Date: 18 May 2010


SHOOTING OWN BROTHER FOR THE SAKE OF ENEMY.////// Dear Americans and Britons, /////// Please do not argue among yourselves when you seem to have little knowledge of the dangers inherent in the attempted Islamisation and the take-over of America and Europe.///////// You are still very fortunate to be in countries of your own birth with "UNITED" in their titles. Some of you have the luxury of calling EDL racists and the BNP fascists. //////// If ALL the people shared your views and ousted these two parties from the political stage then all the ISLAMIC "WOLVES IN WAITING" will GROW UP suddenly. //////// The people of France did not foresee the danger from their big neighbour till they were RUN OVER by Hitler. Nor did the people of Poland who were merely wondering about the the beast next door right till 31st of August 1939. The German INVASION was just one day away.///////// People are comparing EDL and BNP to NAZIS but not to ISLAM, not realising that NAZIS were like a bubble that popped up and then vanished when confronted by the entire free world. But Islam is not a bubble but the ADVANCING OCEAN itself, and is PERENNIAL.////////// At the first sighting of NAZIS all governments and media started ringing alarm bells. But now, seeing Islam advancing, all have gone quiet under the crippling weight of "political correctness". The reason? NAZIS were beyond the frontier "over there and over the horizon," while the MUSLIMS are here, all over, and all around us, building more mosques.////////// UNITED India is BROKEN BHARAT today. That India with her frontiers at KHYBER and CHITTAGONG until 1947 died, perished and vanished, emerging as one despicable fragment.////////// The reason for her defeat was simple: The Muslims were united, motivated and inspired by Jehad. To them dying in battle was the way to Heaven in order to receive virgins as reward. The Hindus, on the other hand, were not only divided and complacent but followed false gods (Nehru and Gandhi) who went under Hindu names to lead them straight into their Holocaust.///////// "Broken" Bharat (Defeated India), therefore, has the right to warn those in the UNITED Kingdom and the UNITED States and elsewhere, to beware of the approaching Islamic Tsunami that will eventually submerge them in poisonous green stagnant ISLAMIC waters.///////// With the West crumbling before our eyes anything that smells of patriotism is shot down due to our own ignorance, due to onslaught by Muslim-dominated MEDIA and due to cowardly appeasing attitude of our governments.///////////// Dear Americans and Britons, don't shoot each other on behalf of the new invaders who are highly motivated for Jehad but seem gentle lambs to you. Your plight after their victory will be worse than that of the native Americans who, at least, have their reservations. The defeated Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh do not have even that luxury. Did ruthless Islam put the industrious Jews in Arabia, the gentle Christians in Iran, the pious Buddhists in Afghanistan, even the loyal Sikhs in West Punjab, on any reservations while overrunning their lands?//////////// Before putting down EDL or BNP please be serious about yourself if you were born in the UK or the USA. To DEFEND this land is, primarily, YOUR responsibility and duty. Then make an effort to go and see the MUSLIMS in their own countries where they are up to 100%, having EXTERMINATED the Christians, the Jews, the Hindus, the Buddhists and the Sikhs, etc./////////// Then deduce, "In view of what they have been doing elsewhere for CENTURIES will they not be doing here, too?"///////// Then read their KORAN in order to get the shock on reading what good Muslims are expected, encouraged and instigated to do with regard to women and free thinkers.//////// NAZIS earned the title "FASCISTS" after murdering and killing over a period of DECADES. In contrast BNP and EDL have not ruled or governed this country even for a minute so far. So why should we ANTICIPATE the devil in them? They will most certainly seem ANGELS, if GOD FORBID, England and America are overrun by Muslims and we all go under the draconian Sharia Law. /////////// And what will that ISLAMIC America and Great Britain look like? Please go to Pakistan, Bangladesh or Afghanistan and stay there for two weeks. /////////// ===========17.10.10==========/ 000000000