Date: 03 Jun 2010


Koran, a personal view. The writer is AS MUCH entitled to it as the author of Koran.//////////// Subj: QURAN BURNING ///////////// Quran Burning: Quran is a worthless gospel of hate, lies, violence, and barbarism. Nothing is true in Quran. This good-for-nothing & useless book, is best used as firewood. ////////////// 3. For centuries, Moslems have been burning millions of Non-Moslem Kafir books, and replacing them with copies of this worthless piece of garbage ( Quran ). Now the shoe is on the other foot. /////////////// 4. This rubbish of Quran, is the cause of lots of terrorism in the world. Those who are burning Quran, are doing something about controlling terrorism, a worthwhile cause. /////////////// 5. Therefore, those who burn Quran, deserve praise, not punishment. ///////////////// SPA. (USA)/////////////// ===================== 000000000