Date: 04 Jun 2010


THE FOLLOWING CONTRIBUTION IS GRATEFULLY ACKNOWLEDGED FROM EAST PUNJAB. /////////////// ============== //////////// The Daily Telegraph, London, Thursday June 3, 2010. (p. 15) /////////// India Seeks international help to make Britain return diamond. /////////// The Indian government has joined an international campaign as part of its efforts to make Britain return the “cursed” Koh-i-Noor diamond. ////////// The gem has been in British possession since East India Company forces defeated the Maharaja of Punjab in 1849 and forced him to hand it over to Queen Victoria as part of the Treaty of Lahore. ////////// It was last worn in public by the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and last seen set inside the Maltese Cross placed on her coffin after her death in 2002. India claims the diamond was illegally acquired and wants it returned along with other treasures. //////// After years of unsuccessful lobbying it has joined an international campaign backed by the United Nations for the return of treasures to several countries, including Mexico, Greene, Turkey and Egypt. //////////// A spokesman for the British High commission in New Delhi said the Government rejected India's claim and said that the diamond was “legitimately acquired”. Its ownership was “non negotiable”. The gemstone has been worn only by female members of the Royal family because it is said to carry a curse when owned by men. ///////////// According to the legend, “He who owns this diamond will own the world, but will also know all its misfortunes. Only God or woman can wear it with impunity.” ////////// Wilkie Collins acknowledged its inspiration for his novel The Moonstone, the story of a young woman who inherits a diamond and the misery of its curse. /////////////// --------------------------------------- //////////// June 4, 2010 ///////////// =====================//////////// comment:////////// One wonders where the Sikh collective "HEAD" lies now that will take up the issue. Due to INDIAN collapse before Islam in 1947 our community is scattered across the globe and those in India are now "JEE HAZOOR" before the Congress Supremo Sonia Gandhi of the Sikh-Killer (Nehru) Dynasty. /////////// Here are some points that one can convey to the British Government through his/her MP- ///////// 1. The diamond was taken from a Sovereign Sikh State when Rest of India was either under Mohammedan Emperor BAHADUR SHAH ZAFAR or under EAST INDIA COMPANY. ////////// 2. It was not taken from Delhi Durbar but from LAHORE DURBAR. So if anyone then PAKISTAN is the one to lay claim over it. India surrendered Lahore unconditionally to indigenous Muslims and RAN AWAY from Lahore in 1947. ///////////// 3. India can claim Koh i Noor when she can show the guts to claim Lahore or liberate North Kashmir. /////////// 4. In view of the Indian defeat and collapse in 1947 the Sikhs across the globe have the aspiration to resurrect their own sovereignty in what is now left of East Punjab. When that auspicious day comes the Government of that Sikh State will be fully justified in demanding the diamond back from the British Government. ///////// 5. India is now fast degenerating into corruption and chaos and is likely to be caught up in civil war or an attack over the disputed territory of Kashmir. The dispute was kept alive deliberately by PANDIT NEHRU who rushed to UNO crying, "Save me." /////////// 6. Those who could not defend Lahore will not be able to defend Delhi. Hence when that time comes the INDIANS will be seen RUNNING IN ALL DIRECTIONS as in West Pakistan and East Pakistan and even North Kashmir in 1947. The diamond will then end up in Kabul, from where it originally came, or in Islamabad- even in Turkey. 7. Koh i Noor is much safer in London where no invader has set foot in a 1,000 years than in India where invaders, killers, abductors, looters and robbers have attacked the weak, disunited and servile Hindu nation a THOUSAND TIMES in the same period and are still DEFIANTLY occupying North Kashmir. //////////// ===================/////// 000000000