Date: 03 Jun 2010


A Democratic Dictator- Need of the Country //////////// SURESH C. MAHESHWARI/////////// The history of the Republic of India for 62 years is a pathetic chronicle of the follies of our Lilliputian politicians and moronic bureaucrats. "Dost thou know my son," asked Count Oxenstierna, “with how little wisdom the world is governed? Perhaps Count Oxenstierna had India in his mind.//////////// We are being governed by a 'functioning anarchy’ or you may call it mobocracy. Our politicians seeped in the politics of opportunity with no nationalistic roots maintain a system that is poisoned by vote bank politics and polluted by personal avarice. They employ deception and craftiness instead of vision and imagination and our Godfathers have been perpetually on vacation from ground realities. In India, Machiavelli would have remained unemployed because of his naiveté. /////////// Today, the moral crisis is writ large on the entire political scene and we have an unacceptable majority of politicians who are every inch a crook possessed with canine and feline faculties of the brain. The power holders, power seekers and power brokers in the country have trivialized the constitution to the extent that it is now beyond recognition of the original one. The obtaining political situation in the country compels us to think seriously whether this Parliamentary Democracy deserves toleration any longer when the sense of nationalism and patriotism has virtually disappeared in the country. //////////// The great French thinker, Montesquieu, said in the eighteenth century: "The tyranny of a prince in an oligarchy is not as dangerous to the public welfare as the apathy of a citizen in a democracy. History will regard it a cardinal error if we refuse to read the Writing on the Wall. The lumpenisation of whole country and damage to the welfare of our people, arising from the maddening instability of our entire system, is truly incalculable. ///////////// The current situation demands that we switched over to Presidential form of Government in which the benevolent and enlightened dictator elected by the masses will have unfettered powers to implement his decisions but only for five years. By all accounts, he will have to go to the masses to seek mandate for another term. Such a system will permit the ministers to be absorbed in the job of governing the country, instead of wasting time and potential in endless politicking and adopting cheap populist measures, which are so costly to the country in the end. This new form of Government would stop defections and desertions on the part of legislators and ministers, which are in most cases motivated purely by thirst of power and hunger for office. /////////// Some die-hard Democrats may raise suspicion that the President may turn out to be a dictator, eventually. Does it make any difference if a man is killed by one lion or devoured by ten million rats, if he is destined to die? ///////////// ===================== Excellent, forthright, objective and true assessment. ///////// India was "hijacked" by corrupt JL Nehru, a traitor who promoted his own ideology and family. The fact of unconditional surrender of five provinces overnight and the fact that he did not require Pakistan to defend the lives and dignity of Hindus trapped on the wrong side of border shows how much he cared for country and its PEOPLE. Two million lives were lost due to Nehru's handling of "independence".////////// There are a million mutinies already raging across the land, and while frustration of people is mounting due to corruption, red tape, inefficiency and minorityism, there is likely to be sudden breakdown in law and order after which the revolution will be in full swing. In a country that is heading towards disaster there are always a few who can comprehend the situation and foresee the end, the vast majority remains blind and suffering. Socially, India is most unstable given the unrest in Kashmir, forced peace in EAST Punjab and mounting fear of Muslim immigration from Bangladesh in Bengal and the mounting menace of restless Muslim minority with the same potential as in 1947 to set fire to it all. India remains the "boxing sack" for Pakistanis who come, explode, kill and then disappear on regular basis. We haven't seen even one killer hanged. ///////////// Partitioned India has NO clear identity or a concept of nation's permanent interest. To be led by a semiliterate FOREIGN female is perhaps the worst thing for the natives who have not been allowed to speak on their destiny since the Turks occupied Delhi in 1192 AD. ////////// =============== 000000000