Article 350

Date: 20 May 2010


Awami League and Hindu Persecution/////////////// by Animitra Chakraborty///////////// BLITZ////////////// KOLKATA A considerable section of the international community, not only in India or the other neighboring countries, but also in other parts of the world is busy in making merriment over the stunning triumph of progressive and secular forces in the land of Bangladesh. Truly, this is an epoch making victory and if someone considers, this will give rise to a new age of hope and brightness in the distraught county, he can't be blamed. Well, the Hindu minority community of Bangladesh has also joined this elation and it hopes that the Awami League-led government will ensure a better life along with security to them. Here comes an important question. Can this ever be?//////////// ========================== COMMENT/////////// To the LAST question, can it be ever done? THE ANSWER IS NO.//////// It is for simple reason that East BENGAL, now BD, LIKE PAKISTAN, has NOTHING to do with Arabia, Arabian culture. language, religion, Mohammed, or his BOOK.///////////// The native religion is HINDU, the native language is BENGALI and the native race is INDIAN. //////////// Koran is as ALIEN in BD as cow in Arabia. ///////////// Koran and Islam were IMPOSED by bloodthirsty sword of Mohammed, and the converted people are now BRAINWASHED or conditioned like PAVLOV'S DOGS. ////////// They are not free or independent. They BELIEVE that the Arabs are venerable and superior but the Hindus detestable and inferior. The DOWNTRODDEN HINDUS needed to improve their own image. None else would do so. But it seems they are content with receiving insults and getting crushed and exterminated in BD (and Pakistan). With this regard the SIKHS are in line with the Hindus. ///////////// There will be no permanent peace in the abducted raped daughter of India called BD till she joins her mother INDIA.///////////// BD's bad luck began with JL NEHRU and MK GANDHI. One was "son of a Mohammedan" and the other a downright despicable compromising COWARD. He gave the call "AKHAND BHARAT" but did not have the breath or guts to BACK IT UP OR EVEN STAND BY IT. ////////////// In August 1946 Islam showed its true face in NOAKHALI. They slaughtered hundreds of thousands and raped thousands. That was the honour and DIGNITY of Bengal and of INDIA. //////////// No lesson was drawn about the BEAST who spoke Bengali but loved ARABIC. The natural result of that NEGLECT came a year later, in August 1947, when India was SLIT OPEN widely in RIVERS OF BLOOD.////////// Nehru the "BASTARD" and Gandhi, the "BUCKREE" ( GOAT) conceded ISLAM in those Constitutions but crushed their own HINDUISM in the new Constitution of BROKEN BHARAT. ///////////// Hindus were THUS reduced to PYGMIES who went "secular" in terror of Nehru and Mohammed. As a result of such obvious denial of Hinduism the Hindus themselves have been DIMINISHING continuously since then. ///////////// The correct step would have been to label the Muslims "ENEMY" if Partition was to be accepted and IF PARTITION WAS TO BE ACCEPTED THEN ALL THE MUSLIMS HAD TO BE THROWN OUT OR EXTERMINATED, LOCK STOCK AND KORAN.///////////// But Pygmies have not produced any leader of stature or calibre to understand that If Partition is ignored as non event then REST OF INDIA will be dead, too, sooner or later. ////////// An example of NATIVE cowardice is also provided by the SIKH leaders. They were beaten up, "stripped naked" and kicked out of HOME (LAHORE). Yet they do not commemorate the SURRENDER of Lahore in any way. They ought to have kept the slogan, "LAHORE CHALO!" alive. But they forget Netaji's "DILI CHALO" call to OUST THE BRITISH. ////////// In the whole length and breadth of BROKEN BHARAT there is no one giving the call to SONIA MAINO, "ITALY BHAAGO!" ////////////// Therefore, the slaves, the HINDUS and the SIKHS, will only have tales of misery, sorrow, sacrifices and PERSECUTION, to tell the world till they meet their final DOOM as in Lahore and Dhaka. ////////////// 20 May 10 =========== 000000000