the Indian civil circles and absent from the Constitution. /////////// On the very day the British rulers left, India was promptly occupied by a traitor called Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He was an alienated, stone hearted ISLAMOPHILE and a sworn Hindu hater. ///////// While the newly created Pakistan immediately suffered with the paralysis of Islamic Ideology that is native to Arabia and broke up in 1972, India's NEHRU and his daughter INDIRA became great admirers of the Arabs. Their India showed great anguish over the Partition of Palestine but did not utter a single word about her own mutilation by “Sword of Islam”. ///////// Yasser Arafat was hailed as a hero and invited to India as a great guest to collect honours and awards with huge sums of money. Nehru and Indira (and their puppet government) supported PLO at every Resolution at United Nations that condemned Israel to the shame & despair of their own voiceless subjects at home. ////// Nehru Dynasty's vast ruling establishment and propaganda machine made him and Indira seem true patriots. People overlooked their corruption, nepotism and high treason but let them rule them like dictators. ////////// We should recall that Marshal Stalin was Nehru’s best friend. Copying Stalin’s style Nehru continued the British system of exercising ruthless centralised control over India through legislation, intimidation and censorship that left people gasping for breath. ///////////// The Revolution of 1989 in Europe wiped out Stalin’s statues across the Soviet Union but Nehru’s name remains stuck to countless institutions, parks, tournaments and roads all over India. The NATIVES (Hindus) are too crushed or intimidated to even dream of freedom and real democracy. /////////// Nehru, being friend of Arab Shaikhs, dictators and absolute monarchs, did not introduce real democracy or legal reforms but imposed crippling bureaucracy, red tape and corruption while "fattening" the Muslim minority for votes. ////////// People's view of the Muslims since Partition was irrelevant to him. ///////// Despite Nehru's obeisance before the Arabs and his excessive appeasement of Muslims there has never been a single word of support or sympathy over India’s mutilation by either. /////// The Hindus were ordered to ignore the "death" of secularism in Lahore but to "lick" it in Delhi. Any opposition to Nehru, his dynasty or Party invited the charge of treason, arrest, loss of livelihood, even death. He was after all, the "STALIN OF INDIA", in fact, far worse, if we consider that unlike Stalin he perpetuated the hold of his own family over India. ///////// Indira, Rajiv and now Sonia are continuation of Nehru's own dynasty and Ideology in order to destroy Hindu manhood in India. His Muslim "constituency" was retained to destroy free India eventually. ////////// People of India have always welcomed the Jews to their shores and fully understand the nature of the ENEMY that vows to annihilate Israel. They support Israel in her struggle for survival. India received FIFTEEN MILLION refugees from ISLAMIC Pakistan and absorbed them within days. Those refugees are effectively wiped out from history books and from UN records. ///////// Nehru’s dishonest and devious India wears the Islamic mantle, professing to be neutral, while at the same time condemning Israel over the Palestinian refugees. That issue is kept alive only to damage and attack Israel. ////////// While Iran is making a nuclear bomb on their behalf India is not lifting a finger to enable her own 15 million refugees to get back to their homes in Sindh, West Punjab, Kashmir and even East Bengal. We see double standards of the Congress controlled India. /////////// The HINDU nation is potentially the best ally of Israel. They are a force to reckon with though since 1947 they have been kept ignorant, brainwashed, subdued and subservient /////////// We strongly commend the strategic vision of INDO-ISRAEL union to the leaders and rulers of Israel with the words:///////// “Awaken the brainwashed INERT Hindu nation. Enable them to attain true Independence from NEHRU DYNASTY and All-India Congress Party. Help them to help themselves. Unlock their collective strength and vitality.” ///////// Israel certainly has the genius and potential to help bring about a silent but powerful revolution within Hindusthan (Bharat) to enable the natives to stand up to the enemy within, who looks towards Arabia and Iran for inspiration with the dream to turn (the rest of) India, too, into an ISLAMIC Republic. In that case the defence of Israel, even her survival, will become untenable. //////// In view of the above, we need to recognise the moment in history and act. The Indians are ready for the SOVIET STYLE REVOLUTION and await a helping hand. India can still be saved from her own dissolution ("a million mutinees" as per Sir VS Naipal). //////// India’s ugly “ISLAMIC FACE”, her "limp" prime minister seen taking instructions from Sonia Gandhi, her low "coolie" image, and “MONGREL” Ideology have already turned off her potential allies and friends in Far East, including Japan and China. Millions of dollars went to the nun from Albania and billions of dollars are pouring in from the Middle East for mosques and conversion of Hindus while virtually NOTHING is received from abroad for her (State controlled) temples. ///////// It is undoubtedly total failure of India's diplomacy. Her "Hindu bashing" rulers have given her neither a clear IDENTITY nor any idea of her national interest. Like a rootless “nishkam sewak” (selfless servant) she is the champion of every cause on earth except her own. ///// The writer commends to India’s allies to look closely at the hidden strengths of the HINDU nation and help it escape the treacherous, confusing and emaciating “secularism” that makes them serve Islamic interests more than their own. ////////// Israel has the leadership and expertise to take up the challenge. //////// 15 May 10.///////// 000000000