Date: 16 May 2010


STOP THIS MOSQUE. ///////////// INSENSITIVE & OFFENSIVE JEHADI PROVOCATION /////////// Plans are going ahead to construct a mosque very close to GROUND ZERO where the two WTC towers stood in New York. The world cannot forget the unprovoked surprise attack on world’s most powerful democracy on September 11, 2001. There is very strong public reaction against this new, unexpected and uncalled for PROVOCATION by the Muslims to establish a MOSQUE right there. /////////// A website ( tells us of one of the thousands of victims who perished there on that day. We wish the relatives of all those MURDERED in cold blood by Mohammedans at the time of Partition of India had also set up similar websites in their memory like the HONOURABLE Americans. Please read on- /////////// From Bill Doyle, 9/11 family member and father of the beloved Joey Doyle, //////// Plans have been announced to build a mega-mosque and cultural center at 45 Park Avenue, just 600 feet from the footprint of the north tower at the World Trade Center site. The building housed the Burlington Coat Factory, which was reportedly damaged in the attacks and which has stood vacant all these years. Its owners sold the building to Soho Properties for $4.85 million dollars in cash. Yes, CASH. //////////// Soho properties CEO Sharif Al-Gamal has not identified the company's other investors, but we know that one of them is Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, founder of the Cordoba Initiative ///////////// Rauf has ties to Gulf money and has received funding from the Malaysian government, the location of the largest Muslim population in the world. Malaysia embraces shariah law and has separate shariah courts. ////////////// In January, three Christian churches were fire-bombed after a Catholic newspaper referred to the Christian God as "Allah." Rauf wrote that while this might have been legal, it was "socially inappropriate" because it upset the Muslim community, 60% of the population. He also maintains that the Prophet Mohammed was "the world's first feminist" and that the two biggest myths about Islam was that it promotes terrorism and that it oppresses women. He says the prophet Mohammed was "the world's first feminist." He embraces shariah law and says that it is a benign set of pious rules which are completely compatible with the U.S. Constitution. /////////// Rauf is the imam of the Masjid Al-Farah mosque, a storefront mosque in Tribeca. He and his wife, Daisy Khan, (executive director of the American Society for Muslim Advancement--founded by Rauf) have told the media that the mosque is needed in this location to meet the needs of the Muslim population there. They hope to "grow the Muslim community" in lower Manhattan. /////////// They specifically chose this site because of its proximity to ground zero. They want to change the narrative about 9/11. They contend that the 19 hijackers "were not Muslims." They believe building a mosque there would amount to "something positive" coming out of 9/11. -------------------------------------------- ///////////// COMMENT by someone who saw the Mohammedans destroy UNITED India in 1947. He now sees them KILLING AND DESTROYING THEMSELVES in Pakistan by every conceivable WEAPON. ///////////// US Constitution guarantees freedom of expression. It is a document of EQUALITY of man and woman. KORAN on the other hand is most dictatorial, intolerant, divisive and evil instigator against the NON MUSLIMS calling them "KAFIR" or infidels. //////////// KAFIRS, therefore, MUST STAND UP and "describe" the author of the Koran IN THE SAME WAY. There is nothing holy or great about a person who divides mankind so crudely or condemns those who do not follow or believe him. ///////// Similarly, there is nothing in the mosque about love of all mankind but only HATRED of the others, even of their own land of birth that has a Christian or Hindu majority. Women, honoured for motherhood all over the world, are not to be seen in company of their fathers, husbands or sons in such a sexist (gender discriminating) “house of prayer”. /////////// The proposed mosque in New York is yet another daring act of sheer provocation that will become a rallying point for the world's WORST fascists called Muslims. How is THEIR record in brutality and intolerance while dealing with the PATRIOTS, PAGANS & CHRISTIANS any different from that of the NAZIS? ////////////// America will be seen to SURRENDER to the “brutes” in fine clothes whose FELLOW MUSLIMS not only destroyed the WTC towers, killing thousands of innocent people, and regularly attack US interests and installations across the world and kill US citizens including journalists abroad, but also broke up INDIA in "RIVERS OF BLOOD" in 1947. ///////////// Murder of TWO MILLION innocent people went to Mohammed's account in just ONE year. Will it ever be possible to abolish Islam and Pakistan now? In the same way will it ever be possible to shift or demolish this mosque in New York any time in the future? ////////////// Islam is nothing but deceit, fraud and surprise attack. Islam is nothing but an aggressive POLITICAL IDEOLOGY with the declared aim to convert and subjugate the whole world. We must equally declare our own aim to RESIST the advance of dark forces of Islam at all costs- and EVERYWHERE. /////////////// America is the last bastion of human freedoms and democracy. She should not buckle, bend or collapse before the violent forces of ISLAM. After this one is allowed to be built MOSQUES WILL BE MUSHROOMING ACROSS AMERICA. There will be nothing stopping this Islamic offensive after that. //////////////// The mosque is not their concession to peace and reconciliation but a powerful symbol of defiance and the excuse to build more of them, fooling the Americans by waving olive branch before their eyes. That's what Mohammed did, offering peace where he was cornered or outnumbered, and then launched SURPRISE ATTACK. ///////////// In the ongoing global JEHAD by Muslims, this EROSION OF DEMOCRACY in America will be the last act of deception to further their global cause with the tacit support & approval by President Obama (lit. Son of a Musalmaan). /////////// Let the tragedy of UNITED India, the world's largest democracy, not repeat itself in the UNITED States, the world's strongest democracy. ////////// 16 May 10///////// ----------------------- 000000000