Date: 16 May 2010


RADICAL ISLAM.///////// Re: mosque at ground zero in new york.////////// Continued from previous input.////////// 2./////// RADICAL ISLAM./////// Islam IS radical in nature, being a political IDEOLOGY. It is not a religion of peaceful coexistence or universal love. Its prime obsession is wiping out the Infidels (Kafirs). Its terror on individuals and governments is such that one cannot even call a spade a spade. //////// Americans should show guts and spine and basic loyalty to their own Judaeo-Christian religious tradition that has made her the most powerful country on earth, a place worth living. She is now being ERODED / DESTROYED bit by bit, day by day, by diehard MUSLIM MORONS. /////// Before allowing another mosque to be built in their country the Americans should insist on seeing at least ONE church in Saudi Arabia that is so keen on exporting mosques & KORAN across the world. //////// If there is NOT ONE church to be seen in Arabia but hundreds of mosques in America then we know who is the rat and who is the cat. //////// We also see the DIFFERENCE between George Bush, son of a Christian, and Barack Obama, son of a Mohammedan, with his paternal genes doing "deep salaam" (obeisance) to the Arabs. ////////// Mosques are not like churches or temples where families can enter together to sing and pray. Mosques, on the other hand, are all-male premises where rewards for Jihad in paradise, and the need of world domination are explained. Worse still, non Muslims are invited for conversion with the aim of increasing Muslim numbers. We are noticing a rapid rise in Muslim numbers in America and Europe but ZERO rise in Christian numbers in Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. We feel powerless to react. Our governments have gone "politically correct" and threaten to lock up anyone who falls out of official (Islam appeasing) line. //////// Obviously, more the Muslims, more the mosques! More the mosques, more the conversions! More the conversions, MORE THE MUSLIMS! Again, more the Muslims, more the extremists, terrorists and suicide bombers! Who will reverse the process? Who will turn the tide? Who can abolish Pakistan now? Who will fall foul of "political correctness" in the West and risk being assassinated like Theo van Gogh or go into hiding like Salman Rushdie? //// Americans must be naive, ignorant, foolish or downright suicidal to allow one more mosque on their soil.////////// Another area of Islamic ATTACK are the naive and easy to seduce & convert Christian GIRLS who are targeted to produce more Muslims. That gives them ever increasing numbers with all the horrendous, though invisible, implications for the perishing secular side. //////////// Muslims, who live segregated, PRAY segregated, and keep their own girls indoors or in burqa, become sex starved and start seducing NON MUSLIM girls to satisfy their sex needs and to further their JIHAD. Over the centuries they have become expert "hunters" of girls. Seeing the number of Arabs, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis marrying Christian girls all around us, one can certainly acknowledge their hunting skills. Sad and grieving decent church going parents are helpless to warn their daughters who are LOST to families, communitries, church and culture in the whirlwind of passion and infatuation. /////////// Therefore, the Americans must INSIST on the Muslim groom embracing Christianity or the Faith of the "infatuated" girl before marriage that should take place in church, NOT mosque. Secular INDIA, that did not insist on this, not only had to surrender vast territories to Mohammed but is also now afraid of a second Pakistan on her soil. Like America she FAILED to keep an eye on increasing Muslim numbers. America ought to learn the lesson. She does not have to put her own fingers in the Islamic FIRE to feel the heat./////// Do not let America PERISH bit by bit, slowly and gradually, day by day. Look at the END PICTURE if this rot is allowed to continue as at present. The American landscape, too, will resemble the spiritual & moral wilderness of PAKISTAN where until 1947 we had multi-culture and all religions safe and happy as in America today. //////////// If America falls the entire free world will perish.///////// may 16, 2010 000000000