Date: 16 May 2010


NUCLEAR FREE OR ISLAM FREE?.///////////// ON ISLAM. call it what you will, sometimes calling it religion of peace, sometimes radical islam, sometime normal or reasonable, and so on. These are ALL streams, some with cold water some with hot, but all leading towards ONE goal. TO ISLAMISE THE WHOLE WORLD by wiping out the opposition. /////////////// All the streams help one another, some silently waiting for opportunity to help and some active right now who get the media attention and our reaction. //////////// All these streams work united. What have they achieved? They have made countries ISLAMIC by Constitution and they have exterminated all other religions, faiths and political views from these lands. ///////// The transformation is radical. Afghanistan does not have any Buddhists now though at one time there wasn't a single Muslim there. She is 100 per cent MUSLIM but does not get abused or blamed for the missing Buddhists and over the manner of their extermination. //////////// In the same way the Muslims (you wouldn't call them radical now!) ethnically cleansed IRAN, leaving NO Christian, Jew, Hindu or even Zoroastrian and Bahai. //////////// We had Communists once and McCarthy said words to the effect, "I want to see every Red dead." He did not have to be politically correct. People suspected of being communist or even communist sympathisers had to lose jobs at once. This is what McCarthy said about Communism. ////////////// Fellow Americans, thank you very much for the opportunity to be with you tonight to discuss a subject which, in my opinion, towers in importance above all others. It is the subject of international atheistic communism. It deals with the problem of destroying the conspiracy against the people of America and free men everywhere? ////////// Could we not replace the word Communist with MUSLIM? ////////// Next fascist Ideology were the NAZIS who are still being hunted six decades on. Their intolerance and thirst for innocent blood is many degrees LESS than the murder instinct in Islam. But NO job and NO friend if one is a NAZI. /////////// Now we come to ISLAM. It is worse than Communism for keeping men and women in terror. Anyone leaving Islam is to be hunted down and KILLED. A Muslim female marrying a Christian must be KILLED under Code of Islamic Honour. /////////// Islamic Law prescribes punishments like amputation of hands and feet, stoning to death and so on. In ISLAMIC Iran every other day young men and women are hanged to death for opposing the regime. The most Islamic country, Saudi Arabia does not permit construction of a single church nor reading the Bible in public view. ////////// WHO DEVOURED THE BUDDHISTS IN KYRGYSTAN, UZBEKISTAN AND TAJIKISTAN? Wherever Muslims arrive, legally or illegally they are not killed or treated like animals. They can eventually get jobs, marry and procreate. Yet Islamic Afghanistan is Buddhist Free, Pakistan is Hindu Free, West Punjab is Sikh Free, Iran is Bahai Free and Saudi Arabia is Jew Free. On the other hand NOT ONE free, democratic and secular country on earth is ISLAM FREE. ////////// One can see the advantage we are giving to the enemy who wants to wipe out the tiny State of Israel and turn America into an Islamic land by exterminating all the others. 000000000