Date: 03 Jun 2010


Burqa -- Quranic explanation //////////////// By Srimanthan Arya ///////////// Before going to the discussion of the “Burqa’ first we have to grasp the meaning of ayat 4:24. It says”And all the married women are forbidden to you except those captives whom your right hand possess.” /////////////// In this ayat the character of plunder is explained with brutal frankness. Captive women ( non-muslims which will be clear in the ayat 33/59) snatched away from their parents or Husbands, can be subjected to sexual entertainment of the Allah’s warriors with absolute impunity. That is, Allah gave wholesale license to Muslims to rape non-Muslim women forcefully, as & when they desire. Indian History also proves this Quranic Ayat. But if any Muslim women are made captive & raped by mistake, then what will happen? There is safety valve. In the ayat 33:59 /////////////// 33:59 says, “O Prophet! Tell thy wives & daughters, & believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their person: that is most convenient, that they should be known and not molested. And Allah is oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” ///////////// This is a very intriguing ayat and one must read it carefully. In this ayat Allah is commanding the Muslim women to put on ‘Burqa’. We have no problem so far a dress code is prescribed by Allah for the Muslim women. But we certainly have a problem with the reason behind prescribing such dress code. Pseudo-secularist, Leftist & so-called Intellectuals want us to believe that ”Burqa’ is prescribed for ‘Modesty’. Now kindly read the ayat carefully to find out the real reason. Allah is prescribing “Burqa’ for the Muslim women as the ‘Identification Mark’ of their faith so that Muslim men can identify & recognize them as Muslim women and do not molest them. The logical corollary to this seems that Muslim men can molest those women whom they can identify as non-Muslims. It further transpires from this ayat again that Muslim men are given ‘Divine License’ to molest those women whom they can identify as ‘Unbelievers’. Our apprehension regarding this vital issue becomes all the more bolstered when we see that the ‘divine license to molest non-Muslim women’ which has been granted in 33:59 impliedly, but has been granted explicitly as discussed earlier in 4:24 //////////////// So from ayat 33:59 it appears that Allah’s prescription of ‘Burqa’ for the Muslim women is for preventing the ‘same-side goals by His home-team.’ ////////////////// 000000000